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Trump Tower, Chicago Illinois
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My story is a simple one. In the fall of 2005 I found myself lost along lifes path. Broke, unhappy with my job, and trying to recover from a broken heart. I quit my job to solve that problem. I started reading books (self help) to fix my broken heart and I went on an unplanned trip to visit a great friend in Los Angeles. That trip has changed my life forever. That trip is what ignited the spark of my real estate flame. I ordered Deans "Think A Little Different" program and enrolled in Deans Success Academy, even though I couldn't afford it. I bought my first property on November 10th 2005. On November 7th 2008 I "retired" from my job. With enough passive income coming in, a job becomes optional. I chose to opt out. As I write this in January 2012, I now live in Trump Tower in Chicago, Illinois, I have completed nearly 900 real estate deals, and I make more per week than I used to in a year a machine shop worker. Although I consider myself an infant (6 years old) as a real estate investor, my biggest accomplishment is the lives that I have changed as a result of becoming an investor and as a real estate coach to many. When you decide to do something great, other people will be affected as well, and you may never know where that influence will end because it could go on for generations. Go out there and make something great happen today. Have the attitude that you "won't be denied". The world can't stop someone that won't be denied. Get it done!

Matt Larson

when I ain't fishin' I am wishin' I am fishin'

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I buy and sell real estate
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hello love you comment.. i

hello love you comment.. i want to ask you how do you buy the property from the bank with no money down or no credit.how does that work if you have answers mail me at rick.mcduffie@**** thanks..


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cbrpower; i love your quote from 2+ yrs ago "YOU HAVE GOT TO FIND YOU OBSTICALS & UNSHEATH THE SWORD..."
After 9 months of baby steps, mine is the
wall i hit when cold callig adds in the paper and trying to convince investors i have found that i am experienced enough!


Matt , Hi

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Matt , Hi
I liked your story . Sorry to hear about broken heart , but maybe it was meant to be , otherwise how would you have had the chance to go out there and look for yourself ?
It must be awful nice in Florid a, not to bad in NC either , we have plenty of REI work , sunshine and life , that is good .
I am very motivated to do something with my life and I am also very grateful to have the possibility to meet DG family !!!
Recently I was the winner of the bid , at an online auction . A week after the auction , after I signed all those papers ( that mainly were covering the seller ), I've been called today by the auctioneers and told that the bank didn't accepted the amount I bid , so they wanted to know what is my maximum offer . Since another DG member told me about this type of technique , I was prepared , so I said that's the maximum . Now what is your opinion on that ? should I have offered another 5K ? would have made a difference ?


Matt, What kind of deals are

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Matt, What kind of deals are working best for you write know? I'm in Calirornia so real estate is still not cheap but any good deal sells in five days. Thanks for you help and congradulations on all your success.

My Buddy Matt!!

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I simply wanted to say thanks for all your input here on DG.com and Dean's books. Your experiences and words of wisdom have been just as motivating to me as Dean's books have. I hope to meet up with you and Dean next year at the Edge, God willing. Keep up the fantastic work you're doing and thanks again guy. You rock!

P.S. What part of FL are you from by the way?

Its been a while!


Great to see that you're still doing well! When I first got into this game I was 21 years old and fresher than fresh. I had no idea what I was doing and was literally on this web site all night every night. I always followed up on your success stories and can honestly say that you were probably one of the biggest motivators that kept me trucking along.

Well, now I'm 23 years old living in San Antonio TX and probably moving about 6-8 Investment properties a month.

It has been a while since I have last been on this web site so I just wanted to stop by and throw a congrats AND thank you over your way! To everyone else out there especially Dean, thank you all as well!


P.S. If you have any deals through out the San Antonio area, please toss them my way and if you're interested in investing into the San Antonio area, maybe we can do some business together as well!

Hey Matt

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Steve Here. Matt I would like to know what your fee is to come visit with my wife and I and let us pick your brain.

Or if you want to go bass fishing on Folsom Lake in Northeren California I would be OK with that also. If you are OK with fishing off a Ranger bass boat.

Matt I am from Danville Illinois are you working on any deals in that area.

Thank You for your time I hope to here from you.

Steve and Veronica


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Mat, May I ask you how did you retire? I heard you say that you have $50,000 dollars coming in a month. Wow!!!!!! good for you. Is that in rental income? or is that in buying and selling houses? Trying to figure out the best way to go. I would appreciate your help. I know your not on the site much and don't have a lot of time. So I'm not going to ask the rest of the hundred questions I have. Thanks and good luck making it to 500,000 a month.


lettle bit of help needed

I'm not sure if anyone saw my previous posting but here it is again. I am getting close to do my first deal THIS WEEK (lease option) where i lock up the deal and sign it over to another investor. Can somebody help me with some pointers and the propper form to use? your help will be greatly appreciated.


May You have Great Success

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May You have Great Success on your Journey!

Thank You for All that You Share.


P.S. I will be in Tampa Bay soon and would absolutely love to work with you on some creative endeavors.
Please PM or let me know.


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I live in Spring Hill, Florida..an hour away from Tampa Bay..What do you think about the real estate in this area?


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Hello my name is Stevin, and I'm currently bird-dogging for a couple investors that I found (or rather found me) through this site.

Though I want to eventually start making bigger profits. Upon reading your guestbook, I came across the "Your First Investment." entry. You mention that you should focus on foreclosures and make low offers on them.

My question to you is this, lets say a house was foreclosed on and was listed for $100,000 How do you determine a low enough price that it isn't ridiculous? What steps would you need to take?

I notice you said put in an offer for $60,000. Where'd that number come from? Was it calculated or was it just a random number. Thank you for your time.

Nice to see you are having success!

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I am new to the DG website and have purchased Deans book and eager to learn and do a deal. I am glad I found an local San Antonio person that i can relate to. I would like to see if we can do a deal together soon and possible meet and discuss what is working for you. I love this website...please get back to me. Thanks.

already in success academy.

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I am in the success academy but am having trouble figuring out what to do first. Question:can I request to speak to you for help through the academy, and if so how do I go about getting in touch with you.
I'd love to have you as a mentor. I want your focus.

Earnest money

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Hi Matt,

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! I am wondering what to do about earnest money if you have none? If I put in offers thru a realtor for homes listed on the MLS aren't they going to want earnest money? I live in Mississippi and there are some pretty good deals on the MLS in the area that I am in. I would like to put in some offers but not sure how to put the deal together. Any advice will be much appreciated. Smiling thank you,

Angelisa Weaver

MLS Brokers Getting Cash Buyers List in Certain Zip codes

Can you tell me the 1-800 number that Real Estate brokers can call to get the 90 day list of cash buyers in a particular zip code.

I've talked to three and they all think I'm crazy!

Please help. Also, how do I find your reply to this message. I'm not familiar with wading thru all the messages of people who write to you.

Thanks & Hope to hear from you.
YOU are my hero!!!!!!!

Q' from a newbie

Hey Matt ,

I'm new to this site, just read all of Deans books!! I love all your input too..Im 29 from Phoenix,AZ i got approved for my first home loan..I was wanting to buy a condo for me to live in , but Im curious if I should just use this loan for an investment property ? Maybe get a house in this awesome market and make it a rental? What would you do starting out?

RE: Earnest Money

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Hello Matt,
For the past month and a half I have been reading your post and I am inspired by you in what you are doing in this Real Estate Investing world. I am new like most people and I am putting an offer on a multi unit property and they are asking for earnest money. I the problem is that I don't have money for earnest money and what do you do in that situation? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Thank You,

your opinion please

Hi...I am a newby here. read a couple of your comments on another blog here and wow -- I like your right to the point firm comments. So thought I would click on you and you are the Matt Larson I was listening to in one of Dean's calls and in the book Profit from Real Estate Now that I finally got the motivation to get it and read it (last night)-- love your attitude.
So I need your opinion. There's a house that has been in and out of the market for almost 2 yrs ranging from 2.5 mil(not so sure if that number may be correct) to now a bit over 900,000. The county's FMV is 1.450 mil but other sites' FMV is ranging from 950 to 1.16. Comps that sold in the yr were 1.625, 1.4, and 1.360. There is a home on same street selling for 1.6 (comparable) and higher within 2 miles. Would you say this is a good deal to follow to pass on to a buyer? And what kind of profit could one make as the middle person?


Hey Matt this is great to get to talk to you personally.I of course heard about you through Dean's book and saw you on the Edge 2010 dvd's.Just wanted you to know that I too was working in a machine shop and looked around at the people employed there for many years and saw their pay.I didn't consider RealEstate until years later though.I am in St.Louis if you need someone I'm the one.Would love to have you help me through my first few deals as I heard you do.I am going to do some assighnments soon wish me luck.Sincerely Anthony2010


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Just read your "5 Year's" post, Congrats. Just wondering if you had any words of wisdom or anything that might help me get started. Information Overload is my problem, i read a ton, but hard to get going. I have my "WHY", but need a boost. I have my know small business, going to be a General Contractor in a few days, but also want to be a Real Estate Millionaire, too....I appreciate EVERYTHING you have said in books and DVD's. I'll see at the EDGE 2011..thanks

HELP Please anyone

Hi my name is Heather and I am a very motivated person- I have just paid the last bit of my funds to the success acad. and now I am looking at my house payment and feeling like I may sink quick- I have a cash buyer with 150-200K ready she is looking for a home for herself or a rental prop. but I think that it is fear that has halted me in my progress. I am looking for someone who can "walk me though my 1st deal" I know that once I get over that 1st one that the road will be simple from there- it is just that 1st one and I am so so so so so afraid that this will not work! I know that I can be a supper star if I have the right person to help me place my feet on the path. I know this will work- I am just so worried that I have wasted money that should have been used for food and bills and have created a new BIG bill and I just need some help! Please

Do U ever read this???

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I need help if you have a minute. . I don't understand... To who do I make a low offer with? The Bank? I know I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, sorry. I just don't understand. Does it need to be a realtor who puts in this offer for me? Please tell me. I have read all 3 of Deans books and It's not sinking in to my brain cells. I'm a single person and wish I had someone to just show me how to do this. PLEASE HELP


no money down iee

i'm new at this.i still reading and u the DGfamily have help me alot hopefully by dec 1st week.i'm going to put wht i've learn to the test.and i will let u know how it went.how do i participated in topic's?


whts goin on i wanted to know if u knew anything about calateral,here's wht i'm workin with,i have a semi truck that i going to sell,but iwas wondering if the bank taken in consider that as calateral,if u can plse help it was on my mine to ask anyway thx for ur time.


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We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas 2010 and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2011! Hope you have a fun vacation with plenty of surf, sun and sand. Believe and Achieve! GO BEARS Smiling Your friends, - Joe and Stacey


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I have never posted on your wall and I know you don't have a lot of time to get on here and read but I just want to say thank you for putting me in contact with my mentor and thank you for the mindset change that I have had! The first 6 weeks have been an amazing journey and I cannot wait for what is to come. I just got done watching you in EDGE 2010 and I have 3 pages of notes! I am sending an email to my real estate agent tomorrow and getting started on the "AS IS" properties with DOM of 100 days or more that are estates! I wish I could pick your brain for the 3 days like so many others have...but my mentor is VERY good. I WILL SEE YOU AT THE TOP! That is all I have to say!


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Hey Matt,

Can you tell me if there is a resource for obtaining the fax numbers and e mail addresses for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers in my area?


John Latigona

re: back to back close I'm ready to do

Hi, Matt:

Can you help in a hurry? I'm doing my first back to back close. My buyer is my son. A-B is being 100% funded with no cash to the table for %2 fee and processing fee. It won't fund A-B without a back to back set up. What do I need to have in place for the second close? Paperwork? Documentation? the like without a DNA test or credit check for my son? My son has $10,000 in account (unseasoned)


How to get started

I have a full time job and my husband works for himself as a handy man. I have 3 of Dean's books that I am reading through right now. My husband gets work from a few real estate agents in town, so I think we could easily find homes. In the past before we were together, he had a few "rental properties." He has a bad taste in his mouth from "bad renters" We have a little money that we could probably use to start buying for rentals, because right now in our area, I don't see good possibilities for flipping. I haven't read enough in the books to determine if it's good or bad that he can do his own repairs.
We thought about buying something smaller and renting out our home. What is a good idea for how much of a markup to rent our home for and how can I convince him that buying rentals is a good idea right now?
We missed out on a foreclosure that had a tax value of $125,000 and they were only asking $69,900. I don't want to make that mistake again. We weren't sure we could get approved for the loan with the house payment we already have and quickly find a renter so we got stung by the procrastination bug.
Any ideas? Thanks

Assign and Bird Dog

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Start out by assigning and bird dogging. Go after Estates, As Is, Vacants, FSBO's, any listing that says motivated seller. Drive your neighborhood and look for dumpy houses in nice neighbor hoods. Call the for rent ads and ask landlords if they want to sell, if they have other properties they would like to sell.

First and foremost ask them what price they want, then calculate the ARV and offer 65% of that minus repairs if and only if their asking price is higher than what you can offer. Also, if you come out higher than their asking price, don't give them what they want for it, give them a lower offer and see if you can haggle with them. The lower you can get the deal for, the higher the profit you can make.

Use a standard RE purchase agreement and sign it (your name/and or assignee)

Then use an assignment contract to assign all rights of your purchase agreement over to your investor/cash buyer. The amount of the assignment fee will be determined by the amout of profit in the deal.

Hope this helps.

If you need help finding cash buyers I have info on that as well.

P.S. I have learned all of what I know from cbrpower and many others on here!

Stay on this site and ASK QUESTIONS!!!
Read all of Deans books OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!


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I'm new to the family. I'm dropping the whole family a line to say hi. I'm here to stay so I'm the new DG adoptee (I'm not sure if that's even a word). I'm starting to build my buyers list right now. I hope to one day meet you and Dean at an Edge event.


Hi I'm Candace Just stopping by to say Hello ! , I'm looking for Cash Buyers I have Properties but No Buyers .

Heres my Website : http://regeek.moonfruit.com


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I have only one question has this changed you as A bud to your friends?

Aloha cbrpower

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Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and tweaks. Also wish to Express my admiration for the dedication and compassion you have provided both on the forums and webinars.
Not to mention the books as well. Appreciation from an older newbie
Thank you.
Aloha and Mahalo


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I am so inspired by your story and I'm hoping you can help push me into getting my first deal done.

I've been out of work on disability for a little over a year. I won't get into all the details, but needless to say I've been through a lot. One of the things that has kept me going is reading Dean's books and watching his 2009 & 2010 Edge videos. I get so excited about jumping into the real estate market but then my medical situation seems to slow me down. I just don't know how to start. I listened to the replay of your recent conference call and took some great notes.

I know I can do this and I have to. Doctors are telling me I may not be able to go back to work for another year. I'm in the middle of a lawsuit with the builder of my home, which I have had to move out of. And I'm currently fighting with my LTD insurance company to pay me.

I really need some help and I know your the best at doing this. Can you give me some pointers please. I still have hope but I have to get going fast.


In need of wisdom and council

Hello Matt!

My name is James Wyman. I have read your about you and your story in Dean's books. I want you to know that I was very impressed with the way you persisted to get out of your job and into the game of real estate! Well Matt, I have a burning passion to get into the game of real estate as well. I live in the state of Mi near Grand Rapids. My desire is to start by wholesaling houses and then in the near future buying multi-family homes for monthly passive income. I was wondering if you might be willing to mentor me through the process of assigning my first wholesale deal? If there would be anything I could do in return for such help I would gladly do it! Thank you for your time, Sir.

God bless,

James Wyman

get it done

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"GET IT DONE!!!!!" I love that.....

"DONT BE DEFINED!!" love that too!!

I need HELP!

DoNT know where to start from, i know i can do it,but i need some to guide me with they on experience.

Sir Matt.

Hope all is well sir! My name is Chris, and I have a quick question. I'm applying for my business license..in the services/products offered, do I just put buy and sell real estate?



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Hi Matt,

First off, You've impressed me with what you have done with Dean's coaching and system.

As a retired general contractor, i'm seeing deals in the area of interest which are listed at around $50.00 per Sq.Ft. when new construction cost is $75.00 + per Sq.Ft.

While these may seem to be a great deal initially... They are plentiful and anyone can find these deals on the MLS with just a little effort.

We are being taught to purchase below the bottom using your 25/1 approach so, my question is... When submitting an offer, do you cut these prices by 30 to 50% to get the really killer deals that you are getting accepted?



Proud of You

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I have kind of been following you since I read your story in Dean's book. I am very proud of you and am so excited about your success. I am also from Michigan, Gaylord to be exact, and want to do what you have. I own three houses right now, and want to continue on buying more, but I am a little scared! I would love to meet you sometime!!! Lol (you probably don't have time Smiling...) Anyhow, friend me on facebook if you are on... I would love to have you in my circle of friends!!! I love positive people.

(I am not a stalker, am good person, really!!!)

Congratulations on your success!!!


Christine Siwecki
Gaylord, MI
email: cfs6920@****


Hi, my name is Brad Prior and I am new to this whole investing ideal. But I am a fast learner. I was wondering if you had any advice for me, as you once was new to this as well. I am feeling really uneasy about this whole process. I do not tend to take risk like this due to the fact,that I have several small children. So any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. I am wanting to get to making money as soon as possible and anything that you wish you would have known would be great...


Brad Prior

seminar Ausitn Texas

Hey--Your story sounds great! I am a licensed real estate agent in Austin--I have accepted an invitation to the seminar at the Hilton in Austin Texas--Could you send me all the details about this seminar? Is this seminar for only people who want to invest in real estate--are all licensed real estate agents invited as well--Is it REALLY free--and the girl told me about some give aways as well, but I was really busy when she called and didn't quite get to what they were. I am NOT coming for the give aways--but I am still curious. mOSTLY i Also would like to find out everything that will be covered in the seminar. Thanks!!


Hello Matt, I just recieved Deans new book 30 days to real estate profits!! I have had 4 rental properties for awhile now and i also am a stock trader!! I want to get into the wholesale game and I had a question for you about finding a good Real Estate agent. In one of deans previous books he had you in there talking about emailing every real estate office or agent in my area and the script was there to copy and everything else, and it said that real estate agents would start contacting me! Well In Deans new book that I just recieved it has your quotes in there and you say to contact ReMax by phone and talk to the secretary to get someone who helps real estate investors on the phone!! Now right after that chapter dean lists a link which is www.deangraziosi.com/agentfinder, but that link brings up the whole email script that you use to bring in real estate agents, my question is what technique should i use???? I like the idea of the emailing all the offices and agents better because it seems like i will have more contact with more agents!! Please help me out

very scare

HI i am very scare to do real estate what should i do?

Hi Matt

AndyS's picture

I'm wishin' you were still in Tampa and we were fishin' Eye-wink (I know a good lure guy.)

When you get tired of the cold, come on back to sunny FL. Laughing out loud

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

Multiply Wholsalers

Hello Matt - I just finished listening to Dean's Weekly Wisdom on multiplying things that are working. I have put out bandit signs and they work great for me. I pay attention to other real estate bandit signs in in my city. I've been thinking about calling on some of them to put me on their buyers list. So, If they call me up on a great deal, that they have locked up and wanting to assign it to me, do I lock it up to assign it to my cash buyer? It that possible and practical to have two different assigns in one deal. Also, the thing that I'm afraid of is that I have two powerful Rehab cash buyers that can handle 30 - 40 properties a year. I have built a close relationship with them. I'm afraid if another wholesaler brings me a good deal that I present to my VIP cash buyer, that he will start bringing deals directly to my VIP cash buyers instead of going through me. Is this just the way it is that once I introduce my VIP cash buyer to another wholesaler that now it's fair game to bring him deals without going through me. What is your advice on these questions? Thanks Matt! You are great and we are so thankful for you to be able to teach us.


Real Estate Agent

Hi there:
I am new to DG website and i would like to ask you a question if you don't mind. I just got my Real Estate License this month because i really wanted to get into Real Estate some how. Now that i found this website and everyone says that you need to find a REA to work with. will it be okay for me to do all the work for myself since i have the REL. Will that be a conflict of interest if i assign the deals i will have? Your thoughts?


Hey, cbrpower I need your help. I to am tiered from my field of commercial HVAC and at one time I also worked in a machine shop. I keep saying theirs got to be more to life then this.... Can you explain to me how you put a contract on a house?. Were do you get the paper work? how long can a contract be for? what is the worse thing that can happen if I contract a house? And what dose it mean if I have a contract on a house I mean I know I am doing a contract on a house because I am going to find a buyer for the seller but what are the rules or laws on a contract for a house? or if it is easier for you were can I find out all this info...PS I WANT WHAT YOU HAVE, SUCCESS!!