Finding "Motivated Sellers"?

Finding "Motivated Sellers"?

Hi Everyone I'm Luis and I'm new to Real Estate.I read chapter 4 in "Your Town" Your Real Estate Profits and I have an idea and learn enough of what I have to do with the "No Money Down" techniques BUT I'm just a bit lost on how to find these people on the Craiglist.Com or anywhere on the web. I just need a little guidance and knowledge of how to find these people, basically I need a little push on that step, I would appreciate it alot to be put on the right path.....It actually starting to put my hopes down a bit and making me confuse and I really don't like those feelings. I'm in the "No Money" situation right now and feel trapped all over again after finishing chapter 4.Can anyone please help me and show me a real easier way in finding "Motivated Sellers" besides putting poster in my neighborhood. Thank You very much to everyone and all the successful students. One more thing, my main concern its finding those "Motivated Sellers" who are going foreclosure and are looking to sell their homes.



Go to under real estate and look for motivated seller,you can also go to For Sale By Owners,just look for ads that say motivated,need to sell quick,reduced.Hope this helps you,to your success.



To find motivated sellers in foreclosure you can run an ad on craigslist. The headline could read "Stop Foreclosure" and in the ad itself you could say "looking for motivated sellers who need help selling their homes to prevent foreclosure". Explain briefly how your service works and what you are looking for
to do. Good luck.


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Hey Seven Zero,

Hi, under what catagory do I run the ads? In what specific place do I have to go to? Thanks alot for your help.

Where are you located???

Luis where do you live???


I'm from Bridgeport, Connecticut.....I'm new to this but getting a little complicated and difficult for me right now. I really need the help Thanks.

Craigslist ad

Run your Craigslist ad in the "Services" section under Real Estate. This is located in the lower left. You will have to set up an account first. (free)
To do this click on "my account" in the upper left. Next page click sign up for account. Fill out next page to create account.
To create the ad first click on "Post to classifieds"
Next page click "service offered"
Next page click "real estate services"
Continue to create your ad
Let me know how it works for you.


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How to Identify a Motivated Seller

The first thing we must do as wholesalers or Real Estate Investors is understand what makes a seller motivated. What makes a seller so motivated that they are willing to make any deal possible in an effort to unload their problem property.

Here are some of the circumstances that make a motivated seller.

They desperately need to sell their property because of financial circumstances.

The loss of a job, the death of a loved one etc… Something happened that changed their financial situation.

They are in an Adjustable Rate Mortgage and can no longer afford the payments.

They are in preforeclosure and need to sell their property to avoid an inevitable foreclosure.

Your success as a Real Estate Investor or Wholesaler depends on your ability to distinguish between a motivated seller and a non motivated seller. You will never convince a non-motivated seller to turn into a motivated seller. You will be wasting valuable time trying to transform a seller who does not have current circumstances to make them motivated enough to make a deal.

Evidence of a motivated seller depends on the answer to two basic questions.
Would you sell your house for what you owe on it?
Would you let me buy your house by taking over the payments?
If the seller answers yes to these questions they are truly motivated and you should be able to lock in a great deal with owner financing “subject to”.
If the sellers answer is no to these questions then they are evidently not motivated and you will be wasting valuable time trying to negotiate. Move on until you find that motivated seller that is willing to negotiate a great investment deal.

There are Real Estate Investment deals and then there are GREAT Real Estate Investment deals. A motivated seller is the difference between the two!


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