House flipping education programs

House flipping education programs

Hi, i am a peruvian architetct interestes in the flipping business, i am looking for a program , school or course that could teach me, something longer than a seminar as i will have to go there from peru, any recomendations, sugestions? i havent been lucky looking it up online, thanks!!!!!


You found it here!

Hi Alessandra,

Dean offers lots of self-help information in his books and this website has well-meaning members with LOTS of knowledge!

I would recommend that you go to the home page here (click on Home below website banner) and download 2 of Dean's FREE books - 30 Days to Real Estate Cash and Totally Fulfilled. That is a great place to start.

I'm reading it also so I'm also following my own advice!

Good Luck and never give UP!


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