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My husband and I have 4 boys. We were both in the Air Force. He retired and I got out several years ago to become a teacher. We have dabbled in REI for several years but are now ready to get very serious about it. We joined Dean's mentoring program and are hoping to use it to become very wealthy. So far it's been extremely informative. We are looking to invest in Georgia as real istate is much chaper there than it is here. We have bought 9 houses over the years and have sold 7 of them. I am so eager to make this work. My husband would probably say I'm addicted to this web site (I would probably have to agree with him). I hope to become well educated in REI so I can contribute to thses sights like many others have. Good hunting to all!

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Hi Rhonda!

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I hope you are finding your way around the site. I am fairly new as well but it is amazing how addictive this learning curve is.

There are so many wonderful and very helpful people on this site who will help you as much as possible on your journey. I know as I rely on them to educate me every day.


hey rhonda,

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i just wanted to say thanks for posting that web site on your IM to me, that auction site is pretty informative(not usually a big fan of auctions)i'm just starting to read up a little more on auctions but for me i personally think thiers too many variables and foul play in auctions, plus, because REI is getting so much more popular more people are going to auctions then ever before, which is creating more competion and here's the BIG one- you usually have to buy the property with NO walk through, NO inspection, TOO MANY RISKS, for me @ least, SULLY.