Totally Fulfilled for Everyone who is having trouble getting started

Totally Fulfilled for Everyone who is having trouble getting started

Hi DG Family. Steve here of Steve and Veronica. I just started reading Dean’s book Totally Fulfilled. What a great book so far. I want EVERYONE THAT IS STRUGALING RIGHT NOW TO STOP AND READ THIS.

If you are struggling to make deals or things are not going well for you in life you need to read this book. You may even need to read this book before any of Dean’s other books. So many of us need to change things in our life to be successful in other parts of our life. I read so many posts here on the DG site and some people are really down. I believe even if some people here were given money to invest with REI they would fail because they have other things in their life they need to fix first.

Dean has not told me to print this, I have never met Dean( I want to) I just want everyone that is struggling in life, real estate or whatever is holding you back to read this book.

On the back of the book, it says no matter your age, your income level, your past or current problems Dean has created a simple strategy for you to:

Turn limited beliefs into empowering, limitless beliefs.
Overcome your personal obstacles.
Embrace and look forward to change.
Earn any amount of money you want.
Develop strong relationships in business, life and love.
Set goals that become reality.
Create and extraordinary quality of life.

It is time for a change in your life if the things you are doing are not working out for you. Get this book.

God Bless the DG Family



I hope everyone is doing good. I know everyone has times when things get slow. Even for us we have put in a lot of offers and we are not getting the responce we would like. At other time it seams that every offer we put in was accepted. Life goes on and we need to make the best of it.

I hope everyone is doing well and living Totally Fulfilled.


Steve and Veronica

I think you must have read my mind... and I'm glad you posted on this thread again, because when things aren't going the way we want them to, we need to sit back and gather our thoughts, and then think, ok, what would DG do in this situation?... so I'm brainstorming to figure out what are the best ways to go about a couple of deals that are not working out quite the way I wanted them to...argh...

learning and progressing every day...




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Hi Valerie. Thank you for your responce. Not every deal will become a real deal but if we do not make the offers we will never know. Also we need to remember if every offer we make was accepted we are paying to much for the property.

I hope every thing works out for you your deals will be coming in soon.

Take care

You may need to change the way you think.

I know a lot of people were unhappy about Dean charging money for the use of the Rock Bottom Blueprint. This is why I say read Totally Fulfilled first. If you do not change the way you think about real estate and life no matter what program you get it will not work for you.

Even if Dean only charged $100.00 for the RBBP some people still would not succed at real estate investing. Some people will not change the way they think. If you change the way you think things will work out much better for you.

So go out and live a Totally Fulfilled life and see how things work out for you.


Steve and Veronica!

I came across this post again (I read it months ago, and I'm not sure if I posted in here or not), but I just realized I have this book on my hard drive. Don't remember downloading it, but it's there, so I'm reading it now!! I bought the hard cover book a few weeks ago and it disappeared Shocked I have NO clue where it went, but anyway, thanks for posting this thread. I hope it helps because I'm stalled in doing anything. That dreaded fear!! Fear of success even... what a concept. How can this be????


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I feel this is a great book to help you with the fear. The fear of success may be due to not having a plan for success in place. your success will come soon smurfy just do not give up on your dreams.


DON'T overlook this book!

I have heard SO many people say they've read all his books 'except this one because it isn't related to real estate'. I have to tell you that this is the book that will SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS!!! Do not bypass this book for any reason, this is my favorite one of all of them, and it will CHANGE your life and set you up for your success in Real Estate. This should be required reading for EVERYONE, and sets you up for a TOTALLY FULFILLED life, including setting you up for your new life as a real estate investor.

getting there

Steve and Veronica, great tip about reading this book. Todays final LIVE event for the Blueprint had many snippets of this TRUTH, especially during the - finding your WHY segment. Thanks for bringing this book up and reminding us of the depth of what this is really all about. Blessings on you!!


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i agree with you, this book should be a must read.

Thank you for your response.



Thank you for stopping by. I hope you get a chance to read this book.

I hope all of your real estate dreams come true.


Changing the way I think

I am reading the book Totally Fulfilled right now, it is rich with valuable information, we should be so fortunate to have access to it, it should be in everyone home. How did Dean tap into his wisdom and be able to put it out there for us all to see? He is truly an amazing guy.

I have recently started Rock Bottom Blueprint. Looking forward to changing the way I think and making realestate investing a dream-come-true for myself and my family.



Congrats on getting the Blueprint program. I feel that it is one of the best programs Dean has put out for us as students. Keep reading Totally Fulfilled and be ready for your life to change for the better.

Good luck with all of your REI.

Let us know about your success.


awesome stuff

Hi Steve an Veronica, as well as to all of you an MR.MAXWELL, your in the right place at the right time with Dean an all these wonderful Family members an we all enjoy sharing an helping, you will be hard pressed to find this any where else an if you TALK about VALUE an INFORMATION AN HAVE FUN you wont find it any where else, this is just amazing!!!!! Jim




Hey Jim this is amazing stuff. I was just sharing Dean's weekly wisdom blog with a co-worker that was a little down last night. I also told him about Dean's book Totally Fulfilled. Some times in life we need to just change the way we look at things.

Take care Jim.

Great Gift

This book is a great book to give to someone that you want to get on board with you in your REI journey. Plus if you have not read this book it is a great read for you. I think it is Dean's best book. I love all of Dean's books but this one gets to the roots of what is holding you back from being successful.


Not Just for New RE Investors

Hi Steve and Veronica,
I came to this thread through a mention from Tammy, (Zion Properties), looking back, I cannot believe that I didn't pick this book up at EDGE 2011 even though it was sitting right there on the table and I could have had Dean sign it for me! I will order it now. At the time, I remember thinking, oh, that's probably just a lot off "fluff" so I didn't pick it up.
What I am finding though is that this Real Estate Investing journey intersects in a big way with REAL LIFE. I don't know, perhaps when we first start we think we can just have some magic formula or just jump into the right stream of success (Real Estate) and things will go our way.
But, there are obstacles. And I have been finding out that these obstacles are really challenging me to the core and slowing me up due to negativity.
I am going to take advantage of Dean's advice and experience in this book.
And I am going to catch up with the DG Superstars that have made it look easy blowing through their obstacles on their way to success.
I know I will be a better more positive person because of it.


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Totally Fulfilled is a great book and a must read for all DG students. Now there is still bumps in the road even with students that things seem to go fast for. The differance is not giving up. Learn from the mistakes and move on. By reading Totally Fulfilled it will chane the way you look at the bumps in the road.

Roger you take care and enjoy the book.


My next book for sure

I could use a pick-me-up. My first deal is blowing up in my face (rent-to-own). I could use a pep talk.

I will definitely be picking this book up... I just got an iPhone, perhaps this can be my first eBook. I'll have to investigate that!


Thanks, Nadine
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Rockin' Post, Steve.

I just wrote those principals on a larger-than-life index card and taped it below my calendar. I will read it every morning before I meditate. peace,


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FANTASTIC post Steve

This is very encouraging. We will definately get this book. We already read "your town" and "profit from realestate" and they were BOTH great.

Thank you for responding.

Nadine, Dana, Brett & Donna. Totally Fulfilled is a great book you will enjoy reading it. All of Dean's books are great but this one is one I keep close by.


incredible book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is march 13, 2012 2:20am and i just read 1/2 of totally fulfilled and I MUST SAY IT IS INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!! i will finish it when i wake up in the morning. i need to go to bed now.

"I believe even if some people here were given money to invest with REI they would fail because they have other things in their life they need to fix first".

"steve of steve and veronica"

steve you are so right.

i will definitely finish it on todays date when i wake up in the morning. can't wait to get back to it.



You are so right. If people do not change the way they think about money, REI and life they would lose all the money that was given to them. Look at all of the lottery winners that won a lot of money but lost it all due to the fact they did not change the way the think.

This is way Walt I till everyone to read Totally Fulfilled first then move on to the REI books.



This is a mindset setter and has phenomenal information just as important as any and all of Dean's other books!

And, if you've already read it, when is the last time you went back and re read it?

If you enjoyed Dean's last 2 blogs, you will LOVE this book!!!


Tammy you are so right.

Thanks for stopping by.


buyers list

What is your stragedy for a buyers list. I'm spending bazzillions of hours finding houses, but afraid to make a contract with a limited buyers list any suggestions?


I our case we are the buyers. But I do have a list of buyers. I got them from talking with other investors and calling we buy houses signs.

You do not need a lot of buyers just good ones.


Finished the book, now time for a reread

I found this thread last year sometime, and I did read the book. I have just started reading it again. And going back to notes I made the first time.

Walt is so right about some folks being given money and other tools and still not being successful. The mindset is key, but unfortunately, my mind wanders back to old ways of thinking all too often, so just gotta keep working at it to make it permanent way of thinking.

Thanks Steve and Veronica and Tammy and Walt and everyone else posting here that has discovered this amazing book.



Judi we all deal with some time of old ways of thinking. I have to stay on this site and re-read books also.


Totally Fullfilled

From his book we look at getting a few things done to give us a start with where we are and where we want to be.

1. We need our Goals and not just financial to be working on.
Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Financial and Social
We have with these 5 how we are going to plan out success. We need balance and priorities in our life.
By working on multiple goals we can achieve the success we are looking for as well as being balanced.

2. Write the goals down. this is your commitment to yourself to get them done.

3. Visualization
Are these goals in front of us on daily basis? they need to be as a reminder of what we are trying to accomplish

My students know that I have a physical goal right now to lower my cholesterol levels by 7-10 point by the end on November when I see my internist.

This goal is in front of me everyday. I have changed my diet but no matter where I am I am reminded of what I am trying to accomplish with this goal.

When we look at our goals are they SMART goals:
1. Specific
2. Measurable
3. Attainable
4. Realistic
5. Timely

And this is in Dean's book Totally it and apply it!

Randy Bailiff
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