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55 years of age and i need more out of life other than working full time ,(sun up till sun down)and paying bills. recently parted ways with the wife. just had another major back surgery. i am at a place in my life where i can't do much due to the ongoing pain. i love real estate, but i am just a beginner and need all the help i can get. i hooked up with deans great knowledge team and i am trying to get back on my feet,(for real). i have not been able to study much due to all the pain i endure thru out the days, weeks,months and years. I say years because i was involved in a rear end collision back in April of 1988.i have had multiple surgeries and procedures up to the present time. i just meet a friend who want to go into business with me in real estate investing. i am hoping this will help move things along because i can't do much until i get feeling a great deal better then i am now.I hope and pray that Deans success school will help get me the place i need to be in life.

autos, woodworking, realestate , collectables and friends

Basic Info

building maintainer for the city
Have Child(ren)
Some College


office structure

i am looking for advice on setting up my office for doing business with deans knowlable staff and family of customers.i have a mess and need advice on setting it up so its practable and not paperwork here and there and then back over here then there again. help i am sinking in paperwork and passwords.

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