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Trump Tower, Chicago Illinois
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My story is a simple one. In the fall of 2005 I found myself lost along lifes path. Broke, unhappy with my job, and trying to recover from a broken heart. I quit my job to solve that problem. I started reading books (self help) to fix my broken heart and I went on an unplanned trip to visit a great friend in Los Angeles. That trip has changed my life forever. That trip is what ignited the spark of my real estate flame. I ordered Deans "Think A Little Different" program and enrolled in Deans Success Academy, even though I couldn't afford it. I bought my first property on November 10th 2005. On November 7th 2008 I "retired" from my job. With enough passive income coming in, a job becomes optional. I chose to opt out. As I write this in January 2012, I now live in Trump Tower in Chicago, Illinois, I have completed nearly 900 real estate deals, and I make more per week than I used to in a year a machine shop worker. Although I consider myself an infant (6 years old) as a real estate investor, my biggest accomplishment is the lives that I have changed as a result of becoming an investor and as a real estate coach to many. When you decide to do something great, other people will be affected as well, and you may never know where that influence will end because it could go on for generations. Go out there and make something great happen today. Have the attitude that you "won't be denied". The world can't stop someone that won't be denied. Get it done!

Matt Larson

when I ain't fishin' I am wishin' I am fishin'

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I buy and sell real estate
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Land Trust

Hello CBR,
One of the post you mentioned Land Trust, can you elaborate more on Land Trust? Do you currently have Land Trust for your properties?
Thanks for your help.

How to get started

I'm trying to get started can u tell me how to get started?

Land Trust

I recently formed an LLC with two other partners. I didn't realize that banks wouldn't lend to an LLC through tradtional mortgage financing. One loan officer told me that we could but the property in our names and then transfer it to the LLC but there is the potential of the bank calling the note. You mentioned a land trust in your posting. Could we transfer to a land trust instead? Could the land trust be owned by the LLC?


Thanks CBRPower

I have been reading many of your previous posts and learned tremendous amount, but more importantly I love your attitude/spirit/mindset. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!

Looking forward to your "How to retire in 30's part 4", maybe you're too busy putting offers to write the part 4? or did you post it somewhere already? Eager to learn "No money down" methods.

Just curious, out of the 50 offers you put in every week, how many get accepted?


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Out of 50 offers maybe 1-2 will be accepted. If more than that get accepted then I offered too much.

Hey cbr

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When signing up on this website, you and Rina's posts were the first two I started reading. It has inspired me to start my journal and show how it goes for me step by step.


Question on deal (in Rockford area)

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Do you think that these numbers would be a good deal on 3br/1ba in poor neighborhood?

1) 13k cash paid for house/agent/closing with HUD, 15k for rehab, so 25k total costs, would sell for 60's as FMV, I would sell to cash buyer for 35k. Would a cash buyer want this kind of deal? To me, the buyer could end up making 25k or more on this.

2) Another option that I am not sure a rehabber would do is this:
We pay the 13k for house/agent/closing costs initially, then we ask rehabber to perform the 15k fix up, if he holds the costs of that until we sell then we split profit above all costs. Would someone do that one either?

3) Last option is to get conventional for 40k after all done doing it ourselves and rent out. (end up with 15k cash from equity if can get the mortgage)



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I would be very careful buying something in a bad neighborhood. It is very unpredictable.

Pre-Tax Sales vs. Pre-Foreclosures.....

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Can you take a look at this forum i started and give me some incite please? Thanks.

Getting started again

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Hello CBR,

This is Jake Greer how have you been man? I have been quite inactive recently, but I got a call from Dean's Success Team and it went well. I am going to use deans coaching program to get things in high gear. Wondering if you had any advice on your experience with them.




Hi its been a while but I have been trying to get it going for myself. I have a deal that has a lot of equity (130k+) no fix up move in ready. Here is the problem. I want to lock the deal up but b/c of previous problems the owner wants me to put money down 5k non refundable. He has the propery listed FSBO with little exposure. Here's what I plan to do and please help me with your advice. I plan to give him 2K down (I know we try zero down but that's not going to work here) with 30 to 45 days to sale, offer him 5k more than his asking price, and he change his asking price on his FSBO page to what I want to sale it for. I will list it with my realtor , and all other realtors for more exposure. I already have a prospect buyer but only one. Next if I get no bites on that within about 20 days I will simply assign the contract to an investor with kind of equity move in ready it should be ok. NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK

Where do I begin?

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Hi , my name is Drake and I am absolutely new to Real Eastate investing. I have just finished reading "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" and "Profit From Real Estate Now". I also have purchased the Automated Foreclosure Finder. I am really excited about getting started but the problem is I'm only 17 years old and I'm a junior in high school. With me being so young I have no idea how to get started considering I dont have credit, an income, and I'm not old enough to buy anything in my name. I do have $13,000 saved though to invest if needed. I'm trying to get started by just assigning properties to other buyers. Please help me!

Making offers on Realtor Listed Properties


I just completed Dean's Book, "Profit From Real Estate Right Now", and was very excited about getting started investing in real estate. I really appreciated your segments in the book. I wanted to start using your 25:1 approach for making offers theough a real estate agent, but I wanted to know if this technique also applies for making offers on Realtor listed properties? The reason I ask is, how do you get a listing agent to go along with you tying up their listed property without deposit money or having to personally apply for financing on the property while you're trying to find your buyer to IEE or assign the contract to? When you tie the property up on contract, it seems like you need a certain amount of control over the property to market it during your "tie up" window (such as open houses, etc.) Does a listing agent really allow you to do that? Or should I just be focusing on FSBO's and bank-owned foreclsures (where the property is vacant) for using this technique? I would appreciate any words of wisdom you can share on how to deal with this issue. Thanks!

Valencia, CA

New At This!

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Hi CBR POWER, Just trying to keep positive on this journey to success. Any advise that you have to give for someone just finish reading the book. I am not quite able to just yet afford the coaching class, but determined to get a great start. So if you have any sggestions to what to do at this point, would be appreciated. Thanks, great success!


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Thanks for posting useful topics and insightful information. I hope you had a great weekend and made time for some fishing! Good luck on all your deals! Believe and Achieve. Smiling



Star's letter www.deangrazios.com/agentletter on letterhead?


I am reading "Profit from real estate RIGHT NOW!" and very excited about what I am learning about Dean's system This is my first post by the way.

I was wondering what the possibility I could get Star's letter on her companies letter head?

Would that br possible, or maybe not?

Thank You,
Daniel Kurth

Star's letter www.deangrazios.com/agentletter on letterhead?


I am reading "Profit from real estate RIGHT NOW!" and very excited about what I am learning about Dean's system This is my first post by the way.

I was wondering what the possibility I could get Star's letter on her companies letter head?

Would that br possible, or maybe not?

Thank You,
Daniel Kurth

Protecting future assets

How do I protect my future assets (investment properties & passive income) from creditors & collectors who I owe? I know I have to pay my debts! REI is the only way I'm going to be able to accomplish that goal that I've set for myself to pay all my debts (small creditors & Countrywide now BOA) w/o declaring bankruptcy. TIA for answering my question.

Hey Matt

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on Chapter 14 in " BARM "

"Leverage is an asset"

were it says you can offer something to the seller then there's four suggestions listed.

The First one, is that just for the Realtor representing the seller?

Investing in Texas

Hey Matt, congratulations on all your real estate success, i just have a question for you, I noticed that you mentioned in a previous thread that you were invesing in Texas. I was just wondering if you could give me some advise on what were some of the best places in Texas to invest right now, I live down south near the border with Mexico, but I'm thinking of checking out some other bigger cities in Texas were the markets could be moving faster. Thanks for your support and I hope to hear from you soon.

Prime Commercial Land/HELP?

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Hello, I have a question about commercial land that one of the agents that I work with privately told my partner and I about. She owns the property free and clear. The land is worth 600,000.00 but she just wants to sell. Do I put it under an assignable contract with her? The assign it to another buyer? How do I structure this so I get paid?

Thanks for your help.

Using Birddog Agreement

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I'm new at this and to start with I'm going to find properties for other investors. Can I use the "Birdog Agreement" instead of using the assignment option. If I use the "Finders Fee" option what percentage would I ask for.

Thanks for your help!

Hey Matt

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Just wanted to know If A person don't have a car and found a great deal from 400 miles away from can that person lock the deal up on contract and assign it from home?

is that possible or I need to be at that location in person to assign the contract and get paid for it?

Hey Matt

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How its going

God Bless and Happy hunting

Hello Matt :)

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Hi, my name is Tracy. I have read Deans book Profit From Real Estate so many times front to back I almost have the content memorized by chapter. I know I have the tools right in front of me. But Im still scared of getting out there. I dont want to come accross as unsure of my own deals before they even become a deal. I suppose thats why I continue rereading it.

I wanted to say hi and thank you for sharing your story. Its truly inspirational for me. So thank you for being transparent and letting everyone in on your life.

I wanted to ask you a question but I cant think of anything that you have already explained in Deans book. That and I know that you are a very busy man.

So thank you and congratulations on your success. You worked hard and you definitely deserve the best!

God Bless and take care,
Tracy Lynn.

If youre ever out in the el paso area, let me know Smiling. There's this place in new mexico right next door, Elephant butte. I go fishing there a lot. I love it. My last trip I caught 5 striped bass ranging from 11-14 inches. Smiling Maybe I'll go out there in the next couple of weeks and check out the RE market.


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your life story is very commendable! i wish you lots of success..


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Hi, I've been reading allot of the topics and I see you allot. I've ready most of your comments and I've learned so much from you already. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas, strategies, and knowledge. I will definitely keep and eye on you and soak up all the knowledge you offer. Thanks again.


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I am spinning my wheels trying to get this real estate investment gig off the ground. It seems to me that you have succeeded in the real estate area. I am doing assignments currently, with people helping me locate properties through out Iowa. Was wondering if we could work up a deal, since I think i need some desperate help.


Need to unload property...any advice?

destrie's picture

I need to unload this property that i have. We were supposed to close on this property last week, but the buyer backed out. It is a total rehab project but the bones of the house is in excellent shape. I got in under contract for 5K, and would like to sell it for 10k. However, I guess I didn't do my due diligence enough and it's in a dead market....isn't all houses in a dead market though right now???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I need $$$...


Hey Matt

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Just wanted to say hi & let you know that you're 25:1 formula is being useful on my end. I look forward to hearing how your gonna be doing 100 deals in 2010, I read that from a users post. Stay in touch & thanks for sharing your experiences.

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.


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I hope you're a guy or I'm gonna feel REAL foolish sayin':

DUDE!!!! (Smiling)

I need help getting started workin' the '7-Day Auction' and assigning techniques that Dean suggested in his book. I NEED to get out of this job ASAP and make a future for my daughters. At 50 years of age, all I have is TODAY! I gotta make the best and most of it!
Please check out my profile and if you ever come to Omaha you can shout @ me here. I'll take ya to lunch on a Saturday in return for lettin' me pick your 'loser' (YOUR word! not mine) Smiling brain for an hour or so! Smiling (Sometimes I crack me up!)
Watchin' for yer kite! God bless.

WHOOO??? :)

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I JUST NOW read JohnA's post here. Are you Matt Larson? Yes? No? Who? Smiling
Either way, I like the suggestions and advice I've read here so far.

Why don't you...

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have your real name listed in your profile? Too popular I suppose. Thanks for sharing all your tips, I admire your determination to succeed as you obviously ARE succeeding. Thanks for your help, especially with us newbies. Smiling

REI clubs

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Is there a REI club down in the quad cities??? I'm by Mason City, and can't find any REI clubs in my area.


I got a question my new REI fam...

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I was just wondering is it possible to do an assignment deal using a foreclosure property that a bank from out of town owns or even with one that a bank owns in your town? I really appreciate your input... Thanks!

Trust it..

Put your house in a trust or better yet, incorporate your property to avoid capital gains , seek the answer by google-research. Hope this helps. I just found out about doing this!

The Fear Factor....

Just trying to get over the fear factor, afraid of making a mistake, rejection, you name it, mostly failure, as this is my last hope so I tell myself.It must work or gloom and doom the JUB will consume my life, Just under Broke! A real fear, I know RE is the ultimate answer, just I think there are no deals in the town, it has a cloud over it! I keep trying and nothing seems to work. Will try some more and see what happens.But your posts inspire me, as I am not going to quit-is not an option-that would be failure.Thanks and may you be further blessed!

Posts in the newspaper..

The posts in the newspaper, the NODs, and tax delinquent properties advertised-the ones on notice to go to foreclosure, do I contact the owner of those directly? If so, offer them what? How would that work, this has always puzzled me. I know to try to get the ones with the most equity of course-have you done any of these? Thanks in advance. realeone2@****

Hey, CBR.

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Thought I'd say hi. Hope to see you here more, and appreciate all your help. Smiling


P.S. Did you know I put my milemarkers in your thread? Smiling


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"6:00a.m. sat on the couch waiting for the deal of a lifetime to land in my lap.
6:01 a.m. well that didn't work so I...." - cbr(from Rina's journal)

I finally found the secret to your power, with this great information I will surely take over the world now.


Have you left Florida and for how long?

Captain777's picture


I found your post about writing a letter to yourself and it sounds like a helpful effort. I live in Winter Haven, and I am frequently going to the VA on Bruce B. Downs Blvd. If it is at all possible, and if you are available, I would appreciate an appointment to meet with you for lunch or coffee or (?). If you haven't moved yet and if have the time please let me know. Thank you in advance.


All the offers not accepted

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Hey Matt, after reading about your 25 to 1 offer ratio and that you make 50 to 100 offers at once sometimes, I was just wondering, Are any offers resubmitted for the same property, or are they all for different properties? I ask because my little town has less than a hundred homes for sale at any one time, and I don't have the confidence to venture into other counties yet.


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Hi Matt,

I was truly inspired by your contribution to the book I've just complete, Profit From Real Estate Right Now! My father was a machinist and I've aspired to be a real estate investor for years. I have been divorced recently and find myself in a position financially I thought I would never be in. None-the-less, I have risen as the Pheonix and I'm coming back strong! You mentioned in your profile that you are a mentor to many . . . how does one become mentored by you? What you've done with Star is exactly my intent. As I read your contributions in the text, I was so inspired because you are me, just five years into my future and I am thrilled to know someone as down to earth has blazed a trail to show me and others that it can be done! Thanks for that! I hope to hear from you soon!



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Noticed your post of last fall re. the "7-Day Auction," and I'm wondering how that went for you? What are you doin' these days? ....and, did ya shed that J.O.B.? Looking forward to your reply.


sounds fair

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Hey cbr,

I know your post is almost 2 y/o however, I'm wondering, now that you've accumulated several rental properties do you manage them yourself (probably NOT, but did you ever, like when you got your start) or are you using the services of a Property Management Company? Do you manage any of them? (as in split, you manage some and the PM does the rest) Do you use the services of more than one PM? Do you hire only licensed PM's? I know it's best to leverage your time (to highest & best use) so the services of a PM allow you the time to be out there in the trenches (buying/selling/CLOSING) more deals....keeping the "hopper" FULL! I look forward to your reply.
Your posts are very insightful. Looking forward to fishin' w/you some day....not all that far into the future!


I am a newbie in real estate

Hey Matt i just want to say you are motivating. Im in the same spot you started in, nothing. I ordered Deans book 3 months ago. Learned a lot from it but I still was trying to get over my fears. Today i Pushed myself because i need to change my life and called 5 investors and sreened them so I can assign properties. I want to have atleast 10 more investors on my list before I go out and lock a deal up. Im just wondering If i can go to you for some direction and tips? And one more thing, did you start assigning and build up cash or did you get a real estate agent and started submitting offers to buy a home without any money? Thank you
From a New Investor Luis Velazquez


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Its really hard to believe that my computer is on the blink, But for some reason you don't exist, EVEN ON YOUR PM.So I am still going to follow the rules here on this web site and not post my Email Address. But it is posted in the brainstorming group. I have got a way of finding you but I am not going to share that here. Have a great day.



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i know you're wearing a bunch of different hats now,but i wanted to reinqure about the challenge.i'm definately interested but i don't want to bug you....too much lol.keep moving forward,rob

The Matt Larson Challenge

Hi Matt,
I am interested in your challenge but the e-mail you posted didn't show up. Can you send it to me. Thanks!
Chris @ readysetgo2010!