Ready to take Action....

Ready to take Action....

Had to order my bandit signs off the internet & just received them yesterday! I'M SO EXCITED!!! I've read Deans book (30 days to Real Estate Cash) twice already and am ready to take action! Fear is no longer an excuse! Already have it set as our every Friday night date night with my husband... Place our bandit signs & then head to dinner... Please wish me luck... Just like most of you newbies out their, I have a lot on the line. I am so afraid of failing at this... But I'm going to take that leap of faith.... CHEERS... to all of you placing your bandit signs this week with me {{{positive energy}}}... So glad to have this site for support.

Thank you!



Dorothy & husband

Dorothy & husband I strongly suggest buying Dean's be a real estate millionaire it can help you no matter what cycle you may be in..... It's only $20 I believe (check price I kid you not your worries will ease a bit more)

And I wish you the best of luck...... And here are a few tips:

Go 7 level deep on your why.... Meaning what truly is motivating you to peruse this passion of real estate investing

Follow threw on the steps Dean outlines in the book.

And above all build that buyer's list first and foremost, it will give you great clarity and direction on how to proceed....

Final note visit your Local real estate investors club in your area.....


Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Our Heart's Desire must be nurtured by our mind,to give birth to common sense, that will enable us to seek out the path less traveled, with the greatest Personal Growth. -J.R.-

Great tips!!

Thank you! I will get that book, I love the knowledge and encouragement Dean emits from his books. It's like he is speaking directly to me! The second time I read 30 Days, I followed it precisely. I have a good start of buyers, (but still building). Did my why, & meet with a Real Estate group monthly. This is the first time I am actually doing ALL the work! Including rewarding ourselves for each goal, that one is my fave!

Insidernotes, I have to say your thoughts & words of wisdom are so valuable to me & much appreciated. I notice how much you respond to other's postings & I commend you for your continued consideration to us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Hey Dorthy,

your posts show a lot of enthusiasm. You add persistence to that you simply can not fail.

I wish you all the luck in the world.


keep going! persistence is

keep going! persistence is key!


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

Yes Dorothy!

I agree with all here keep going & keep building that buyers list & get at least 10 buyers who want the same thing in the same area & then go get those props, make a ton of offers & the bandit signs like you are doing, you go girl. way to go you will start to get calls I'm sure.

If for some reason you dont get calls/leads from the signs make sure you are writing the signs exactly right etc. In my area signs did not work exactly like it works for most so I am changing mine up, putting up some here downtown but smaller like the election commission signs they put up to lead people to the election booths, I saw them on election day last month & it gave me the idea of that. So we have to adapt no matter what ok is my point. Smiling You know what else I would do differently a couple of yrs ago is go to a real estate club meet every week like i am going to do now they are sooooo helpful-you get buyers from them & educ & networking.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

So valuable!

Just wanted to say you guys are so great & encouraging with your posts. As the time to put out my signs is approaching, I keep feeling those thoughts of doubt & insecurity building up. Thanks to you all for keeping me inspired! I will focus on your thoughts, energy & guidance to lift me up. Tony, I'm taking your advice and have registered for an investor club meeting tomorrow afternoon!

You guys are the best!!!


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