Wholesale NY – I had every excuse not to succeed.

Wholesale NY – I had every excuse not to succeed.

Bankruptcy, lost my home, divorced, bad credit, unemployed, no money, small town and bad hair.

I just collected my first check. This one is for $10,000. Here’s how:

Imagine yourself stuck in the middle of NYC. Imagine also that you not familiar with NYC, you are from “the country” with no clue how to get around the big city. Now imagine that you’ve just been told that you won’t be able to rent the car you need to drive out of the city, to get to the country (approximately a 2 hour drive away). Also imagine that you have only $50 dollars in your pocket. Because it is Sunday, you cannot go to a bank or, have funds transferred to get more money for a car, but; everything is going to be OK – You’re closing on a wholesale deal tomorrow! If you start walking now…

I moved to Florida from NY at about the same time I joined DG, 18 months ago. I left a good job in NY (don’t leave your job) with the intent to focus on real estate investing with my father. We signed up for “The Edge” together. We both studied investing prior to this but, never made a big effort to pursue real estate investing as the vehicle for achieving our financial goals. Florida seemed like the perfect place: Many foreclosures = a lot of inventory = good deals. We decided it was time to make real estate a priority.

For the next 18 months, I spent a lot of time doing things that just didn’t work. I became discouraged and soon my income dried up. I felt like a failure. I read a post where someone expressed how they felt the same way. He explained that his whole family thought that he was a loser. I carried that with me. I hope he finds this post because, he needs to have the message I received from a pastor, on the radio: “You haven’t failed if you’re still trying. The only way you fail is if you quit, otherwise; you’re still trying.” I decided to push forward and make it work. I thought to myself, “I need to look harder. Why don’t I also look at wholesaling, long distance, in upstate NY?” I grew up in a rural, sparsely populated area in upstate NY. Compared to where I am in FL the population is much smaller in that part of NY but, that doesn’t mean it won’t work.

I contacted a good friend in the Hudson Valley, upstate NY. I told him what to look for. I walked him through every step of the way, over the phone. I wouldn’t call it easy but, in less than 1 week I had signed contracts to purchase a home (no deposit). 2 weeks later, I had the contract assigned for $10,000 more. The closing was set for 1 week after that so, I found myself borrowing money, to hop on a plane from FL to NY. This whole process took place in about 30 days from my initial contact with my friend.

The closing took place on a long table, in a large room with many windows on one side and, many wood barristers, filled with hard cover law books, on the other side. I sat at the head of the large table. At the other end, the party for the buyer sat across from the party for the seller. The two parties shuffled papers back and forth, signed and initialed documents, and wrote checks. I looked out the window. After about ½ hour, someone said, “Why don’t we write him a check so he can get out of here?” Someone passed a check across the table. The buyer asked me to let them know whenever I get more properties. I agreed. I smiled, said “thank you” and bounced. (The check didn’t).

Since I didn’t have a car, I walked around for awhile asking myself if that really just happened. I made a few calls to get a ride but, my phone battery died. I walked around for another ½ hour trying to decide what to do. I started walking alongside a parking garage and noticed the seller walking in the garage toward her car. Why not? I asked her for a ride. Awkward but, oh well. She said OK. When I got in the car, she thanked me for helping her. How great is that?

Thinking about it today, all I did was, go through the steps. When I got stuck in NYC, it was scary for me. God bless the MTA. I took a bus – to the subway – to the train – to my destination in upstate NY and, all for only $30 bucks. Getting to the Airport on the way back, I just followed the steps and, it was easy. Train – subway – bus – plane #1 – plane #2 – sunny FL. I had the money to take a limo by then but, it was an easy travel, knowing the steps. Millions of people do it every day. It’s the same with wholesaling. Follow the steps: Buyers list – Bandit signs “I buy houses” – negotiate a deal – get the contract – market to your buyers – assign the contract – get a check. The wholesaling steps may seem scary if you never did it before but, like navigating the mass transit system, it’s easy once you do it.

Because I was able to teach my friend in upstate NY from FL, I am now teaching friends in other parts of NY, CT and FL. I will walk them through, step by step.

The moral of the story: “The only way you fail is if you quit, otherwise; you’re still trying.” Keep going. No excuses. Take one step at a time.


Congrats Mungo 1968

Your post is very inspiring. We had 5 houses ready to wholesale about 45-60 days ago. Our buyer threw us a curve, wanted to negotiate price. etc. Had to back out of the deal or we would have lost money. This experience deflated us quite a bit plus family issues and still holding a fulltime job on 3rd shift. No excuses just life happening. Now on 2nd shift, big improvement and with your encouraging words we ready to go again. Thanks much, best of luck to you in the future. W are in Cleveland, Oh and there a lot of properties available here.

Thank you!

Follow the steps: Buyers list – Bandit signs “I buy houses” – negotiate a deal – get the contract – market to your buyers – assign the contract – get a check.

Thank you for mapping this out!!

Blessings of Prosperity to you!



is a testament that this can work regardless of your hairline/style. Smiling Even in New York you can make this happen. In fact, you can probably make more money because of the price of the homes. Congrats on your deal and keep it up.

Dean has had students from huge towns and small towns that have made this work. If they can do it then so can you. Get out there and put some offers together and make something happen.

Wholesaling my first deal

I really need to speak to someone for some advice. I found a motivated seller on Craigslist who had the home for rent but she really wants to sell. She had it listed with an agent for two months but now she wants to pull it back from that agent. I go see the property tomorrow with a contractor friend. She wants 425k I found three comps in less than half a mile from the address. Two went for 445k and the other for 400k. Amongst some of my questions I am wondering what will make this deal attractive and make sense to a buyer. How to assess why a house sold for more a few blocks away and why the other sold for less I'm thinking I need to get her to agree to come down to about 383k to make a buyer want it because then a 10% profit is built in for the buyer. Is that about right?


Change your perspective, change your life!


what excuse could possibly top this. there is always a way...... where there is a will there is a way !!!! if you want this like you want air to breath then you will get it done !!!
your reason for not doing it is not a good enough excuse..... we can do this and we will !!!

how can dean have so many successful students and yet your so special it wont work for you!!

if we are struggling for money we have to do this we dont have a choice....



You bring the good ones back, this is a great story hope he is doing well.



I'm so happy to have grown past the "does this really work" "can I do this" going forward I have no doubt I can....



Yes some people say this doesn't work im in the wrong area no deals to be had bla bla bla.
My question is how many bandit signs did you put out, how many calls did you make and offers? Don't put something down if your not even going to give it a try...
I speak from experience, read my profile and journal I could of rolled over and said screw it this doesn't work, yes it took me some time to heal but im not giving up im working it and it will pay off. We make our future.....

Maybe that's to deep but when you want something so bad you have to dig in deep and do whatever it takes.

We can do this



Aaron very true we do make our future we could no longer play the victim of we haven't even become pro activ in investing


Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Our Heart's Desire must be nurtured by our mind,to give birth to common sense, that will enable us to seek out the path less traveled, with the greatest Personal Growth. -J.R.-

your WHY

And that is why Dean and others have told us how your reason WHY is more important than anything. Because your "WHY" will lead you to "HOW" to get things done.

It does depend on HOW bad you want to success. Any type of success begets success, depending on how hard you work at it. Your heart has to be in it to win it. It can't be "kinds in" ~ It has to be all in, or it won't work.

Love it

Awesome story man. I'm just starting out in wholesaling so even my first deal seems like a bit of a mountain to climb but you're stories awesome, I love to hear of people pushing through the breaking point when it just seemed hopeless. Can't wait to see your future successes on here.


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