Tax assessment question

Tax assessment question

I found a property that went to auction in November and is now on the listings again, and apparently will be at auction with another firm soon.
But I went on the tax assessment to look up tax bill and past years taxes.
It says under the bill "MFL & PFC are not included in the values." I'm sure it is something simple that I am not catching, but does anyone know what it means.
I called the court house to find out, but apparently no one came in because of the blizzard!
Anyone know?


RE Glossary updated

Thanks for the info Drew!

here's the link to updated glossary:

It's kind of funny, just saw you two nights ago while I was watching EDGE 10, great presentation, very informative. Cleared up a lot of questions I had about Real Estate agents.

Thanks and to your continued success my friend! Smiling


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