Totally Fulfilled for Everyone who is having trouble getting started

Totally Fulfilled for Everyone who is having trouble getting started

Hi DG Family. Steve here of Steve and Veronica. I just started reading Dean’s book Totally Fulfilled. What a great book so far. I want EVERYONE THAT IS STRUGALING RIGHT NOW TO STOP AND READ THIS.

If you are struggling to make deals or things are not going well for you in life you need to read this book. You may even need to read this book before any of Dean’s other books. So many of us need to change things in our life to be successful in other parts of our life. I read so many posts here on the DG site and some people are really down. I believe even if some people here were given money to invest with REI they would fail because they have other things in their life they need to fix first.

Dean has not told me to print this, I have never met Dean( I want to) I just want everyone that is struggling in life, real estate or whatever is holding you back to read this book.

On the back of the book, it says no matter your age, your income level, your past or current problems Dean has created a simple strategy for you to:

Turn limited beliefs into empowering, limitless beliefs.
Overcome your personal obstacles.
Embrace and look forward to change.
Earn any amount of money you want.
Develop strong relationships in business, life and love.
Set goals that become reality.
Create and extraordinary quality of life.

It is time for a change in your life if the things you are doing are not working out for you. Get this book.

God Bless the DG Family


Steve ...

Excellent posts !

You speak the truth .

Randy S.
Elkton MD


Thank You Randy S. I just felt that some people on this site need to hear this stuff.


Steve great thread you

Steve great thread you started and a lot of information for the new people if they follow what you are telling them.

BTW chowders done.


Thanks for the kind words Jim. I do hope that new people stop by and read this thread. There is so much more to REI than just buying or selling a house. People need to have their mind set in the right place. There are so many good resorces By Dean to help people with their mind set and REI. Plus all of the help from other investors on this site.

I am glad to be part of this family.

Now pass the chowder.


Quote from Totally Fulfilled Dean's Book

" As you start your day, visualize what your perfect day would be like:

How would you start today if you truly believed anything is possible?

What would you do at work?

Would you start working on that special project?

Would you start making notes of your dream job or dream business?

Would you talk to someone you have been to shy to approuch?

Would you work on your current relationship to make it better than ever and more passionate?

Would you tell someone you loved them?

Would you start taking better care of your body and health?"

I hope you are having a good day but if you need something to lift you up try reading Dean's book Totally Fulfilled. I know it has helped me.


Well said Steve !

I am one of those that need to hear it.

Thanks ,

Randy S.
Elkton MD

Randy S.

On post #35 the words are from Dean's book but they are words I like to live by.

Randy S I hope things get better for you here real soon.


Quote from Totally Fulfilled Dean's Book

"There is no magic box that's going to pour out money. There is no pill that will make you skinny. There is no fairy dust to make your relationships better. So you need to set aside time to make your dreams happen. Four hours a week or forty, as long as you say that you really want to change your life and live differently, then you can find the time."

What have you done today to change things in your life.


Quote from Totally Fulfilled Dean's Book

"Totlally Fulfilled People are productive and focused. They are able to accurately assess what's important to them and to achieving thier goals."

I like to post these quotes from Dean's book Totally Fullfilled because, there are so many out here that have all of the great information from Dean and successful students from this site, that are still struggling with where to start.

Maybe you need to start by reading Dean's Book Totally Fulfilled. I feel that strong about this book that it will change the way you look at everyday life. Do you need change in your life? Then read this book.


Hello Everyone

I started this thread to give motivation to all of the DGers having a hard time getting started. I know some of you have money and good credit and still have not done a deal. I know some of you with out money and bad credit need to change the things that keeping you from being totally fulfilled.

I hope you have done something to change yourself for the better this week.

If you like this thread let me know. If not I will stop posting this great information from Dean's Book. If everyone is allready on the path to success I wish you more success.


Quote from Totally Fulfilled Dean's Book

"Totally Fulfilled people are money-wise. The value money for the freedom it brings them, they invest wisely, enjoy what they have, and let their money work for them so they can alleviate the stress from lack of money in their current life and leave behind a legacy."

I hope you have done something today to change your life for the better.



This is a good thread.

Keeping a positive outlook no matter what is tremendously important! The Law of Attraction is REAL! You get back what you give out.

If you only try to see the positive in everything and surround yourself with positive people you will magnetically draw positive to you.

Unfortunately, the same is true of negativity. Think, do and surround yourself with worry and negativity, you will get more.

This is a proven scientific fact.

You, and ONLY you, get to CHOOSE how you allow something to effect you. Choose wisely.



"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"

"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"


Thank you for your post and well said. You always have words of inspiration and I thank you for that.



Thanks for this post! I have not read this book yet but I plan on it. What you say is so TRUE. We need to step back at times and take a breath, and see where we are. Then make the Positive changes for the better in our life. I look for more of your postings!!

"People, like nail, lose their effectiveness when they lose direction and begin to bend."

Walter Savage Landor.

Thanks Bruce.....


Your welcome and thanks for the responce. Some times even when we think we are doing the right thing we need a little redirection.


Quote from Totally Fulfilled Dean's Book

"Totally Fullfilled people are flexible-they understand that some changes are inevitable, some they can see on the horizon and prepare for, and others will surprise them. No matter the kind of change, they adapt and grow and not retreat and wither."

I sure can relate to this one today. I would have liked to win the send me away contest but we did not and conrats to the ones that did. But we are not going to retreat and wither we are going foreward with our heads held high. We have what it takes to better our lifes and live Totally Fullfilled.



Thanks for the postings. I like looking over your shoulder and eavesdropping here. Good stuff. peace,


Dana w/ Crossroads Solutions LLC
I am direct to the VP of a $100 million dollar open-ended debt and equity fund which actively writes checks to fund businesses with an EBITDA of at least $1 million a year. We fund also have access to up to $500,000,000 for the purchase of distressed real estate, specially commercial $7,500,000 and up.


Thank you for reading and stopping by. I hope others are getting something out of this. I feel very strong about what some people need is just change in their life. Take a look at life from a different view.


Trying to Make It Happen

This will be a bit of a longer post, but I wanted to start contributing. It took me some time to even figure out how to get to a more recent post site for getting started. Dean's site is pretty deep in terms of content. I wish the links to some posting forums automatically deferred everyone to this way of searching as I read from people's postings from 2008.

Anyway, I want to get involved but have definitely been dragging my feet. I've been so used to a traditional job. But, I lost my job about a year and half ago and am really scared of losing everything. I'm on my own, divorced and have been struggling ever since. I just have to concentrate and pick up Dean's book again. I even have the Edge 2009 package. There is just so much information.

Does the site have a simple place where only newbies can gain information? Perhaps this is the best link, and I hope I can find it again.

Anyway, I'm trying to read. Can these posts be ordered by date? Thanks for your input and encouragement.


I haven't read that book, but I sure will now. Thank you for the input.




Go to the left hand side of this page at the top under main sections and click on what's new. If you want to read current topics. Also you can click on what's hot for hot topics.

There is also a search at the top left also. You can put a topic in the search area then press the enter button on your key board and topics will come up and you can read the ones you want.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for stopping by. Totally Fulfilled is a great book I wish I would have read it before Dean's other books. All of Dean's books are great I just think Totally Fulfilled should be the first book to read.


Quote from Totally Fulfilled Dean's Book

This quote is from an unknown author

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed bythe things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

What is holding you back.


All most done

I am all most done reading Totally Fulfilled. It is a very good book for changing the way you look at life and investments.

I still believe this should be the first book you read of Dean's if you have not done any deals. It will change the way you think.

Steve Living Totally Fulfilled.

Totally Fulfilled

I am done reading Totally Fulfilled. I do think this is a great read for everyone here on this DG site.

If what you are doing is not working for you, read this book and you might be able to change what you need to change in your life, to make this REI work for you.

God Bless the DG Family.


One awesome book

You are correct steve in saying EVERYONE needs to read this book!! this will def help your investing as well as starting to live your TOTALLY FULFILLED LIFE.this is also my favorite book by dean.
Great post steve


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Steve just finished reading

Steve just finished reading your post. You inspired me to find the book Totally Fulfilled. I need to get back on the horse and try again, so far I have not been successful getting started seems like I keep hitting a brick wall. Well it is time to get up and try again RIGHT!
Thanks Donna


Never give up on your dream.


Thanks for stopping by this thread. I do strongly believe everyone needs to read this book.



Yes you do need to get back up on that horse again. Read this book and I believe it will help you find what is keeping you from living a Totally Fulfilled life.

Thanks for stopping by this thread.



I have enjoyed this thread and will bookmark it so I can come back to it. Thanks for starting a thread like this. I am looking at properties almost everyday and I will lockup my first deal and hopefully they will get easier as I go along.

Mellisa from the post above all you have to do is go to the bottom of the original post and click "bookmark this" and it will store it in your bookmarks and you can get back to it by going to the left hand side of the screen and click "my bookmarks" and it will take you to all the threads you have bookmarked.


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