US Fastest Growing Cities ...

US Fastest Growing Cities ...

With speed comes control and if you go to fast and lose control then you can have a big problem!

CNNMoney Staff had an article published on March 27, 2014 that made me smile. They listed the 10 fastest
growing cities in the US (based on an analysis of population growth data from the Census Bureau).

I have been following economic grow cycles across the nation in an effort to make me a better investor
and real estate trainer. Six of the ten cities I have been following and doing my own research ended
up on CNNMoney’s list. I’ve watch as Texas has been an increasing hot market over the past few years
and specifically the fourth quarter of 2014. With full disclosure I have a fondness to Texas because I
graduated from high school in San Antonio, have family in Houston and Dallas and ALMOST went to college in the great city of Austin.

Whether I have a fondness in my heart for one state over another doesn’t affect my investment strategy ... real estate is a numbers game, so if the numbers work based on my own specific criteria, then deals are to be made!

So this brings me back to my initial statement about speed and control ... just because a state or county or city are doing well and moving quickly up the economic ladder doesn’t mean there are not potential problems that could make them lose control.

Below is a list of ten great cities, but as with any investing make sure to do your due diligence.

Now go out there and have success!!

Which city is growing fastest?
City Population Pop. Growth
Austin 1.9 million 2.6%
Houston 6.3 million 2.2%
Raleigh, N.C. 1.2 million 2.2%
Orlando 2.3 million 2%
San Antonio 2.3 million 1.9%
Denver 2.7 million 1.9%
Nashville 1.8 million 1.8%
Charlotte, N.C. 2.3 million 1.8%
Oklahoma City 1.3 million 1.7%
Phoenix 4.4 million 1.6%


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