Student Success Stories and Testimonials

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Ike Tiner

- On my first deal is less than four and a half hours I made $10,000 and I didn’t use any of my own money. This course gave me the confidence to go out there and lock up a deal, find a buyer and sell the contract without ever owning the property. IT literally took me under five hours and I was able to put $10,000 cash into my bank account. I have a whole new look on real estate and making money with real estate. I never knew how simple it really was.

John and Vicky Little

- We’ve always had to work for our money and it was as if it wasn’t any work.  We bought it, we signed some papers and we sold it and made a profit and there was a little work involved, but not like a year’s work or half a year’s work.  Besides quitting my job, the extra money has given us a chance to go and do things, even if it’s just an overnight.  We might just run somewhere and spend the night and come back.  And we used to couldn’t do that because we didn’t have the money and because I had to be at work the next day.  And then last year, we were married 25 years, so last June, we went to Hawaii for eight days and that was awesome.  It was a once in a lifetime trip I thought.  I never thought I would get to go to Hawaii for an anniversary or something, and it was wonderful.  We plan to go back.  Dean’s strategies have allowed us to have the financial freedom that we have been looking for and it is just so exciting.

Brett Marani

- I mean it feels great to make $12,000.00 my first deal, especially using none of my own money.  I mean that’s the beauty of it.

Scott Patten

- The Think a Little Different Program not only gave me the knowledge I needed, but it also kind of motivated me to go out and do things.  I’d say the biggest thing it gave me was just confidence.  Once real estate’s kind of simplified for you, there’s a lot of terms out there that you get scared of and you know, you don’t really understand how the whole process works, but once you kind of get the information, then everything else will kind of take care of itself.  You know, I’m a 20-year-old college student and on my first deal I made over $10,000.00 in maybe 25 hours at the beginning of the summer.  So now I take the rest of the summer off and travel and do what I want.  Right now, going through college, I don’t feel as much pressure any more because I know that I have the knowledge now that I’ll always have like a second income.  So I don’t really feel the pressure to go find a job and earn a certain amount of money because regardless of what my job is when I graduate from college, I’m always going to have real estate on the side because, I mean, that’s just so much more fun for me and it’s an exciting thing to be able to know that I can just go, you know, do a few real estate projects a year and always have enough income to be happy and do the things I want, regardless of what my job is.  As a college student, real estate’s been perfect for me because I don’t have to go to work every day after I get out of class.  I can go do one deal every six months and make twice as much as I would make in an entire year at a regular job, so I mean, the deal I just did, you know, I spent about 12 hours of actual work minus, you know, signing all the papers and everything, and I made more than I made in the last three years at my regular job.

Paul Miller

- Paul put $142,000 pure profit in the bank plus raised his net worth over $200,000 in less than 6 months.

John and Linda Pretre

- I did not like having that alarm clock set, you know, where I used to have to be slaving to somebody else or putting in so many hours or do things that you potentially don’t want to be doing. I love the aspect of getting up, going in my office, searching out properties or talking to different people and seeing, you know, how am I going to make myself money today? I think that the first step is just getting out there and doing it. You have to jump in and do it. If you don’t, you know, you’re not going to get anywhere with it. Before you knew it, you know, we had nine, ten houses in a year. The last two years we’ve bought 11 rental properties. We’ve raised our net worth half a million dollars. We have about $5,000.00 cash flow per month and we know that we will get to the independence that we want, that we’re working for ourselves and um, can enjoy the life that we want.

Debbie and Robert

- Debbie decided to work on using Dean's methods while her husband was working away from home and she made over $22,000 on her fist two deals and is in the process of working on two more. "You make it so easy, anyone can do this"

Todd Bittner

- When I first got your course, I only had $5,000.00 in the bank to work with and I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to do with that, but by looking through your course, learning what you have to teach and networking and meeting people, I was able to purchase over seven properties that are worth over $1 million in about a year and a half.  The only thing that I regret out of the situation thus far is that I wasn’t able to start earlier.  If my wife would have seen your infomercial six months or a year earlier, I wouldn’t be working right now.  I would just be doing real estate investing and I know that you can make money in any market and in the media; they like to put a negative spin on everything anyway.  I think that, you know, it’s just whatever, what I like best about this versus working a regular job is this is all me.  Whatever I want to learn, however I want to do it, however I want to work it out, I can do it, versus having to work for somebody that doesn’t necessarily know what they’re doing, but they just happen to be in charge.

Nathan McCommon

- Instantly, anything, within three days, I looked at ten foreclosures and they had all just opened that day or the previous day, so hardly anybody had seen these houses.  It was about the tenth one I saw that she said that the bank that had the foreclosure was ready to sell.  I got in without using any of my money.  In fact, they paid me and after I did the cleaning and the improvements that I was done with,  I had about $1,000.00 cash in my pocket that I walked away with, came home and ate dinner.  The rent that the family that lives in it now is paying for the mortgage.  It already had about $25,000.00 equity when I bought the place, so as the economy progresses, that equity is just going to get larger.  A couple of years ago, I knew nothing.  I was afraid of everything, but I knew, I wanted to step out of my little fear, my bubble of fear, and I ended up now, two years later – I do what the house needs, of course, you want to be responsible for the property and then find somebody who would love to live there.  They move in, their rent covers the mortgage and after it’s all said and done, I have gotten into the property without using any of my money and I’ve done the repairs that were necessary.  There’s somebody who loves living there.  They’re covering all the costs.  I haven’t spent a dime and it’s building equity for me.

Louie Bevalaqua

- Before this business started to go, my wife lost her job.  She had a job, she lost it, benefits.  She’s pregnant, she was pregnant at the time.  No one would take her on for benefits because she’s, it’s a pre-existing condition.  I didn’t have any – I was cutting grass, you know.  Um, so we were stuck.  And I’ve got to be honest – the first time that I started to sweat.  It sounds silly because now I’m on this side.  But man, I promise you, I’ve been on that side my whole life and this side is so much better.  There’s no pressure, there’s no one telling you what to do.  If I stroll into my office, in my house, by the way, my office – at 9:30 in the morning, the only bad part is someone got up before me and beat me to a deal.  Other than that, there’s no consequences, you know.  I was working on a computer the other day all day looking up listings, going through emails, just working the business, and my son that’s 2 now, walked in said, “Daddy, basketball.”  He wanted to play.  What did I do?  I stopped and I go play basketball for a half hour and I go back to work.  It’s not a slacker’s game, but it gives me the ability to do what I want to do.  I’m not a school person.  But if I’m interested in it, I’m going to dive in full force and this was just, this was something that gave me the interest, gave me the information I needed – enough to start to think, “Hey, I can really do this”.  This course did change my life.  I do whatever I want to do.  I can take two months off.  That sounds crazy, but I don’t have to show up, to go to work, to make that money.  The money’s going to come in from a rental.  It’s going to come in from owner-financed deals.  It’s going to come in from all these things we learned in your program.  There’s ways to make this money come in without ever walking out the front door.  And I don’t know what other business is ever going to allow you to do that.  If you want time off, aside from being a teacher, I don’t know what you’re going to do, and that’s only two months and they don’t pay you that well.  So you might want to get into the real estate business.  I consider myself a successful real estate investor today.  Before knowing any of these techniques, all I had was my own house.  That’s not a bad thing.  It was about $100,000.00 and using no money of my own, two years later, I had acquired $1.2 million worth of real estate.

William Rainey

- William shook Dean's hand when he met him and said "Dean you and your THINK A LITTLE DIFFERENT program has totally changed my life and my family's life forever" William went from making $290 a week and on food stamps to support 5 children to raising his net worth by $25,000 and having positive cash flow every month.