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Lorina (Rina) Krisak
About Me: 

REAL ESTATE INVESTOR!, full-time by choice and lovin it!
To see my REI journey, you are welcome to read my journals here:
Rina's DAILY JOURNAL: Chapter One - The Beginning http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3470
RINA'S Daily Journal: Chapter Two - The SECOND $1M http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/38864/...


2 years ago my husband and I were still in the 9-5, work hard all your life, don't deserve too much, mindset. Since seeing Dean's infomercial in March 08 and going through the Success Academy, I have used just about every strategy Dean teaches: Bird-dogging, Assignments of Contract, Flipping, Double and Simultaneous Closings, Buy & Hold:
And although I've been fortunate enough to have bought REOs, FSBOs, Sheriff's Auction property, Short Sales: offered lease/options, been guest on Dean's conference call, had my story in PRFRERN, been in Dean's TV infomercial, attended the Edge event, etc. etc. and built a net worth and cash-flow greater than I could have ever dreamed!.. there is something here that excites me so much MORE!!! Seeing first-hand all the wonderful people who's lives have been changed by Dean and deangraziosi.com!!

Having been part of the DG Family here on Dean's website for almost two years, I have seen SO MANY people come scared (like I was) and desperate to change their lives, and then I witness something truly remarkable. . . While many come and go,, those that stay (even if it seems to take some longer than others) those that stay, eventually have a success story to yell out!! I mean hundreds of students! No exaggeration. Some join the Success Academy, some do it by the books, but ALL glean from the free knowledge that Dean shares in these forums and are here to support each other, and every day there are new success stories posted by one-time newbies. IT'S AWESOME!!
So, any newbie reading this profile, I say CONGRATULATIONS! for finding the best REI oasis in the world! YOU are here for a reason! And you CAN succeed. Just believe in yourself, and put forth the effort and you WILL succeed. Look forward to meeting you in the forums!
Here are a few tips:

1) To start a REI journal of your own go here:
http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3522 (make sure you start a new thread under "Post New Forum Topic")
and then to find yours when you return you can bookmark it or click on "Member Journals" on the left of the page.

2) Click on "What's New" to see the threads with the newest posts, and "What's Hot" to see what's most active. Use the search box (under Dean's chin) to find threads with subjects you are interested in learning more about.

3) Watch ALL Dean's blogs! Listen to ALL the conference calls! Leave no nugget from Dean unturned. (And open ALL your emails from him!!)

4) DON'T be afraid to join in the forums. We all learn from each other. And making yourself visible is good marketing too. Eye-wink DON'T be negative (please). Don't be scared of looking "new" (we all were), but be ready to research like crazy and share with others the knowledge you acquire.

5) TAAAAKKKKKKEEEE ACTION!!!!!! (Feels good, and it's the only way to get there! Eye-wink)



To see my REI journey, you are welcome to read my journals here:
Rina's DAILY JOURNAL: Chapter One - The Beginning http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3470
RINA'S Daily Journal: Chapter Two - The SECOND $1M http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/38864/...


4/16/09 (Guess I should update more than once a year) Wow. I can't even begin to fill in what this last year has held. I guess the story is best told in my journal http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3470
Lots of REI deals, experiences, friends made, a daughter married, a grandson born, new future planned. I thank God for bringing me here. I guess I'll be a DGer for life.. LOL

4/29/08 Looking back just 2 1/2 weeks, I can't believe how much I've already learned! Thanks ,everyone for teaching me! Here was my first note to dgadmin:

Date: Thu, 04/10/2008 - 04:15

Dear team,

Thank you for creating this forum. I am a new “success team” student and I’m very!! excited about learning new techniques to use in our real estate ventures.
My husband and I first started investing in real estate 15 years ago when we wanted to create some extra income to send our 4 children to a small Christian school in our community. With just $5,000 down, we bought our first 3 rentals for $8,000, $11,200, and $16,000 (which the rent has paid for many times over through the years, beside paying the kids’ tuition). Our youngest daughter is now a junior in that K-12 school.
We now have 7 rentals with a very good positive cash flow. One of the original houses was bought by our renters to whom we had grown close. Not only were we able to multiply our money, they were able to purchase a home at half the market value! We were both very happy!
Even though we’ve been very blessed (and I do thank the Lord!), and have done pretty well with our investing, my husband and I have both had to work very hard for what we have (that’s not necessarily a bad thing). But now I realize how much more is at our fingertips! I don’t say any of this to pat ourselves on the back, only to say that if we’d had Dean’s techniques all along and had learned to not limit ourselves, HOW MUCH FARTHER AHEAD WOULD WE BE TODAY?
I’m soooo excited to have stumbled across Real Estate Millionaire. I saw your infomercial 2 weeks ago, ordered the book & read it the first day I got it! Within the last week I’ve joined the “success team”, made 3 purchase offers using techniques I read about in the book, and have closing dates set on 2 new properties in our town !! one at a discount of 30%, and both with no money down!
I thank you so much for sharing your experiences, your successes, your failures (I love the personal stories in the book). I look forward to gaining a wealth of knowledge and will use every little tidbit! The tele-seminar tonight was great. Dean and Nathan, I love how real you guys are. I took lots of notes.
Thanks again and keep it up.

One of your newest students,

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Basic Info

full-time REAL ESTATE INVESTOR as of Dec 2008!! Woohoo!!!!! THANKS DEAN!!!!! :-)
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


first timer went to

first timer went to realtytrac found severeal 4 closers in just a few minutes. have stareted reading sec 3 deans book and am extremely excited about this program of success.i cant wait to make 1st deal. where do i start. i am broke and have very bad credit tddrwn


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First I would like to congratulate you on your success. With your drive and commitment, I am sure you will prosper in your endeavors.

Secondly, it is great to see a local Wisconsin native to succeed using DG's methods. My wife and I pondered for 6 years about diving into real estate, but do to lack of money and knowledge, and the fear of failure, we kept putting it off.

We finally ordered DG's AFF yesterday and are finally willing to commit ourselves and do whatever it takes to make this work. ( wish we would have 6 years ago )

We have spent over 9 hours reading posts, journals, and watching videos on this site and are overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge that is here.

Your posts inspire us and give us the courage we need. Keep up the excellent work!


Godfrey & Sharon

Hi Godfrey & Sharon.

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Hey, welcome to the site! Thank you for the congrats, and let me congratulate you, as well! I can guarantee you'll be SO GLAD you are taking that first step in REI. This is just the beginning for you!
I see it's been a couple of days since you joined us (sorry for the delay in response), and you've spent many hours already "getting to know" us. Smiling It's exciting to see a couple more Wisconsinites joining the DG family (I'm sure Sully will be giving you a hard time, too. lol)!
I hope to hear much more from you and look forward to MANY success stories in your journal!

God bless,


Hi Todd (tddrwn)

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Welcome to the DG family! You have already taken that most important first step by deciding to purchase and read Dean's book. Not only that, but you've put yourself out there on this site. That shows you're ready to make a determined effort, and you're ready for the support and encouragment (and accountability) that comes with it! I'm sorry about your job, but I appreciate your optimism and the fact that you can see this as the perfect opportunity to jump into REI full-force! You won't be sorry. Smiling

I encourage you to finish reading BARM and glean as much advice from these forums as you can, and then get out there and start doing! I wish you all the best and hope to hear great things from you in the upcoming days!

excited for you,



i realy cant believe this is a real site.i am taking full advantage of my situation. i trade projects for rent to my mom & dad UI insurence pays 4 elect & food. I feel there is a reason im in this situation. and it came to me one sleepless night via TV at about 3AM so here i am Thanks again foryour response. Happy Hollidays god bless and a prosperious new year Todd


Hi, I am a newbie. I haven't done any deals. I live in NJ and want to wholesale. I an short of cash. My problem is I have no sale of contract or assignment contracts. What to do?

Hi chipstoy,

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Welcome to the DG family. Smiling
You are in luck! Dean has a whole list of contracts available on the site. Just look on the left side of your page and click on "Forms and Docs" under "Student Resources". You should find everything you need.
There are some other great resources that DGadmin posted last week. I'll try to find where they are and leave you a link here.

Congratulations on taking action!


Found 'em.


Thanks for the welcome. I have seen your video on you purchasing your property. Congratulations and much continued success. It is so good to finally find and communicate with like minded people such as you and Erika. Take care and God bless.

Hi Paulette,

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It's nice to learn and grow and SUCCEED together. Smiling
Welcome to the DG family. It's a great place to be!


Hello Rina

How did you and your husband start? I mean was it hard as far as finding the money are the time.
I am sorry for such I a direct question. my name is Jamar and is just getting the ball rolling for me, and thats what I need help with.

Vebage assistance

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Good morning Rina,

I am new to the DG family and have started my buyers list as well as sellers. One struggle I have is that some of my "potential buyers " ask what it is I do. Can you tell me how you talk to a buyer/investor to make them interested in what you do.

I apprecitate all of your assitance

Hi Amy

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Good to have you here. Smiling

Just tell the investore that you will be finding properties at great discounts to pass along to them. Ask them what they are looking to buy, and then match your search to what they want. The "work" part will be in finding/creating deals at the discounts they are looking for. But if you have a number of investors/buyers interested in what you're doing, go with those that you will most benefit from. When they know YOU are serious, they will TAKE you seriously and will, I'm sure, keep a good relationship.

Wishing you much success,


Hi Jamar,

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sorry I missed your post. Welcome to the DG family.

Yes, of course like with anything, getting started IS the hard part. It WILL take some work, mostly a bunch of determination. You don't necessarily need money or good credit, although that is a DEFINITE plus, so work on that too! But, if you take the skills you learn from Dean, and just start to apply them, you will move forward. Your determination level will judge how FAST you move forward. And, believe me, it will have more to do with how much of YOURSELF you put into learning than how many questions you ask. It is a joy to be able to share what I have learned with everyone, but I am CONTINUOUSLY growing every day! I am just a baby REI really, when you consider how many things I HAVEN'T yet tried. I just know that in the last 8 months my confidence level has soared because of people here, and when you BELIEVE you can do something, by gosh you can MAKE just about anything come true!

I guess I got a little off on my answer, but I hope that helped. Eye-wink


Hi Rina

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Hi Rina, My name is Mike. I also live in Wisconsin. I am a new father and a new investor. So new in fact I'm trying to make my first deal. I do not know where you live in Wisconsin, but it would be nice to have a friend to help motivate me, and to give me some pointers. Right now, I rent and now have only one income coming in. So you see I can't afford to mess up. Let me know if you want to be that friend.

Thanks Rina,


Well, Mike.

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You've already met my WI partner-in-crime, Dawn. Smiling
So, add that to being my neighbor, and I guess you're in!

No, but really, it's good to have you here. You couldn't find a greater group of people to be your support now that you've decided to go for it. Smiling

Stick around and you will learn SO much. Then get out there and apply it. We'll be here for you all the way! If you will really put your heart into it and take action, you cannot help but succeed. And I believe we're in one of the best spots in the country to make REI work for us.
So I look forward to hearing more from you and watching you become an awesome Real Estate Investor. Eye-wink

God bless,


Just starting

Hi Rita,

I'm just starting dean's course and feeling a little overwhelm. I'm motivated but those pesty fears are nibbling at the back of my mind. Any words of advice?
Thank yoou,

New and eager to get srarted...

Im very new at this but I am so eager to get started in Real Estate. I've always wanted to do it but didnt have the guts to. Im 23 years old have no money and no established credit but I'm not letting that stop me. I've read Deans book and I think the book is awesome! I have a question though for anybody out there. I have a friend that is moving to my area in the next month or so and is looking for a house. I have got all his info on what price range he and his wife are looking for and what they have pre-qualified for. In my area there are 100's and 100's of pre-foreclosures and foreclosures that I have found {on foreclosurealert.com}that are a killer deal. I just need some steeping stones on what to do next. For example....I found a house in a great location. It's a 3bed, 3bath with 1653sqft with pool and it's in preforeclosure. The estimated value is 150,629(which is in their price range)and the Default amount on the house is 124,900. I just don't know what is the best way to go about getting a decent profit, helping them get their first house, and saving the home owner from being foreclosed on. I NEED HELP!!
Thanks, Brandon

Talk with the owners.

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See what you can work out with them. If your friends find they absolutely love the house and are pre-approved for an amount to cover what the owners owe, the fastest way to acquire it might be to pay off what they owe in return for ownership (as long as there are no other liens against it). You could assign the deal to them to make yourself a bit of profit. OTHERWISE you could try a short sale. That might take longer and you'd be dealing with the bank. Also, if the comps are accurate, there is equity in the house which might prevent a short sale.
Any thoughts from other DG family?


P.S. If you do try a short sale, try to get LOW comps to present to the bank.


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Pesky fears. Just make yourself do what they are preventing you from doing, and they'll disappear. Sounds simple, but it's true. Smiling



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Signing up for The Academy

Hi Rina,

I am considering signing up for the Academy. Another member (The Great Martini who you responded to) mentioned figures A LOT lower than I was quoted just yesterday. He said he paid 2000.00 and was expecting to pay 5000.00 to get signed on.... I spoke with a company called PMI. They quoted me btwn 6000.00 - 9700.00 to get signed on. Now I am worried. It's a lot of money, but what they told the other member sounds FAR better. I want to sign on but I am concerned about this discrepancy. Also, I am confused about PMI's roll in all of this. I have really come to trust Dean's reputation. PMI says that they will be the ones who have the Experts that will be coaching me. If ANYONE has some insight on this, please help. I am new to real estate and frightened to get started. Worried about PMI's role in all of this....


Hi Lisa,

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PMI (Professional Marketing Intenational)is one of the coaching programs assigned to Dean's Success Academy. They are the same coaches we've had the honor of learning from on this site. I am really not sure how the tuition scale goes, or what you get with each tier. I paid $8000 and I'm sure there is much that I have missed because they have a ton of curriculum, tele-classes, the one-on-one advisory line, etc. I got my payback after doing the first 5 deals, so I KNOW that whatever you are promised as far as a guarantee will be honored 100%. Like I said, I don't know what they offer at this time, but I am still hearing awesome things! Make sure you ask whatever questions you need to comfortable. I'm sure they will be totally up-front with you. And then, if you are willing to give it your all, jump in. (You can certainly be successful in Real Estate without going through the Academy, so don't feel like you have to, but it certainly speeds up the process as far as I'm concerned.)

Either way, stick with us here at deangraziosi.com. This is one of THE best places to learn and grow. And you can't go wrong with the cost. lol

Wishing you all the best,


Hi Rina, can you help?

I purchased Dean's book 2 weeks ago, and believe Im well on my way to closing my 1st deal. I have a seller looking to sell his 300k+ house for 124k+, the house is a legal 2 fam, w/ 2 car garage. Needs about 40k in repairs. I also have a interested buyer that im going to meet with tomorrow. I just dont know where to begin as for as contracts etc. Any advice?

B. Peace

Hi B. Peace.

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First let me say congratulations on taking action, and welcome to the DG family!

That's great that you have a potential buer and seller already! Just remember to run your numbers before jumping in. The $300+ house value, is that according to recent comps, appraisal? Make sure you know the actual current value. If it's actually WORTH only half of that, then your offer will need to reflect that. Even if you have a buyer that thinks they are willing to pay more, it might be hard if a bank appraisal comes in way lower than that if he's getting a loan.

When you are sure of your numbers, you would then fill out a purchase agreement (offer to purchase) between you and the seller. You may have already done your negotiating and it's just a matter of signing. Or it may be the beginning of negotiations on paper. Either way this makes the deal binding (along with a small earnest money deposit). You will sign the contract your name plus the words "and/or assigns". This allows the attorney or the title company handling the transaction the freedom to replace your name with your end buyer's. You would also sign an assignment contract with your buyer, in which would state your fee. This is assuming you will be assigning the contract.
Is this what you were wanting to know?
If you were thinking of a different exit strategy, we could go over the steps of that as well.

btw, do you have Dean's new book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!"? Dean goes into the exact steps you would take for each type of strategy. I would suggest reading it and keeping it on hand as a manual.

Take care, and best wishes on your REI.


Hey Rina

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Rina, how are you doing?? I am interested in knowing how your ad turned out on craigslist? Did you get any potential buyers?

Hey Jason!

Rina's picture

Doing quite well, thank you. Smiling And you?
Can you give me a link? I'm not sure which ad you mean.lol. I've been posting a ton and I didn't keep track of which ones I've talked about in here. Smiling




Are there separate contracts for the seller and separate contracts for the buyer? or do I just sell the contract I used (to lock up the seller)to my buyer?

How much should I pay a lawyer and a title company?

Does my buyer need to know how much I plan to profit?

with assignments

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You will sell the original contract to the end buyer, but you will also need an assignment contract between the two of you.
Yes, They will know how much you are making. Smiling

attorney fee: I suppose it depends on the lawyer and how much you have them do. You can ask your RE attorney about that.


hello rina, my name is brandon , im just starting this out and im only 23 so im not that advansed yet. i just locked a property up and im tryin to find a buyer but the technices dont work the greatest where i live. would a real etsate agent be the best way to find a buyer? if you can help great, if not i will find a way to make this deal happen. thanks

The Local, Regional and National Factors

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My Name is Gerard, and I would like to know how to determine what market is all the local, regional and national factors in?

Also, are there websites to go to, that can help determine the factor cycles?

such as ,job Growth, Migration, Path of development, new construction...

Also for , interest rates, inflation, flow of funds, business cycles, cataclysmic events...

Please help me, i need a little bit of guidance

Hi we are new here.

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My name is Regina. Just writing to say hi to some of the people I see here. My Husband and I just started reading Deans book and I just signed into this website and started checking things out a few days ago. We are very interested in "doing it" but have no clue (yet) We just moved to Aiken SC last June and hope to make a living with REI. I will put a bit about us in my profile soon. It is very scary when you don't know much about real estate on top of living in a new state and not knowing anyone.
Looking forward to being part of a whole new world!!!

REO properties, cash sale from investor - want to refie for equi

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Hello Rita, I have read a few of your posts and i am a mom, business owner and investor...we are on our first batch of deals...may i pick you brain....We have placed 5 offers in for cash sales of bank owned prop. at 40-60% below FMV. Investor is a foundation that wants to make a decent ROI (10-30%) my plan is to pull out the equity, based on a 80% to value loan, pay investor, handyman, cash in pocket and lease with an option to buy. Mortgage Broker is telling me that banks wont lend unless you have owned for 6 mths to a year...Correct? any insight on who is lending this way? I know it can be done ~ Dean says so!


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I just answered your post you left in dgadmin's bio. Smiling
Here's a copy:
Coach Nathan Street spoke on this exact subject at the conference this weekend. He gave a couple of examples of no-season refinance lenders. Hope he doesn't mind me posting them.

Jaguar Mortgage Co. 303-465-4738
100% stated income. purchase, cash-out, or refinance, Owner occupied or non-OO, up to 65% LTV.

Paramount Funding 800-578-3880
no seasoning requirements.
purchase or refinance. full, lite, or no-doc financing.

Hey, welcome to the DG family. Good to have you here. Smiling


quick question about the academy

First I want to say congratulations on all of your real estate success! I have noticed that successful people like yourself and Matt have gone through the academy. I am on the fence about it because it will cost me money that I am a little unsure that I can spend. My question to you is that, do you think that going through the academy was better than just reading the book? Would you have been as successful if you had just read the books and did not go through the academy? I know that you had previous real estate experience prior to DG so I just want to do as much as I can do to be successful. Thank you so much, and I wish you much success in the future.

Shatoya Coogle


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Hi Rina, Still excited about this new adventure! Just wondering if you can offer any advise to these questions? On an assignment deal, when for example your purchase price with the seller is say 60 thousand and your resell to the new buyer is 80 thousand. The difference of 20 thousand goes to you. If you are closing with a title company both transaction back to back. How would the first seller be paid the 60 thousand at closing if I am trying to use only the new seller's money for the whole transaction. Isn't the money owed to the orignal seller at the first closing? And please explain what the purpose of the points are listed under our names thru this web site? Thanks so much for the support!

Mailto:re: hola Introduction


Hola como esats Rina My name is STICKS WIZZARD DRAGON
I am very new here and also new to all this amazing high energy (Great)
knowledge that ,I do not have much yet at this time*where can I introduce my self within this forum place? anyways great meeting you.

Welcome, everybody!

Rina's picture

Good to have you here!

Shatoya, welcome! Smiling
I don't believe I would have been as successful or have gained as much knowledge without using the Dean's Success Academy (the coaching pogram). I would recommend it to anyone serious about getting into REI.

Lubertha, I love your enthusaism! :-)In response to your questions, there is a difference betweening assigning and a double-closing. If you are assigning, you are getting paid to pass the existing contract to you end buyer (they are buying the contract from you), so you don't need to worry about coming up with any $ yourself. In a double-close, it all depends on how the closing is structured. In the double-close I just completed the end buyer's loan $ carried through to pay the seller. I needed no money as the middle buyer/seller. In a typical double-close, though, is likely that you would need transitional funding for the first transaction.

The points are for contributing posts to the site. The more active you are, the more points you will accumulate. And believe me, they will be of benefit to you in the future. Eye-wink

Hey, STICKSWIZZARDDRAGON , estoy bien, gracias. (hope I said that right. lol)
I think you've done a good job intoducing yourself. I read your profile and some of your posts. VERY energetic person. Smiling good to meet you, too. Smiling

God bless,



My name is Jaleesa and I live in Arizona,tucson really need assistance on getting started to become a real estate investor as a single mother of a loving daughter. i want to show my daughter that living life to fullest means a lot!

Rina can you help

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Hey Rina

This is your favorite stalker Smiling We have a deal going on with some top end Hawaii property. Can you steer us to anyone who may be able to help us advertise it to top end buyers?

Debby and Tom


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Hi Rina,
Just a note to say that I was able to see the video from youtube. Everyone look so happy. Can't wait to witness the excitement for myself! It was very motivating to see such unity! I already pick the frame for the event!! Continued success to you and family...........

Hello Rina

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Like many people here, I am new to this field but very excited and hopeful. I didn't know whether to do the Academy or not since I couldn't really afford it, but decided to jump in anyway. My logic was that if I really wanted to be an investor, I couldn't afford NOT to do it. That may be justifying a bit, but regardless I am in. I am still on the first lesson and trying to get a list of potential Realtors together, but now find myself questioning if I did the right thing. Maybe nerves are getting the best of me. I haven't called in to the coaches yet, but know that I need to. You seem to be so helpful and encouraging to others here, I thought you might have some words of wisdom for me.


Hi Jaleesa,

Rina's picture

Welcome to the DG family!
Congratulations on taking the first step in Real Estate investing! It is a great feeling to be able to provide a better future and be a role model to our children. I applaud you for making that conscious choice.

First, have you read Dean's book/s? That of course is the first thing to do. Then just start following the steps laid out in the book. Start building a team and getting to know the properties and market in your area. If you have questions, deangraziosi.com (right here) is an awesome place to search or ask specific questions when you hit a roadblock.

I wish you well and much success. Smiling


Debby & Tom,

Rina's picture

Sorry I missed your post. How's the Hawaii thing going?? Have you connected with any buyers? I don't have any specific contacts myself. Would try using the methods we know work anywhere else, I guess. Networking, too, should eventually put you in contact with the right person.

Good luck! And keep us posted! Smiling



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Keep up that energy and excitement! It only gets better and better! Smiling

Thank you for all that you are contributing to the DG site. I enjoy reading your posts. You are a very encouraging and positive person. That will get you far in everything you do, including REI!

God bless,


Hi Dash6657

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Congratulations on joining the Success Academy! I, for one, think that is one of the best steps a person can take to really get a head-start on their REI. But remember, you have to use it! Take every advantage you can with what you have available to you. I know it may seem a little intimidating at first to call in. When i first started, I felt like I would be "bugging"" the coaches and that maybe my questions were too insignificant to be asking. NONSENSE! They are there for you. Dean has the best available for his students, and if you are unsure of something just keep asking until you get your answer. They love what they do (and I'm sure Dean pays his coaches well) so use them! Smiling

Build your confidence by getting out there and putting into practice what you are learning. You don't have to know or understand it all to get started. Just give yourself a little grace, and know that the mistakes you will make are only stepping stones to your awesome success! Smiling

I wish you all the best,


Thank You........

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Thank you so much for being the inspiration you are not just to myself but to many others as well. Continued success to you always........Lubertha

Thank You

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I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my comments and giving me encouragement. I am getting off to a much slower start than I intended to, but will get there. I just wanted to say Thank You for all of the time you spend helping others. I hope to one day be a huge success story.

I'll keep you posted!


a little advice

You have helped me a little before and i am back again to ask a little more advice. How do you advertise REO properties you have under contract without infringing?


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Hey Smiling