" I Will Persevere ! "

" I Will Persevere ! "

Hello DG Family:

5/21/09: Thought - " I Will Persevere ! "

It has been said that the "Devil" ( whether you believe in him or not ) will look into your Future and if he sees that you are near your Breakthrough and he knows that you will "Give God the Praise",... the "Devil" will work his hardest and come at you with everything he has to destroy your Spirit & Progress. Don't Allow That !!

You will note, I ordered the book(s) on 4/20/09. I had to come to New Jersey, arrived on 4/25/09, to assist my sister with the care of my Mother.

Inside of the last month,....My Mother has gone from Home to ER to a Regular Hospital Room to the Cardiac Care Unit to ICU to the "Hospice Care Unit"( With an Undetermined Number of Days to Live ).

I whispered to my Mother and promised her that:
" I Will Do This, I Will Make This Happen " !

I'm on Chapter 7, reading slowly( as time permits ).....I'm sure I'll have to review the book for comprehension.

Please Pray for My Mom - " FAL " , Me and My Family.

Thank You!

p.s. Any of you DG Family members, that are "really doing well financially". I'm asking and acceptig any monetary donations, based on the fact that I find myself in an " income producing gap ", in addition to the current emotional turmoil.( send me a pm )

Thank You Again!

5/22/09: My Mother passed away today at 2:20pm. Rest in Peace - Mom. I Love You !


5/22/09: My Mother passed

5/22/09: My Mother passed away today at 2:20pm. Rest in Peace - Mom. I Love You !

Mark, I am sending you my sincere condolences. I know you mother is walking with the Lord in a much better place.


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I lost my Mother a few months ago. We talked about her passing and I said to her that she will be with her sisters and brother and all of her friends. She seemed to take comfort in what I said. I know she is guiding and loving me from afar.


Re: Your Well Wishes

Thank you,

I'm at Peace because our Love is strong and our Hearts and Minds were clear at the time of her passing !


Hi Mark,
Just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss. My mom passed about 7 years ago After having a total of 5 heart attacks. But it still seems like yesterday. There is no words to describe the bond a child has with their mother. No words! Draw comfort in knowing that God only picks the prettiest flower for his garden. To depart this life and to be present with God. What a celebration they must be having up there. No more pain does she have to suffer. May God give you strength thru troubled times.



My deepest condolences to

My deepest condolences to you and your family Mark.
I have traveled that road not to long ago myself.
Keep your promise. Your mom will smile down on your success.


Our condolences... stay strong!

In a better place

I know this is a few months later, but I just wanted to add my condolences and prayers as well. God promises eternal life to those who will love Him so there's no doubt that she's now "Totally Fulfilled" where she is now.

"In my fathers house are MANY great houses, if it weren't true then I would not have told you"


John 14:6

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