Finding Cash Sales of Massachusetts homes

Finding Cash Sales of Massachusetts homes

Hello everyone!

I am always looking up Pre-foreclosures in my state of Massachusetts and I started with the website This is a good website and the most recommended out of most.

After using for a while I started looking up deeds and mortgages on and I soon discovered that I can find all of the Pre-foreclosure in my area just my using this website. So why should I pay $35.00 per month.

Does anyone here have advanced knowledge of this particular website? I would like to be able to find Properties bought for Cash in the Saugus Massachusetts area. I know that if someone paid Cash there will not be a Mortgage recorded therefire it will be a Cash Sale. Once I have this Cash Sale list. I will be more knowledgeable about Investor's Criteria and Trends. Plus I will be able to see which areas the Investors are buying in.

If anyone know a faster way to search that website for Homes sold and bought for Cash?

I don't think that there is but who knows maybe I have overlooked something.

Thanks for your help!


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