Assignment Deal Closed with another Wholesaler

Assignment Deal Closed with another Wholesaler

We finally closed this deal. It was a fun one. The property is in really bad shape. It is a duplex property, the seller was fixing up one side and quit 2 years ago. the other side has been rented.

The renter has about 6 cats and a sick dog. I don't think any of the pets have been outside to go to the bathroom for 5 years. Oh it stinks like crazy. The buyer is going to need a whole lot of Kilz to get rid of that odor.

It took some real work to sell this. I was planning on making 5K on it, but I had to really work this deal. Most of the buyers wouldn't touch it because of the condition. It took the right seller that can see the vision to buy it. The buyer came from another wholesaler that knew an agent that knows a buyer. The deal looked like this:


All three parties in the middle got paid. there was a total of $7500 we built into the deal and we worked out the agreements to close it.

"I love it when a plan comes together" isn't that what they say on the A team.

Well on to the next right. we just keep going.

Thank you Dean for the motivation to make changes to my life.


I always say Keep Moving Forward! Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

As Matt Larsen says "Feed the Need" - Edge 2013

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What deal number was this? Did the buyer keep the tenant, or move them out? Wow.

thats great

Thats great mike and I have the same questions roaming in my head as well


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Congrats! More heads are

Congrats! More heads are better than one! Smiling



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