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Anita Wilson
Southern California
About Me: 

greetings everyone:

I have been on this site almost since it was opened and all I can say is that I have encounters success beyond imagination.

Not only have I acquired massive real estate investment knowledge, skills and education but I have found a second family - my family and fellow Graziosians. I have also increased my net worth by hundreds of thousands fold, and you can do it too.

I have done multiple deals in everything from assignments, lease options, notes, owner finance and even some using PML and HML monies.

I am going to keep this short but I want everyone who reads this to know that I would never have achieved all that I have without Dean's books. BE A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE is like my second bible. It goes everywhaere with me and even as successful as I have been in REI, I still use it to refer to and still learn something new everytime I open it.

Much success to you all!

Becoming A Real Estate Millionaire!

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Real Estate Investor / Entrepreneur
Have Child(ren)
Completed College


Could This Work For Me?

What if I make reasonably good money but now live in another country, could I still invest at home in the easily as most people in the DG family? I figure it may be unorthodox if I cant see a property? Plus, the rules of real estate are far easier in the U.S. market. I know you are lean real estate machine now from reading tons of blogs just tonight. Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

I really Need Help

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I have tried a lot of things, but for every one I handle, another presents itself. I now need a different source for POF letters because my RE agent is telling me the banks wont except the POF from coastal. But I still push on, I read one of the comments about your credit score,did that really work? Well I really need an experts help. And since I can't afford the mentoring program, I figure you are just as good. My email is johnsoninvest@**** Please help me


hi anita,
am a newbie but very interested in advancement of investing!
ic you are very educated in many areas and thought i would throw myself at ya for assignment deals or whatever gr8 deal comes my way.
should i just go to your website or contact you here?
thx for time!

lease option

Anita...I know that you wake-up in the morning wearing a RED CAPE!!! I appreciate so much your kind intentions to help. Between you, Deb,Rina and the masterful Sully the Great, along w/all that Dean has made available, Success is simply a matter of time.
Q- How do I structure a Lease option "offer"?
I have my sights on a duplex. The owner lives out-of-state , she wants to sell.
She say's she is going to re-fi, her original mortgage is an ARM,not yet sure of the details.
Any idea's??

Lease option purchases

Hello Anita!

In one of the forums you indicated that you posted extensive information regarding lease option purchases. I'm trying to locate that information. Can you please tell me where I would find it? I've been a member for 3 days now!

Thanks for your help:)


you, Rina and us

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Hey girlfriend,

How are you. We have a very interesting idea. I would like to run it by you and Rina.. I have three way calling.. once I get more info I will share with the rest but it is a totally awesome opportunity.

lease options

I am also looking for this info.., Did you find it? if so , would you please inform me?

Thanx, Rod

Would like more info

Please send info on the 20 houses. I am a cash investor.


Hello Anita

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Just dropping by to say hello & wishing you all the success that you deserve. I'm never too far away, don't hesitate to ask me anything. Stay in touch Smiling

Your new friend,
John A

recorded message

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I heard a the beginning of a recorded message about getting investors, where do I find this message, or do I record it myself?

Buying my first investment property

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Hello Anita,

My name is Darrell Lofton and I'm in the real estate success academy, I have a home featured on my website "fixer- upper" 6 br in Las Vegas Nevada , the price was drastically reduced to $105,500 CASH. I would like to purchase the home, fix her up and sell it for a MAJOR PROFIT!!!

Any ideas ?
Darrell Lofton
Real Estate Investor
Cell: 702-807-7615

HI Anita, I have been

HI Anita,

I have been reading your commments on this site for some time now. It seem like you are well on your way in the investment world. Congrats! I am just about ready to wet my feet in the venture and thought i might use all the help i can get.

I am about to make a proposal on my first house - any suggestions?


lease options

Hello Anita,

Sorry to bother you again about this subject, but in one of your posts you indicated that you posted detailed information about lease options. Would you please send me the number of that post?



Hi anita

Hi my name is Ricardo i live in los angeles (mid city) im currently looking for a hard moner lender. Do you reccomend any that lend in ca. how could you do an assignment with an reo.?
please pm me

Hey Anita

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on Chapter 14 in " BARM "

"Leverage is an asset"

were it says you can offer something to the seller then there's four suggestions listed.

The First one, is that just for the Realtor representing the seller?

seeking hard money to get us rolling

hi Anitamy,
our quorum is anxious to get rolling, lots of props here in SW florida, we are formulating our team and ready to buy, need the money and buyers to start the ball rolling.Have done our homework, know the good neighborhoods and the places to avoid. have found several Realtors that we like. Intend to lock-up and reassign our first twenty oppurtunities. u can call me Dragonmama!

Referring A Note HELP please

I would like to know if am a note finder and a find a seller that has a property for sale free and clear, what documents would I send to the seller and buyer to complete the deal??????
This is my first deal

Thank you for your time
Have a good day

Need a helping hand

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Would it be possible for you to help out someone from North Dakota to get started with investing. I've read Dean's books but I'm flat broke, jobless, I have high hopes and dreams but to get there I would like to have some help from someone who knows their stuff.


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I wish that there was a way to videotape you in a deal so that I can watch you in action because if I were to see how some of the deals are done I'd be 1000 times more motivated to do some deals. Please help me out in some way. Thanks

Your Website...

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Just wanted to say you have to be one of the, if not the most helpful individuals on this site that I've come across. Your knowledge, in my opinion, is extensive and you genuinely wanto to see others succeed. Absolutely outstanding! By the way I almost forgot, where did you get your website and was it hard to setup?

Randy,San Jose,CA

"If we all did the things we know we are capable of doing we would literally asound ourselves."

---Albert Einstien

reply - Randy, San Jose

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Thank you Randy for your kind words, they are much appreciated.

if you go to you can get a 90-day trial on a site similar to mine. And I get about 30 leads a day from it for both buyers and sellers.

Good luck

Great reading

Hi Anita I have enjoyed your postings i am very new to investing just finished both of Deans books wanting to know if you know of an invester living in the Illinois area that would like to work with me in getting some deals done. If you know of any could you help me find one.

thanks Kevin

Hello, Anita!

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My name is Cathy Geeting. I live in Lancaster, CA & will be attending your meeting on Friday night. I wanted to introduce myself & say hi beforehand.

I am so excited to get started investing in RE. I am so new & will just be finishing Dean's newest book before I head over on Friday. I am extremely motivated to move towards being able to eventually quit my job when I am ready & stop commuting to Santa Monica daily. I have decided RE is the way I will make this a reality.

So I will see you on Friday & look forward to meeting you in person along with everyone else who will be there.

Cathy Geeting


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Hello Anita

What advice can you give on finding both in a mid-low area.


Your advice is great, however...


I wanted to ask you for some clarification on the contract used when doing an assignment. I read on one of your posts the other week that you write "and/or assigns" anywhere you list/sign your name. Did you say that the seller also needs to write that beside their name? or only beside yours? I have learned so much from reading your posts. Thanks for investing back in us newbies..ha


Lease w/option

Hi Anita, my name is also, Anita and I was truly captivated by your testimony. I my first thought was only God could have made that happen for you, I do recognize if it was not for Dean’s book you would not have had the confidence to ask for owners fin. So, I am looking for the kind of confidence. I have been struggling in real estate and saw Dean’s infomercial and out of curiosity I joined this website. But listing to you even to the point of cleaning your credit is just amazing to me because I can identify with everything you are saying so thank you for the testimony and I wish you even more success. Also, I am here in the Lancaster Palmdale area and would love to come to one of your REI group meetings please let me know when the next one is.

I am really interested in the lease option deals.


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Hi Anitarny........I feel sooooo overwhelmed but very motivated and a newby at do i get into the game you have cash deals in lancaster....i am located in SoCal too! thanks

Go for it

Just wanted to say thanks for all the encouraging words you have put out.

I started investing couple years back and and was really discouraged about real estate, after the bubble. The thing I was missing, was the "how to" step by step information that is here and some people like you that really had some success in this.

After discovering this site and all the great support for each other, I feel like it is time to get back on horse and try again....

Contractor Disc

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Hi Anita,

You had mention a contractor disc on the edge program. I couldn't find that disc at Lowe's or Home Depot I'm in Kalamazoo, Michigan


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Hi Anita,

I decided to ask you the questions I had personally, since I don't think my questions will get answered on the ask a question section (seeing how I am question #1228, I believe). So here is what I wrote on the Ask a Question forum: I am reading Dean's Profit from Real Estate Right, now book and want to be sure about a few things. When assigning a property to a buyer that requires bank financing it is better to use the IEE "Instant Equity Exchange" strategy which basically is a contract amongst other contracts you have the seller sign that gives you the opportunity to find a buyer within a designated amount of time to buy the property for the FMV amount you offered plus whatever your % of profit will be, with no money down and if you don't sell it within that designated amount of time that is stated in the agreeent then the contract is null and void, correct. But, my question is this I understand all the assigning aspects and contracts as well as the discharge of agreement to purchase statement I just don't understand how you get your money from the agreement. Dean states that you just submit the Investor Disclosure Statement and Sellers Acknowledge Agreement to the attorney. What attorney does he mean, do you need an attorney or does he mean that you can submit it to the seller's attorney and/or the buyers attorney to get paid out of the escrow funds? These escrow funds, are they paid at closing or once you trade off assignments? He also states that you can submit it to the Title Company to get paid. How do you go about submitting it to the Title company, is this done at closing or before, and do I need to have an attorney submit it for me? Finally, when assigning contracts whether it is the IEE strategy or the old strategy of Assignment for cash buyers should I get an attorney to look over all the documents or is it no need? Is it best to use an attorney with one strategy instead of the other? If I use an attorney for either strategy what is the usual attorney charge, is it the usual amount for a regular closing or is it a different price since you're technically not closing on a house you are buying?




Hi Anita, I live in Reno,NV..I'm catching it trying to find investors, can you give me some advice, of how to find one or more, Please.

Hi Anita

SpencersInvesting's picture

My name is Will....I'm a young adult looking to get into the game..I just don;t know where to start I feel I have enough knowledge to get going on my long journey of REI but just kinda need a jump start I don't know exactly where to start and don't have to many friends/family that are positive about it!!

Thanx Anita

Hey Anita...;)

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I am new to this website and to the DG family. I have read "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and "Profit from Real Estate Right Now." Since I have been on this site, I have been reading as much as possible every night. I have yet to get my feet wet and make any deals. I have learned a tremendous amount on here already, and appreciate your responses to questions and info on the many forums. You seem to know a lot. Smiling Anyways, I saw that you are in Southern CA as I am as well. It seems to be the easiest so start off with Assignments. Being in CA, I was curious if you have an "Assigment of Contract" that we could use here in CA. I have researched and researched and everyone says to hit up an attorney to write one up or I can purchase the proper documents online. As I am a beginning REI and still learning with not lack of credit and on Unemployment currently, funds are tight. Would it be possible to email me one if you have it any you also being a knowledgeable REI and in CA, maybe any pointers of what would be the best to work with or ideas or anything you have to say would be greatly appreciated. Please and thanks. -Christian-

Great site u are apart

Hi that is a great site you have i was just wondering
if you have heard of any other site,s like the one your
apart of around the south in Ms,or Ala.
my high school has the same kind of site.
the newbie

Hello Anita

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I just wanted to drop by and thank you for all you do on here. Your always there with good info for us newbie’s and I imagine the old pro's too. So thank you Anita...

...Wishing you prosperity always...


Hi Anita, Below is an

Hi Anita,
Below is an excerpt taken from one of your forum to9pics.........

"1. Tax Assessed Value: Tax-assessed value is the value established by the local taxing authority for a parcel of land and the improvements placed upon the land for property tax purposes. For example, in Florida, owner-occupied single-family houses are generally assessed at around seventy percent of their fair market value by county property appraisers."......

My question is this: Can a tax assessed valuation be used as part of the FMV calculation in any way? In other words, can it be used to set a minimum or maximum FMV on a property? Also, if the assessments are generally at 70% of FMV like you mentioned in your quote, then shouldn't tax values go down when FMV goes down? ....It's all a little confusing.

I would appreciate any input you can give me as I'm looking at buying my first house.


Would like to join your group

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Hi Anita,
I am in Southern Cal too. I moved here about a year ago and love it. Now I am starting to invest here and build up my network of friends. I would like to join your group. What part of Southern Cal are you in?

REO's $30,900

bluesummerventures's picture

Buy REO's with 25%-60% Equity and rent with positive cash flow of $400-$600 per month.
Or flip and make quick money.
Kansas City, MO, Akron OH, Daleville IN, & other locations.
Call 888-867-0684 xtn 101

where to start?


I've just been working with Dean's program for a few wks. I am taking advantage of Dean's Academy, but I'm thinking I may be trying to take too much in at once. I see opportunities flash before my eyes everyday, but I have to get past the #1 crucial hurdle...building a buyer's list. Getting those contacts is proving to be a bit mind-bending. I have contacted a REI group for information...closest to me is 100 miles away (worse luck). I want to do this in a correct and ethical way...any pointers? Also, for some strange reason I couldn't forward this to you via a PM. If I'm lucky, I'll find your answer. Thanks...Kal

REOs $6500

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Hi Anita!

I just saw your post concerning the REOs for $6500. By chance, are there anymore available?

I'm a cash buyer and would really like to find out more info.

Thanks. and thank you for all of your great posts.


Hard Money Lenders


I was reading some posts and it seems like you are a pro about hard money lenders. I'm wondering if you can be my hero. I am a newbie at real estate investing, and looking to fund my first offer through a hard money lender. I noticed some of the hard money lender wants us to bring money to the table, but how do I do that, when I have no credit and no money. I'm going to a hard money lender just for that purpose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Anita, I plan to come to

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Hi Anita,

I plan to come to the meeting this Friday, however I will be late. I was wondering if you will have that Hard Money Lender list available for purchase? If not do you know where I can buy one?

Thanks & see you Friday.
Cathy Geeting

looking for a mentor....

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Hey Anita,

I'm looking for a person who I can bounce thoughts and confusions off of. Can I chat with you to biuld my knowledge to also create insight in this unknown world I have just entered?

I am still reading Dean's book and have one more to read. I am hopeing that I will be ready and well informed by the time I am done. My focus and dream is to be in your finnancial position some day.

Thanks you for your time, I am looking forward to hear from you.



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The group is located in Palmdale California

Antelope Valley Counry Club
2nd Friday of Every month
6:30 - 9pm


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Thanks for the post regarding reviving old Corps. Hadn't thought about the Bradstreet angle. That is a great help. I'm in TX but had a corp in FL. Do business in both states, so hoping for the best.

Thanks again,

Hey Anita

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Just Stopping by to say Hello and Thank you

God Bless


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Hello anita.I am new to this site. I have dean's book how to be a real estate millionaire. I am a bit scared about doing this but I have no choice being a mother of 5 today. You were the first person I saw when I looked at faq's. You seem to have a wealth of knowledge so I would love to pick your brain and get support from you if I can. I don't have any capital and my credit is horrible so I think I should start with buying with no mpney down. I currently reside in houston texas. I will review all the questions today. I really need a friend through this so I hope you can be of any help to me throughout your busy schedule. Thank you so much. Mrs. Cadet

inherited land

We have had a relative that has left 13.44 acres, that has to be sold and split three ways. The property is on the market now but, medical problems and no insurance has led us to ask the question, is there someone out there I can contact about buying us out? Other than the parties involved. Nice property, N.C. with stream. Subdividable. Would love some input. There is nothing owed on it.

Inherited land

A relative has left us with 13.44 acres in N.C. that has to be sold and split three ways. Medical problems and no insurance has led us to ask if there is someone we can talk to about buying us out of our third? It is nice property with stream and is subdividable. I would love some input. Is there anyway to do this, besides asking the others involved?

Inherited land

We have had a relative leave us 13.44 acres that has to be sold and split three ways. Is there anyone out there we can contact about buying us out of our third? Nice property, N.C., stream, subdividable.Got any ideas, besides asking the other parties involved?