REI Club/group in my town

REI Club/group in my town

How can I start a club in my area? I can't find anyplace on here to do it.


Northwest Houston Texas -

Looking for others in my area to bounce ideas off of. Been trying a couple of things. Sent out (through my agent/broker) 20 e-mail offers. The largest was no more than 60% of listed price, but closer to 55% of assessed value by HCAD. I had two realtors out of the 20 ask that I put the offer in writing, so my agent sent me the forms by e-mail, I printed and signed them and dropped them off at her office. Both were short sales and I don't know how long it will even take to hear back. Their closing dates on the offer forms were the end of Dec on one and the end of Jan 2010 on the other.

Looking the the Sunday papers doesn't do much good. Anybody else had any luck?



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.Successfest09 - Trying to Order

I tried 3 times to order, filled out everything, and when I hit the "Order Now" button, it just freezes up. I've logged on and off, etc. but can't get a confirmation of my order. Anybody else had problems?

Hope I don't get 3 sets of everything!!!


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Locking up a property on contract how to...

Hi folks!,
My name is Jon and I am in the process of putting together my very first deal. Details as follows;

Property has been vacant for at least 3 months.

No for sale signs up front

Needs rehab work, landscaping exterior paint etc,etc.

Can only see though windows at this time but from what I do see it needs

work for sure.

I've contacted the Real Estate agent on the card that was affixed to the window and made an appointment to see the entire property. I've also contacted a friend of the family who is somewhat of a handyman to be there with me to help me note anything that needs to be flagged. My sources tell me that the property is an REO. Anyway, while we are in the process what key questions should I ask the agent? Should I reveal to the agent that I am Investor right at the get go or should I wait. I am excited and nervous and dont want to drop the ball.
What makes it more interesting is I have a buyer right now who has his heart set on this property and is already (Pre-Qualified). The property is listed for $220,000. I looked it up on and it showed that price also on the ReMax site. Can anyone tell me how I should go about this? If I just put the two parties together that would be considered "Bird Dogging" My heart wants to "Assign" the the deal to maximize my profit. I have the pieces of the puzzle but need some pointers to make it work and drive it home!
Anyway I/we will throw in an offer after all things considered. This just in. A property right across my house was just completely remodeled and went on the market two weeks ago. I was able to tour the house during the final stages and I must say they did an excellent job, but anyway he listed the house for $320,000 and now its down to $280,000. Thats getting me even more excited because the deal that I am working on now, they are asking $220,000 for the condition it's in now. I want to throw in an offer for $165,000 being that it's and REO and I already have a pre-qualified buyer. Any thoughts from anyone will greatly be appreciated.

Jon B

How can I help a home owner who is in "Pre Foreclosure"

I just got a call from a gentleman and he asked how I could help him. I told him sometime ago that I was a Real Estate investor and that if he ever needed anything to just call me. Well he did and this is what he told me. His property is in pre-foreclosure and has a for sale sign up. Initial asking price was $185,000 but no takers. Not even a looker. The appearance from the outside needs work and has no time nor money to improve on that. Anyway his agent said it's time to drop the price to $170,000. He also told me a auction notice was place on the door and is set for June 2010.

Can this guy be helped in anyway? He realizes that he's going down but is there any point to the matter to help him? How can I as an investor help...?

He will bring to me some detailed paper work about his property in a few days. Can anyone share some thoughts? Can I turn this into a deal?

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