We will Succeed!

We will Succeed!

We will Succeed and nothing can take that away from us we now know and understand this. If we keep our thoughts positive and take action in the direction we desire, then we will enjoy the results of our labors.

We're moving forward and want to apologize for that posting in a low moment in our heads. It won't happen again!

Wishing You Happiness and Prosperity,

Rick & Peggy
Eagles Crest Properties


Wishing you Happiness and Prosperity,
Rick & Peggy
Eagles Crest Properties

Do we want you to succeed?

There are some very good topics and threads of topics that can help you get started. There are several topics on assignment of contract, I would read through all them it is a great strategy to get started with out money. Another thing I would suggest is looking at all the topics that talk about finding buyers, as that is the best way to get started. Finding buyers and finding out what they are looking for is a great way to get started.


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Are you serious?

You've been searching for answers? Really? On this site? And you have not found ANYTHING you're looking for? No guidance? No support? No motivation? NOTHING? On this SITE? Okay, now I'm going to have to professionally put you in your place!

I'm confused a bit... ( don't worry, confusion with me happens often so this a normal occurrence) How can you two write a complaint type of thread and yet in your post you don't discuss or list any action steps you've taken to succeed? You only mention that you've sunk every penny you have into this... What are you even talking about? A $19 dollar book? Every penny? I seriously doubt that.

What are you doing to succeed? Complaining won't get you any where. I ONLY provide assistance and guidance to those that have done something out in the field. Maybe if you had put up a post such as:

"Hello, so far, I've read Dean's books from front to cover and I have contacted 4 mortgage brokers, 3 real estate attorneys, two SOLID title companies that do assignments of contacts, six real estate agents ( two of which WILL work with investors) ALL IN AN ATTEMPT to inform them I'm a real estate investor and that I'm looking for great deals in (YOUR ZIP CODE or surrounding towns to include your own).....

I've also been looking on Craigslist to see who is selling homes and making contact with them to see if there's a deal or not...

I've also put up bandit signs in my town that read " I buy houses 123-456-7891" I've also put up flyers in grocery stores, bowling allies, laundry mats, and restaurants to let people know I'm a real estate investor and that I find great deals and that I'm looking to buy real estate or can get people out of a "sticky housing situation"...

I've contacted a real estate agent and have asked them to send me a spreadsheet of all the properties that have sold for cash in the past 90 days and I have sent three post cards and one letter to these people spaced out throughout a seven day period just to let them know that I am a real estate investor and that I find great deals all the time and that you would like to add them to your list and would like to contact them if I find a property that meets their criteria.

Through your postcards, and letters you should get a response from a few that will tell you what they're looking for.

I have also told EVERYONE I meet that I'm a real estate investor and that I buy and sell houses even though I'm a stay at home mom/dad, unemployeed, truck driver, accountant, babysitter, electrician...... in an attempt to generate prospects....

I continue to go through Dean's books to find additional information, I blog all the time, I've looked up REI in my area at MEETUP.com to see if there are RE meetings I can attend and I've find a few in my area and attended one Last Tuesday at seven and meet 11 people all interested in real estate deals we exchanged information and are going to meet again this upcoming Sunday...

I ordered some business cards so I can put them on car windows, ATM machines, countertops in public bathrooms, tables in restaurants, pin up boards, next to other places where other people put their business cards to let people know what I do and how to contact me. ( you can order them at office depot, OR you can even google free business cards and them made for you, All you do is pay 6 bucks for shipping.)

I have been driving around looking for vacant properties and came across 14 that were vacant because the yards were overgrown, the electric meters were no longer spinning etc and then I went to the county auditor/ tax assessor/ real property tax website to look up the owner. I could not find out anything on line so I called the commissioner of finance, the tax assessor's office, and they gave me some useful information and even told me how to properly navigate their website to find out where these owners of these vacant houses are living....

Out of the 14, I found out where 7 of them are living. I called 4 of them because I was able to get a number on them using skiptracer.com, or zabasearch.com, whitepages.com, anywho.com etc. One lady cushed me out and hung up on me, one man shouted at me and said "stop calling me!!", another went to an answering machine ( i will call back at some point to speak to a live person because I don't like speaking to a machine) OR ( I left a message explaining that I'm interested in possibly buying their house and I left both my email and phone number on the machine/voicemail and I'll follow up in two days if I don't hear back from anyone) and the 4th person has missed a few payments and JUST WANTS the house sold so now I'm gathering all their information and pulling in qualified buyers to close the deal but still a bit shaky on the process..

I'm continuing to build my buyers list and LOVE helping people. The more I do this the more fun I'm having....

I'm been doing this now for 6 weeks straight and have not gotten any results ( I find this hard to believe but I'm just in the zone here) can someone please help me because I'm adamit about being a successful RE investor.....


Dave Ramsey often says, "Children do what feels good, adults devise a plan and follow it!" Stop acting like a child and devise your plan and follow it.


NOTE: Just so you know, I'm the type of person that will never quite doing what I'm doing. If I did all the things I mentioned above and got no response, guess what... I'D STILL BE WAKING UP A 4:30 AM EVERY MORNING WORKING THIS BUSINESS!!!! I'd just make more calls, look at more properties, send out more postcards, letters, and change up the wording on them and tell more people what I do as a profession......

Now it's back to writing my postcards to owners of vacant properties in my area.

Happy Memorial day.

----------How this post you put up didn't get flagged is beyond me...---------


Gary Rabatin
Certified Cash Flow Consultant
Founder & President of Gold Bar Funding Group L.L.C.
Private Real Estate Investor
"Building Wealth by the Numbers"

Yes they WILL!!!

RICK & PEGGY WILL succeed! I just received an email from them earlier this morning and it's a complete 180 FOR THE BETTER!!! I'm excited for them and want all DGers to know that my previous post was only to ignite their passion towards real estate.

They are doing it big time! I'm in NY but if there are any CA investors with some good experience, please drop them a line to see if you can further assist. This is what this site is all about, helping others and making great money in the process.

Good job you two! Smiling


Gary Rabatin
Certified Cash Flow Consultant
Founder & President of Gold Bar Funding Group L.L.C.
Private Real Estate Investor
"Building Wealth by the Numbers"

Professionally put them in

Professionally put them in their place? "professionally"? If berating is your "professional" way of igniting a fire to someone in your company, they would be afraid to make any move without you jumping all over them.

succeeding is what I want

well I read your post and really this is what I am working towards right now as we speak I have two people who are looking for help that is one that is in pre-foreclosure and she rents and would like to own the house she is renting in Albany and I need some help. the second thing is I have a young lady who is looking to get out of her house due to the fact she was getting married and the marriage did not take place, and she is stuck with a house she cannot afford.
and the third thing is I have and lady who is looking to invest some money to help me start investing in some propertys in about two weeks and willing to do the foot work with me here in New York I live in middletown New york, and I need help as of Yesterday.

I been marketing by the word of mouth with my wife my speaking for me, my speech is not that great due to the injury I had back in December of 2009. Now I stutter. "Yes I would like to succeed right now" there are propertys all around me REO and Bank owned three homes that are in arms reach,others wanting to sale and get something else.

I am renting and I would like to put my family in a home as of yesterday I even have people waiting to work with me even do some foot work to look at these propertys.

I need it all Title search company I am in need here on what to do so I can get the ball onthe roll,I even been Emailing a real estate broker and finally he emailed me and would like to do business with me.

my fear is faqiling I had not taken action yet on my first deal and I need help to start doing ASAP every one is waiting on me Two weeks is what I got and I need the help now so I will be calling I left a meesage on this number this morniong it is to the point I can not sleep. I am that close the first young Lady I am talking about lives in ALBANY and I told her I will get back to her by Monday or Tuesday and the other lady with the mony to invest I will be seeing her this weekend.
My Name is Terrence Shands (845)321-1890(cell)or (845)321-3786 and my wifes name is Miriam I would be most greatful if you can Help me .

Thank you for your time and Patience

looking for a Title search company

does any one now of a title search company or where I can look for one even how I can start looking for one.

I hope to be hearing from some one soon,Thank you for your time and Patience

may all go well

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