30 days to real estate cash book

30 days to real estate cash book

Hello All,

I downloaded Dean's book and got so involved in reading it,I forgot to save it.Can anyone send me a pdf down load of it?...I would be forever grateful. I so want to follow his blueprint but can't really afford to pay for it. If any one can help me, please let me know.

Warm Regards,


Copy of blue print

Hi Debbie,

Did you ever get the copy ? I didnt save mine either, and now I need it.

Let me know.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash Book

I do have that book saved in documents. How can I send that to you? I sure will try. I'mm on chapter 3 this book is so awsome. Can't wait to start making deals when I get done.
Just let me know how to send it.Do I go to my documents and copy it to what? And Where?



I would love to have one

I would love to have one too. Perhaps if you saved it in your document, you could send private email (PM) and send along with the attachment.

Happy Investing!

30 days in the hole

I to would love this book, how can I download it ??? please help me here, thanks.

30 days to real estate cash book would love to have a copy!

Hello can anyone who has the copy please send it me as well send me a p.m. I will truly appreciate it!

please & thank you

30 day book

I have done the same thing I think, time is really flying, if you find a answer to this get back with me as well, thanks, JIM



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