I am a complete novice but not without worldly knowledge. I have worked in the technical industry for at least 20 years but I have been out of work for the last 14 months. One thing that I have notice about the majority of wealthy people is that they have real estate. I see a lot of good information here on this site but will it work for someone in my situation?

So, this is my situation and my question. I don't have any assets that I can liquidate, I lost my home a few years ago and that killed my credit. I have $2000 cash and I want to get into real estate, I need things to change. If you were in this situation, What Would You Do?



GET TO WORK - That is What I Would Do

Get your self into this program as deeply as you can. You are unemployed. Make this your FULL TIME job. Question the coaches. submit questions on this site. Put together a buyer's list and start looking for properties.

Just work and do it. It can be done. There are tons of people on this site alon that can attest to that. rememeber you are not alone. Help is a click away.


Roy Voeks
Official RE Coach

I see that you are listed as

I see that you are listed as an official coach. Can I contact you directly with questions? Listen, I am not incompetent but I will probably require a little hand holding until I'm off and running.


I know that Roy is a coach for dean which means it is run as a business and there is a few for the service you would get. There is tons of info here for free if you ask and spend some time here. Do your bio first thing before asking for help (help yourself first)so people know who you are and what it is you want out of this.. No one can stop you but you .I started in 2010 and have become a real estate monster and teacher in my area. Apply yourself and you will fly. . Good luck...Keith

Get Deans book for free!!

Get Deans book 30 Days to quick cash and another book he's offering for free. With those 2 books alone you can your first deal done in 30 days. Learn the education, make the commitment and you should see the results. Good luck


Reynold Orozco

Yes do your bio

and read the 30 days to Real estate cash and visit this page often to read and ask questions. Best wishes!


www.tw4homes.com website
https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/reigirl/ FREE SOFTWARE FOR WHOLESALERS, REHABBERS AND AGENTS! Present professional looking deals to buyers and lenders as well as run your numbers and get the ROI.


get the books, put your heart and soul in to this, ask questions on this site, put your hand to the plow and set a point ahead on the field to focus on and never look back!!!!!!
Get into a Realestate Investsment club and network with them.You say can I do this, yes you can, there are others here with worst situations who over came them, you have to have that big "WHY" am I doing this.If you put your heart and mind to this or anything worth while you can over come what you feel is holding you back but you have to have your HEART in this and stay away from those who say it cant be done, Jim



Christmas gift suggestion for all of Dean GraziosI Family

I recommend that my Dean Family take a little time in their busy Christmas time and watch the You Tube book, The Richest Man in Babylon. The audio book will take less time than the length of an average football game. The book is the beginning to having a full purse the year round. This reading should be a requirement of every student prior to graduation.

Have a Mossy Oak Merry Christmas

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