Focus, refocus, and do it again

Focus, refocus, and do it again

Focus, refocus and do it again....Lately, I've found that I'm constantly regrouping and refocusing. I would love to say that I'm perfect at setting and fulfilling my goals. The truth is, it's a fight everyday. Life pulls us in every direction, things happen and come up that are unexpected! In a perfect world, we'd set our goals and progress, work everyday towards are goals until they are fulfilled. The reality is, we live busy lives and unexpected things get thrown at us that derail us from our goals. Two steps forward, one step back. Some day's it's one step forward and three steps back! This is why we teach and tell you to place your goals somewhere you will be able to "see" them every day. If you get off track, get back on. If you mess up, regroup and get going again. The key is to NEVER give up. Today is a new day. Every day you have a choice to make that day matter. Take control, make a list,start over, do it again, keep moving forward.

It's also very easy to be hard on ourselves for messing up or losing focus. Don't do it! We're all human, we have good days and bad days - it's ok. Don't be hard on yourself. Get refocused and keep going. You deserve success, you deserve to reach your goals, just don't ever give up!!

You can do this!



"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

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