Tax Deeds in South Carolina

Tax Deeds in South Carolina

I am fairly new to all this tax deed investing. So in my research there are question that came up? If one of you can answer them I would greatly appreciate.

1. South Carolina is an attorney state. So every real estate transaction is done thru and attorney. Do I need an attorney to do a quite title action on a tax deed?

2. Have any of you used an agency in California that promise to do a title search and provide title insuarnce without doing a quite title insurance. The are called tax title service. If you have let me know if you were able to sell the property with out doind a quite title action. They claim that it costs less and can me done in 60 to 90 days max.

3.What are the typical research on a property one needs to do in order to make a descion on wanting to bid on a property?

I greatly appreicate information regarding above matters?????

I did purchase a tax deed property and have gotten a tax deed to it. (Purchase was from the forfited lad commision) it had 3 years of unpaid taxes. But the tax office had bad records and could not locate the notice it sent to the bank(house had a mortgage). I contacted the mortgage company and they do not want the property as they already written it off as bad debt. But the attorney that I have contacted said that the judge would not honor the quite title. Do to no proof that the bank was notified. He even laughed and said that i need to give the property back to the county. So that the county could follow property procedure of informing the bank.

Please help with suggestions of what can I do as I do not want to give up the property and think that the attorney was just trying to get the property for himself. The county tax assesor has contacted the bank and sent emails to verfiy if the bank wanted the property giving them the time to redeem. The bank did not reply.

Great appreciatete your time and effort in suggesting ideas and possiable solutions.



For your first question NO you do not need an attorney. All you need is a notary pubic and a "Quit Claim Deed" On the second question I never use anyone to do a title search The reason is the tax lien wipes all liens and mortages so you get the property free and clear.So I have never done a title search!But that is just me.And 3rd the only search I do is address search and go and look at it. Hope I helped you out if you need any other questions please contact me with a PM!

Can you Help

Hello Darrell. How do you look at a property that may be in another state.

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