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Dean's Academy

Hello, everyone! This will hopefully be the first of many posts for myself. I am brand new to Dean and to the forums. I purchased The Profit from Real Estate Book Right Now last month in May, and I took my sweet old time reading it. I finished it last week. I must say that I have guarded optimism about pursuing a career in real estate. The optimism stems from my knowing that I have always been successful in my life with everything {well, ALMOST everything :-)} I have taken on in my life. The guarded part of me is the fear of failure. I mean, who doesn't have that? I am looking to enroll in Dean's Academy to set me on the straight and narrow path, to focus my times and energy to give me the best opportunity for financial success...and I'm scared *$ I will hopefully be able to hook up with as many people as I can to help make my dreams a reality, because there is nothing more I want for myself and for my family...

I can't help but think of an analogy of my starting point at this point in my professional, and real estate career. My wife has gone skydiving before, and she said it was the most amazing experience she has ever had in her life. But, you tell me, the most terrifying moment of her life had to be looking out that open plane door, right? Seeing the clouds with the wind rushing past her, knowing she was going to step out of a perfectly good airplane...ON PURPOSE!!!, with only a sack and some nylon attached to her back...that first the hardest. Well here I go..I'm enrolling tomorrow to make myself accountable for my future.

Due to a failed medical practice 5 years ago, I had to file for personal bankruptcy. We overextended our working capital and made our office TOO beautiful for our own good!! My credit is in the toilet, and we still have an outstanding ARM HELOC that we gained from the failed practice that is milking us dry...time to turn things around and I'm taking a stand. BLITZKREIG!!!!! Take care everyone, and God bless...



The secrets too any trade,Can be learned over time or they can be handed right over to you!The academy offers the opp. to work with seasoned investers.
egatesod, your words sound good,You can do it!!!


Invest in yourself!

That great that you are

That great that you are going to take that fear out and start a new life. We are all here to help you and each other to succeed in this adventure. Can't wait to hear your success stories when you share with Dean in the the near future. Best of luck ! Think positive and you can do it !

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

You have what it takes

Eric, fear is a deterrent, and you must not let it get the better of you. You have what it takes to be Dean's next success story. Just imagine your beginning postings in the student reports giving encouragement to others. On another note, I had a large amount of credit debt due to financing myself and my sons schooling. Well they are on their own now, where student loans are the order of the day. This is my time now. Not all of us have that perfect story, I sure do not. What have allowed me to move forward is admitting to myself that I had made a series of mistakes, especially in the family arena. I have learned my lesson. Since I have joined the DG site and have being continually networking, I have achieved considerable support through my DG family mentoring. And by the way, you need to choose at least three mentors who will be more that willing to guide you through the process concerning bidding on properties as well as the forms available to you. I wish you all success in your new career. Good Luck and God Bless.



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