Property Analysis Software???

Property Analysis Software???

Good Evening,

Does anyone use "Property Analysis Software?"

If so, any recommendations?


Ron and Ingrid


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DG website!

There is a Real Estate Analysis System on this website!! Look below Dean's books on the left side of this page, and there is a section for Student Resources. The very fist link is what you are looking for!



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Yes totalview on this site

Here is the link:

__________________ website FREE SOFTWARE FOR WHOLESALERS, REHABBERS AND AGENTS! Present professional looking deals to buyers and lenders as well as run your numbers and get the ROI.


I have several spread sheets and re hab costs estimators. They help, but are only as good as the data you enter! None do full analysis. None will tell you the street is noisy, the next door neighbor collects junk cars, There is a liquor store two block away. Lots of properties on the market with high DOM OR this is a hot area and you can most likely sell for higher than market. The property has mold, structural, needs granite and tile, not linoleum and Formica. On and on.
Unfortunately nothing replaces getting out and driving and looking at the property. Oh wow, this drive way is really long or steep or nice street, every one takes care of there yard. OOPS, this is the strangest floor plan I have ever seen. Many, many professional investors will tell you this, you have to do the legwork your self until you KNOW the area yourself. These guys do not invest "virtually". They have trusted people on the ground if they do something they can't look at themselves OR they know the area like the back of their hands.
PM me if you want to know where and how to get the spreadsheets etc.

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Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your feedback!


"I'm discovering the best way to predict our future is to create it!"

Great Tool...

Hey Ron,

Don't know if you ever found something to use to evaluate your properties, but I came across an analyzer tool that I really like.

There is a paid version that has some extra features, but the free one is very helpful. Here it is:

One last thing, I know a lot of people who use OpenOffice (instead of MS Office), but you have to have MS Excel to use this program.

Hope it's helpful.


Stephan Roberts
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Here is a FREE property analyzer I've found:

It's a great tool to use to help analyze your deals (and did I mention it's FREE)! But, you really should spend the $97 and get the full premium edition! IT'S AWESOME!!

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