30 days progress

30 days progress

I contacted a lot of real estate agents and I think I found the perfect one he's work with investors knows how investors work it sounds just right. I Asked him about the 90 day list of cash sold properties he sent me a list of 300 all cash bought in the past 90 days from the Denver area. He also stated that he had never been asked about this from an investor and when he thought about it it was a great way to research and see what the market is doing and do some of my own due diligence. I did my Research An I will mail letters with my business cards tomorrow when they come in. So far I've ran a ghost ad and they called like sharks on meat. I read deans script an some were irate others were interested and one investor told me he wants to be the go-to peson. I'm taking action but I have questions????

Do I just put my RE Agent on stand by while I fill my buyers bucket/list?

If I miss there call do i call them back?

And most of all any advice that I can get based on where I'm at?


Good Job!

I personally never put my phone on ghost ads. That's just my preference, and I generally wait 3-4 days before replying, some people might disagree, but in my opinion its more believable that the property is gone Eye-wink and you don't look as desperate. I just send a list of questions/preferences on an email. They always get right back with me ask to be added to my buyers list.

Good Luck, and Happy Investing!


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