team up

team up

I just want to say to all the upcoming investors out there,"don't get discouraged"? Don't try to do everything on your own. Remember everyone wants to make money. So look for partners to help you. It will relieve a lot of stress and allow you to operate a lot more swiftly. Like Dean says think a little different. Think about ways you and others can raise money together, assign properties,market properties, and most important learn the principles of being a team. Don't get caught with making a lot money, but get caught up with trying to create a system of generating a constant income. There's a big difference.

My main objective is to get people trying these skills is to remember to share.


Team up

Go to the local REI club and you will find your people to be on your team to make your business successful.


Excellent advice

62 - thats was excellent advice and I hope others understand it and put it into practice


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I agree

I agree with you 100%, the important thing is to begin having income,The millions will be soon to come, but you need constant cash flow first. And I believe partnering is the best thing to do. Especially when you are just starting off, you need someone who is in it to win it with you, and can take the ups and downs with.


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