Look for more than one REA at a time?

Look for more than one REA at a time?

I'm doing the RBBP Quick Cash Formula and have started calling REA's to work with.

I have spoken to one who said he'd work with me, but has not returned any information after getting my "criteria" email and finding the cash buyers in our area.

I have spoken to another REA who said she'd work with me. Has worked with another investor and seems eager. Emailed her my "criteria" email, etc and will see what she comes back with.

Question: How many REA's should I keep calling in this beginning phase?
Do you initially work with several and wait to see how they perform or do you
start with one who says they are committed and see how they work out?

time is of the essence!



are you still looking for agent?

Hi Dianna,
are you still looking for an agent?
Were you able to find one. I know you posted this post months ago and noone responded to you, so I was wondering if you were able to go forward with this?
I called 4 agents now, still looking for one. So I guess you just need to call and call untill you get the right REA on the phone.


Hope you found an agent> I dont see any problem with using more than one agent at the end of the day i feel like they are always loyal to the sellers so we must be loyal to our-self and create the most wealth possible. I am looking for a couple agents

Investor friendly real estate agents are hard to find

I have experienced the same. It is very hard to find an agent that will work with agents these days due to market changing all the time. One real estate agent told me to wait until the market slows down again. I told him I could not wait and moved on to the next one.

There was an article on L.A. Times yesterday (Sunday) regarding bidding wars on properties. This is one of the reasons why the agents hesitate to work with us because they have other buyers who are willing to pay top dollars for properties.

One thing I was considering is finding a new agent who is still open minded and willing to learn. Maybe we have a better chance with newbie agent? Just a thought.


As many as you want

I also ran into problems with just one realtor. Sometimes they are just too busy, so more than one is good. Tammy


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