Hi My name is Melissa, this are my first steps to my journey, there is so much information so i'm trying to take it step by step. Last week I read the book Totally Fulfilled and I loved it.




Welcome to the site, im new also. Its so many helpful people here to learn from with so much experience and information. Remember the best way to eat an entire elephant, is one bite at a time.

Also, below is a link from another member (reinvestor42) that helped me while navigating through the site for whom im grateful.


*Disclaimer I am not an attorney nor am I offering any professional advice, just some thoughts I am sharing*

Nice to meet you!

Hi Bennie, Thank you, I agree with you there is so meny people out there willing to help!.
I don't know if you have already check this one out. .


It is a good idea to read as many posts as you can and you will learn a lot. You may also want to fill out your bio by clicking on your name and under user profile and about me fill in your location, etc.

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