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Lorina (Rina) Krisak
About Me: 

REAL ESTATE INVESTOR!, full-time by choice and lovin it!
To see my REI journey, you are welcome to read my journals here:
Rina's DAILY JOURNAL: Chapter One - The Beginning http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3470
RINA'S Daily Journal: Chapter Two - The SECOND $1M http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/38864/...


2 years ago my husband and I were still in the 9-5, work hard all your life, don't deserve too much, mindset. Since seeing Dean's infomercial in March 08 and going through the Success Academy, I have used just about every strategy Dean teaches: Bird-dogging, Assignments of Contract, Flipping, Double and Simultaneous Closings, Buy & Hold:
And although I've been fortunate enough to have bought REOs, FSBOs, Sheriff's Auction property, Short Sales: offered lease/options, been guest on Dean's conference call, had my story in PRFRERN, been in Dean's TV infomercial, attended the Edge event, etc. etc. and built a net worth and cash-flow greater than I could have ever dreamed!.. there is something here that excites me so much MORE!!! Seeing first-hand all the wonderful people who's lives have been changed by Dean and deangraziosi.com!!

Having been part of the DG Family here on Dean's website for almost two years, I have seen SO MANY people come scared (like I was) and desperate to change their lives, and then I witness something truly remarkable. . . While many come and go,, those that stay (even if it seems to take some longer than others) those that stay, eventually have a success story to yell out!! I mean hundreds of students! No exaggeration. Some join the Success Academy, some do it by the books, but ALL glean from the free knowledge that Dean shares in these forums and are here to support each other, and every day there are new success stories posted by one-time newbies. IT'S AWESOME!!
So, any newbie reading this profile, I say CONGRATULATIONS! for finding the best REI oasis in the world! YOU are here for a reason! And you CAN succeed. Just believe in yourself, and put forth the effort and you WILL succeed. Look forward to meeting you in the forums!
Here are a few tips:

1) To start a REI journal of your own go here:
http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3522 (make sure you start a new thread under "Post New Forum Topic")
and then to find yours when you return you can bookmark it or click on "Member Journals" on the left of the page.

2) Click on "What's New" to see the threads with the newest posts, and "What's Hot" to see what's most active. Use the search box (under Dean's chin) to find threads with subjects you are interested in learning more about.

3) Watch ALL Dean's blogs! Listen to ALL the conference calls! Leave no nugget from Dean unturned. (And open ALL your emails from him!!)

4) DON'T be afraid to join in the forums. We all learn from each other. And making yourself visible is good marketing too. Eye-wink DON'T be negative (please). Don't be scared of looking "new" (we all were), but be ready to research like crazy and share with others the knowledge you acquire.

5) TAAAAKKKKKKEEEE ACTION!!!!!! (Feels good, and it's the only way to get there! Eye-wink)



To see my REI journey, you are welcome to read my journals here:
Rina's DAILY JOURNAL: Chapter One - The Beginning http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3470
RINA'S Daily Journal: Chapter Two - The SECOND $1M http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/38864/...


4/16/09 (Guess I should update more than once a year) Wow. I can't even begin to fill in what this last year has held. I guess the story is best told in my journal http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3470
Lots of REI deals, experiences, friends made, a daughter married, a grandson born, new future planned. I thank God for bringing me here. I guess I'll be a DGer for life.. LOL

4/29/08 Looking back just 2 1/2 weeks, I can't believe how much I've already learned! Thanks ,everyone for teaching me! Here was my first note to dgadmin:

Date: Thu, 04/10/2008 - 04:15

Dear team,

Thank you for creating this forum. I am a new “success team” student and I’m very!! excited about learning new techniques to use in our real estate ventures.
My husband and I first started investing in real estate 15 years ago when we wanted to create some extra income to send our 4 children to a small Christian school in our community. With just $5,000 down, we bought our first 3 rentals for $8,000, $11,200, and $16,000 (which the rent has paid for many times over through the years, beside paying the kids’ tuition). Our youngest daughter is now a junior in that K-12 school.
We now have 7 rentals with a very good positive cash flow. One of the original houses was bought by our renters to whom we had grown close. Not only were we able to multiply our money, they were able to purchase a home at half the market value! We were both very happy!
Even though we’ve been very blessed (and I do thank the Lord!), and have done pretty well with our investing, my husband and I have both had to work very hard for what we have (that’s not necessarily a bad thing). But now I realize how much more is at our fingertips! I don’t say any of this to pat ourselves on the back, only to say that if we’d had Dean’s techniques all along and had learned to not limit ourselves, HOW MUCH FARTHER AHEAD WOULD WE BE TODAY?
I’m soooo excited to have stumbled across Real Estate Millionaire. I saw your infomercial 2 weeks ago, ordered the book & read it the first day I got it! Within the last week I’ve joined the “success team”, made 3 purchase offers using techniques I read about in the book, and have closing dates set on 2 new properties in our town !! one at a discount of 30%, and both with no money down!
I thank you so much for sharing your experiences, your successes, your failures (I love the personal stories in the book). I look forward to gaining a wealth of knowledge and will use every little tidbit! The tele-seminar tonight was great. Dean and Nathan, I love how real you guys are. I took lots of notes.
Thanks again and keep it up.

One of your newest students,

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full-time REAL ESTATE INVESTOR as of Dec 2008!! Woohoo!!!!! THANKS DEAN!!!!! :-)
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


Hi Christian,

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You are welcome to PM me anytime. I will help when I can. A support system is so important. Here at the DG website I think you will have found the best there is. Have fun getting to know others, and I wish you all the best in your REI!


P.S. Beautiful picture! Smiling

Hey, Gerard.

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Welcome, and thank you for the greeting. Smiling

God bless,



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Ok so one of my co-workers told me earlier today that he was looking for a house that have 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths in the $110-$120 range. So I told him that im doing some real estate investing on the side and I could help him with that, and he was like "ok cool". I was so ready to get off of work and go house hunting. After work I came across 3 different FSBO's and talked to the owners. 1 owner said she had a 2 bedroom 1 bath, and offering it for 125. I told her that i would get bac with her asap. But another woman said that she had 3 bedroom, and 2 baths!!! I couldn't believe that she told me the exact words that I wanted to hear. I got so excited that I didn't even ask for the price that she was offering; instead I asked if I could come and look at it this saturday morning. So here is where I need the help from anyone who is exprienced with doing a "Assignment of Contract". I have a copy of the contract through the success academy but I have never done one so I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Try to reply back before this weekend I would greatly apperciate it. Thanks.

The major difference between the big shot and the little shot is this: The big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting ~ Zig Ziglar


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Hi I just wanted to say that I love the scripture u have as your signiture. I'm 21yrs old and really wanna take this serious. I got into the academy and you know how expensive that is. I got a little girl and basically I am doing it for my fam w God on my side. That scripture is so powerful. Thank you for putting it there.


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Shoot. Well, I guess I'm answering a little late for you, but I hope all is going well/did go well with your viewing of the 3/2 today, and that you had a great meeting with the owner. I'm guessing you have a little homework to do on the property now before making an offer, so if you still need help with the assignment contract or anything else, I'd be happy to help. Remember you have access to the Success Academy advisory line too. That really helps when you have a question "on the spot". Believe me, I used it a lot last year! Smiling

God bless, and CONGRATS on taking action!!


Hi Francisco,

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Hey, welcome! And congratulations on the decision to join the Academy! You will be SO glad you did! (Make sure you use it to it's full potential. You deserve it!)
Having your little girl as your "why" is pure motivation. Smiling And having God on your side, along with all the tools you have in your hands now, makes it a win/win! I often forget I even have the verse in my signature, but I know they are powerful words, and, just like my late Grandma's prayers, are always out there standing true. Smiling

I wish you all the best in your REI, and hope to hear great reports!

God bless,


Assignment Help!!!!

Hello, I am a newbie and I have had Dean's books for about 2.5 months. I have contacted a realtor and now going to look at properties. My question is that I live in Washington, DC and there is a potential for great investment or assignment opportunity. The condo unit where I live(rent) is concidered the deprived on the rise part of DC(Ghetto). There are three condo buildings and the owners are behind on all the utilities and condo fees. The units are not self contained. The building that I live in appears to have some structural damage. There are at least three forclosures in each building and a few are bank owned. There are two buildings that have 12 units and one has 15 units. I am writing to you because I see a great opportunity. The property is located on the potomac river with the Capitol Building, The Washington Monument, The Nationals Stadium, The new Department of Transportation, Alexandria, VA skyline and not to mention less that 10 minutes from The National Harbor where Disney will be building a new resort starting 2011. There is a scheduled owners meeting tonight to discuss their current situation because the current management group removed theirselves from the property. The owners are seeking a new management company but I believe that the deal is on its way to foreclosure. Please help!! shop this around for answer if you like.

Thank you so much

"You're Inspiring Rina"

Hi Rina, I've been reading your blogs for most the summer now, and I just had to shoot you a quick note to let you know that you are such an "inspiring individual" to me Rina! We all are here fighting for the same dream and you seem to always have a minute to be positive for someone. I hope that I can be as kind as you when I reach my goals. "LOVE" your hearts definitly full of it Rina.. I'll be watching you're continued success because you'll be helping me reach mine! Just wanted you to know, cuz you're so deserving... Peace, Jeff


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sounds like that could have great potential. Let us know the results of that meeting. Sounds like there would be a LOT of different people involved in this deal. How many owners are there?? You could start by speaking to each one. Do you already have a buyer that is in a position to take this deal if you did get it locked up?
Maybe we can get some thoughts from the rest of the DG family.

Good luck! I wish you all the best with this and all your future deals!



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I thank you for the kind, kind words. Smiling I, too, believe we are all in this together. It is my goal to see EVERYONE fulfill their dreams. And no matter how far I get personally, I will always know that Dean and my DG family are the ones that helped me get there, and I will do what I can to give back. That is one of the things I so appreciate about Dean. He has stayed "real" and "reachable" even with all of his wealth. He is truly a great man. I can tell you have the same heart for people, Jeff, and I look forward to seeing you reach your dreams! Smiling

God bless,


Just starting out & looking for a referral

I need to find a investment friendly attorney in my zip 11418. Can you put me in touch with someone who can help me?


Rina-any clubs you belong or would like to start?I'm in west subs of Chicago Bobnorway@****

My Essential Plans

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Hey, I received a call today from a company in New York (My Essential Plans) who claims to work with the students in Dean's program. What he had to offer sounded great but I wanted to verify this through you first. They say they will help set up my corporation, business plan, corporate credit, etc. for a DG reduced rate. This, of course, is financed if I make a down payment. Is this really through DG and should I do this? Like I said, it sounds very beneficial, but I am skeptical about such things.

Thank You,

Timothy L. Cook
Success Academy Student
Tucson, AZ.

More Success?!

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Hi Rina,

It's been a while since I posted here with my fellow DG REI's..but only because I've been working hard towards success! Now, I am a little "stuck" on what to do next. Here's an outline of what I've been up to:

I bought a probate property for $22K (no money down transactional funding) under my LLC and immediately sold it for $32K to an investor. That investor immediately sold it back to myself (personally) for $105K (FMV). This was done as an A-B-C-D flip with NO MONEY down. The $10K I obtained through the first transaction was used for lawyers fees, closing costs, and to renovate the property. I filed for Obama's $8K first time homeowner's tax credit and received that shortly after filing. So all in all, I made $18K on my first investment with no money out of pocket! I still own the property and it is up for rent currently.

I know there is a plethora of ideas and strategies that Dean provides in his books but, I really don't know what to do next to build my empire. I want to do another no money down deal but, I really don't know where to begin in this economy? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks, Rina for your help!


Thank you!

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Hi Rina. I just recently purchased Dean's books, I am signed up for tonight's tele-conference and I am strongly considering joining the success academy as well.

I just want to say thank you for your inspirational stories about your personal success in real estate in Dean's book, the student secrets and on this site. I think you are great! I hope to keep learning from you, Matt, Dean and all the wonderful people on this site.

All the best,

Hello, all!

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(Geez, I don’t know how I miss these posts.)

Hi Rose Ann - try googling “real estate transaction attorney” in your area, and see what you come up with. You can also ask for a referral from other investors or your RE agent. Also, calling a title company might be an idea. Good luck! Smiling

Hey bobnorway - I will be joining the MNREIA next week in Minneapolis. I’m wondering if Indiana Joe would have a good recommendation for you for a Chicago Club? You definitely should find one to become a part of. GREAT place to network.

Hello Timothy - I don’t know if you already found some more info on “My Essential Plans”, but try asking the coaches on the advisory line. If it’s affiliated with Dean’s program, they should be able to fill you in.

Hi Angela - Oh, my. There are so many places to begin. And so many NMD techniques. If you are looking for investment properties to hold, start by calling all the “For rent” ads. You may find plenty of “tired landlords” wanting to get out, and possibly willing to seller-finance. As long as it’s a great deal, and there is good cash-flow, these are easy properties to “assign”, as well. I guess, even before that I should ask if you've read Dean’s books thoroughly. Everything you need to know is in those books. Then it’s just a matter of choosing to get started. Smiling God bless.

Hi Chuck - Wow, another dad with 6 kids! ( just met another DG dad on here today w 6 daughters). Congratulations to you and your wife. Smiling
Thank you for the kind words, and I hope our stories become reality for you and we read about YOU next. Thanks for stopping in .

I wish you ALL the success you deserve. Now go out there and make it happen! Smiling


Hi Rina

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I hope it's ok to call you Rina. My name is Terry. I got my books in July. Began reading right away and started coming to the DG.com website and soon learned that it was going to be a very big part of my new life. It didn't take long to see what a Blessing it was and is to be in the "family". Dean is one unbelievably selfless man who is immeasurably passionate about the causes he supports. Newbies: If it feels like Dean wants you to succeed as much or more than you do, it's because he does! Dean really wants us to reach the comfort level. He wants to see us get our finances under control, reach the level of security for our family that we seek. Then to pay it forward. I believe that if someone fails to achieve their goals or reach their next level, perhaps they're just not serious enough, not focused or maybe they're a little apprehensive about the unimaginable positive changes that their lives will undergo if they read the books, do what Dean says and as he says, "Don't let anybody talk you out of your dreams". I think we probably all have people like them in our lives, maybe only one really outspoken, opinionated one, or as is the case with some, they are surrounded by family members, friends, co-workers and others who are afraid we're not going to get our money's worth out of the books and will end up disappointed and still broke. Dean reminds us frequently to stay away from negative people. The early direction to the DG.com website helps us to begin organizing ourselves, our office or work area, and to establish our daily routines, which lets us see how very important it is that we visit this site every day if possible, even multiple times if our circumstances allow it. It is so full of helpful information and helpful people, as well as plenty of encouragement if we're feeling a bit unfocused or having difficulty getting traction some morning. With DG Staff, combined with helpful students in abundance, it shouldn't take long for us to be ready to go take on the world with a renewed purpose and vigor. In my case, I saw early how essential this website, with its helpful staff and students ever ready to answer a question, direct us to a proper resource or offer encouraging words, was going to be. I have especially enjoyed reading your posts, your positive words, etc. It seems to set a general good mood here that I really like. Thanks for your helpful, uplifting comments. Have a great day!

Rina - thank you!

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I just want to thank you again for all your encouragement. I saw the day you posted in my journal was a day you were not feeling so great (in your journal), and I know how those days go and so appreciate you picking yourself up enough to encourage someone else on a day like that!! It really meant a lot to me!

I am loving your journal....I am learning so much from these email exchanges you are having. WOW! Thank you for sharing.

Hope you are having a great day!

Hi Terry!

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Hey, it's great to have you join the DG family! Smiling You are definitely right, It is the very best place for a new (or old)REI to find the support and information to make their journey a success! And YES, true, true, true, what you said about that being Dean's goal. I know first-hand that even though he is worth millions, he is so down to earth and genuinely interested in his students and their success.
Thank you for you encouraging and insightful post.

Wishing you all the best! Smiling



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you are a dear, dear lady, and we are all very blessed to have you on the site (hope you're here for a good long time. Smiling )
I am so excited for you in your REI! You are very dedicated to making it work, and selfless in your sharing. There is definitely no "if", only "how soon" as far as your success is concerned. Eye-wink And I think that means VERY soon for you, because that is exactly what you have decided. Smiling
Love it!!
God bless you, Louisa, and thank you again!

(I will catch up on your journal here in the next couple days again. Been SO busy.)

love ya,



Hi Rina. My name is Gine Arnold. I have question to ask you, it would be great if you could answer it for me:My question is do you know what the age have to be in this because I'm a little young' but I still think I would be able to all things that required but I just want to know. i felt like I should ask you because i read about you in PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE RIGHT NOW!book it has your story in it and i liked your story so i figured you could probably help me!!!!!!

How did you do it?

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My wife and I just read your journal and inspired by how you went to get those houses with none of your own money.

I have lost my job since 04/10/2009 and have been looking for ways to make more money. While I grasp some of the concepts of Dean's book.

My wife (Antwarnette) and me (Philip) are no strangers to Real Estate either. Our first home was purchase on 100% loan. It was old Victorian home. We had it for 6 years. We sold it to buy another home. But unfortunately we lost our current home to foreclosure in June 2009. We are still in that home. We have literally no where to go and no job (yet). We are waiting on a court date. We are in the process of packing to move before our final have too date.

I am a computer system engineer. We live in San Jose, CA. We have been for almost 18 years.

We have a 5 year old son name Roman. He so precious to us, that we want something more for him.

I have put out ads and setup COA but I am not getting much responses.

I feel like I have a lot to learn yet about real estate. I am motivated but I am so skeptical about the legal aspects of doing things ourselves. We are planning to attend REI clubs here in San Jose. But either lack money to attend one or meetings has pasted.

Do you any suggestions as to how We can go about getting homes for $0 down?

BTW, my wife filed bankruptcy but I was not on the mortgage. But my credit isn't good either. I have about $48k of debt I like to get off my back.

I want so much for my family and I want to get out of the Computer Industry and make something that is real and secure.

I hope you will respond. I have hope for this program but like I said there still so many fears and I need a way to get over that.

My beautiful wife is so scared and originally from the UK. I want the best in the world for her and my son Roman.

God Bless and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Phillip,

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First let me say welcome to you and your beautiful wife and son. it is good to have you here in the DG family. Smiling You have definitely come to the right place for inspiration, encouragement, and tools for your Real Estate Investing! Dean has created such an amazing oasis of knowledge and positive reinforcement.. it has carried so many on to financial freedom!
There are so many ways to get started and to pursue no-money-down deals. A PERFECT example is today's blog.
(make sure you go back and watch ALL of Dean's blogs, and listen to the conference calls. ALL FREE)
Sounds like you have a little bit of history in RE. It probably just took Dean to open your eyes to the amazing opportunities that you'd never heard of, right? (if you're anything like me) Smiling
The biggest thing for me was just getting over my fears and making myself take action. If you envision in your mind that something will work, ther is something in you that just takes every step necessary to MAKE it work. You can do it! You and your family deserve it, Phillip. Smiling
Hope to see you around the forums, and make sure you are active in here as well. We LOOOOVE to help each other and rejoice in each others' successes!

God bless,



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I read your "about me" letter and wanted to say thanks for bringing to light 1st what to do to handle the sudden awkwardness I'm feeling. I'm 44 and am well established compaired to many others within this group. I'm not one of those who has no money or credit to start with but only a lack of knowledge in realestate. Your testimony is worthy of praise and provides hope to a newcomer like myself. Your willness to help is appreciated and I'll be sure to keep you in mind as time goes on if you don't really mind. Thanks Again.


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see your inbox

Hi David,

Rina's picture

Thank you so much for the kind words. It is good to have you join us here on the site. Smiling
Hope you find everything you need here to help you in your REI endeavors. It's a great place to keep motivated. Sound like you're starting out with a great base. You'll have a multitude of opportunities available to make REI work for you, and retiring by 50 (or sooner!!) will be a piece of cake if you set your miind to it! Eye-wink

God bless, and hope to hear more you start to make Dean's strategies work for you!



I am looking for investors that will buy anywhere in the U.S. I also have a contact for property in Mexico. I need sellers of mobile home parks, senior husing, and self storage facilities.

Congratulations Rina!

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I noticed that you are hours away from reaching the 10,000 point mark. I decided, rather than wait and possibly be late, that I would congratulate you a few hours early. Good work, and I mean really good work. The contributions you provide daily in the form of answers to questions, direction or encouragement to the many of us who need all of that. Thanks for being there for us. God Bless You!

OH! Thanks!

Rina's picture

Thanks Terry! Smiling
I am as inspired as ever by the posts I see on DG.com, and LOOVVEE being a part of the DG Family. Thank you for your kind words (Guess I'll be watching now for the "odometer" to turn. lol).
I wish you much, MUCH success in your REI! Smiling

God bless,


Thank you

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Thank you so much for getting this set up to pay it forward to other people who are looking to achieve success.

I work with LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens)and I get to raise scholarship money for underprivileged high school students in my area. So I know how important paying it forward is and how much it helps.

It is people like you who make a difference in the world by helping others succeed.

From the bottom of heart... Thank you!

Shane Weller
Runner Up

Hi Shane.

Rina's picture

Congrats on runner-up! And thank you for making a difference in the world with your efforts at LULAC!

Thank you for the kind words, too. I was so overwhelmed the other day with so many people saying thank you (cause I sure wasn't looking for that!).
It felt very good to be a part of something that Dean can use to help his students be successful (I love his heart! and I love the DG Family!).

God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Thanks again, and I wish you all the success you deserve!




I wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Smiling



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Hey, my friend! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


30 days

how did you make money that quickly? I am in need of a property for my own home. My 20 year-old daughter is coming BACK home and we need more room. She has a five-year-old daughter who needs to have a stable upbringing. We are a family of six and my by-friend has a landscaping business that suffers heavily for the fall and winter months. I would like to make my own money and not rely on anyone.I would do anything to help them. I need to know the quickest way to acquire a propery for my family. I am thinking owner-financing, but I need a sample contract so that I know how to structure it. Also, I am talking with an owne rof a 27-unit Mobile Home Park who wants to sell, I want to be a part of it but I have not decided how. Should I just put buyer and seller together for a fee?, or should I assign my contract to end-buyer? i need some direction. A financer is ansciously waiting to scoop up this deal. HELP!! You seem to be so knowledgable about deals. Can you offer some guidance to me? Do you have contacts in Georgia? I hope you will consider helping. I am willing to partner on this Mobile HOme Park the owner wants $699000. I know this tract is not worh it, but i need a valuation tool to proove it to him anf make an offer. Please contact me with some advice.

Not having any luck getting a response

I have a coworker who put in an offer on a house about 30 days ago. We are located in the Portland Oregon area. He told his realtor what he wanted to do and his realtor accepted and signed off on it. The realtor then submitted the offer to the home owner who excepted the offer within 30 min. They did what they needed to do and now 30 days later they still have not closed and he does not have any information on what, when or why it is being held up. He is afraid that they are holding it up again to avoid the 4.8% interest rate that he was told he would get.

Here is the question my coworker has. I guess this is kind of in two parts, hope it makes since.

Is it normal to take up to, or more than 30 days right now to close? This is the Portland Oregon area, or are they possibly stalling it so they don’t have to give him the lower rate?

If stalling is the case, what type of action can he take to resolve this issue?

He is trying to get this at 4.8% which is what he was told they would do. This is actually the 2nd house he has put an offer on and was accepted. He is working with a different bank this time.

On the first house the bank messed around and came back to him and said we can not do this for the lower interest rate we told you due to it has been 30 days or so and now we are going to have to ask you for more. I don’t know the exact numbers on this myself but it was almost 2% higher if I remember correctly which would bring the payments to an amount he could not afford. He had also put down $2000.00 earnest money. On this fist transaction he said forget it I'm not taking the higher rate, you told me it would be lower! By turning down the higher interest rate he also said he lost his earnest money even though when he made the offer he was quoted the lower interest rate.

Is this normal or should he have got back the earnest money?

Any input would be great.

Hi Mark (cre8wealth),

Rina's picture

Let me make sure I understand what you're saying. Your friend has an accepted offer on a property he is buying with bank financing. The closing date in the purchase agreement is getting close? And he has not heard from his lender as to the status of his loan? Here's what we need to know.

1) Does he have a finance contingency in the Purchase Agreement?
2) Was he pre-approved by the bank, or did he start the process AFTER making his offer?
3) Was the interest rate of 4.8% locked in already? (this is what you're saying about the 30 days?)
4) Has he been calling the bank? He probably needs to be a squeaky wheel, because there are so many transactions being dealt with right now. At least so he knows what's happening.

Yes, it can definitely take 30 days or longer for the bank to go through the process. Actually, my lender is saying to allow at LEAST 45 days now for anything closing into 2010.

Oh, and if he had the right finance contingency in the contract on the first house, he definitely should have gotten his earnest money back. He could ask an attorney about that.

Tell your friend not to wait for anyone to call HIM with answers. Be calling whoever he needs to to get answers. Tell him, don't be scared or shy of "putting himself in charge" and insisting on what has been promised in the contracts. Smiling

Hope that helped some. Feel free to add. I might have not been clear on what you were asking. Smiling


Hi Patty,

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I think your idea of owner-financing is a great strategy for getting into a home yourself. Try looking through your Craigslist ads for FSBOs. Some will advertise owner-financing. Others may not know that is even an option unless you put the bug in their ear. Smiling Also consider lease/options. You can call for rent ads to see if an owner might be willing to give you this alternative.
As far as the mobile home park, maybe you could run a ghost ad to see if there are any investors interested in an opportunity like that. And have you joined (or at least attended) a REI Club in your area. This would be a great place to get a feel of what local investors are looking for, and how you may be of service to them (while making some good $ for yourself and learning the ropes. Eye-wink ). As for FMV, I am not sure how a property like that would be comped. Maybe someone else here can give some tips on that. All I can say is ask a realtor if the can get you comps or if they can direct you to someone who can.

I wish you well with your family, and all the success you deserve with your REI! Smiling Glad to have you here in the DG Family.


Thank you

Rina thanks again for your time Smiling.

I’m not sure if I'm using the right wording but he is buying this home as his personal home. He made the offer, it was accepted and at the low interest rate I mentioned above. He is just worried that the bank is going to come back at him with a higher interest rate at the time of closing. He was in hopes of being in the house by now so he is not real happy.

Am I being realistic?

I have always wanted to get into real estate as an investor. Over 20 years ago I bought a course that got me no where. I also have purchased a few more since then with pretty much the same results.

It was not that I didn't work it, I went and talked with realtors, banks, friends, and even researched property at the court house. I did learn a lot about real estate that I didn't know. However I kept running into walls due to: This is not legal in this state, worked in the past but will not work anymore, some strategies had never even been heard of no matter what professionals I talked to.

I really not only want to make this work I need to make it work. I have already started a lot of the action steps although I have not posted them as many of you did in your journals. I may get there soon just not quite there yet.

Here is the big question!

I really need to have my first IEE, assignment or birddog transaction done in 30 days (my goal) but not more than 3 months max. Is this a realistic goal from what you have seen without coaching. I am looking for an honest answer here from what you have seen?


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That is absolutely realistic.
And I SOOO hear you about people not having a clue of what you're talking about. I had to convince every "professional" I work with that these strategies work. I saw that others were doing it in other parts of the country (and trusted what I read in Dean's books!) and I just said, "YES, I can do this, and it will work" until I found someone in each position that was willing to try it with me. It wasn't a matter of convincing the ones I already knew (although I ended up doing that too) but keeping on asking who was willing until I put together a team of people with a vision (MINE! LOL). Now they are all benefiting from it, I might add. Eye-wink
So, yes, put any doubt totally aside. That will only hinder what you want to do. Focus all your efforts on making it work for you. You can't fail with an attitude like that! Eye-wink



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Aloha Rina and all users. Just joined the site, and would like to say hello.
This blog seems to be quite interesting, I am looking forward to connecting to other investors.
Happy investing!

Aloha, Natalie!

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Great to have you here! Smiling
You will find the DG site to be a literal oasis of great REI support and information. Best place on earth to build you up as an investor, and to network with fellow REIs, near and far! Look forward to seeing you around the site!


I'm a newbie

I bought the books and have read them several times. Actually I am currently enrolled in a Real Estate course at my local Community College. I'm in the Houston area and am looking to join up with a few DG local investors to point me in the right direction.

quick question?

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Rina; how do i determine the FMV, of a house without the assitance of a real estate agent, is this possible?

Finder's Fee

Good morning Rina, I have a question? I found a buyer that I'm bird dogging for, My question is once I've found a property that he wants will he and I settle my fee at the closing or would that be done informally say at one of our kitchen tables?

Thanx, but...

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I really DO appreciate all the positive input that you and the other successful investors on this site have shared with me over the last few months.
I don't know WHAT ever made me think that a 50 y.o., washed-up, now-sober drunk could actually become as successful as all of you.
When I purchased Dean's books and subscribed to the Empowering Conversations series I had had no transportation (car or motorcycle)since 2004 but SOMETHING in my messed-up mind told me that I might have a shot at something good in my life. Last week I was discharged from my J-O-B because I could not get a ride to work because of the snowstorm here in Omaha. Now I am barely able to afford to stay in the room I rent, much less initiate real estate deals! No car so I could make appointments to call on people; no money even for the bus.
I read your profile from April 2008 and you mentioned me; 'while many come and go'...
I am not writing this in search of sympathy, yet as a 'Thank you' note for the encouragement from someone who was able to 'stay with it'.
I know that God will continue to keep me sober and doing His work for Him here on earth but apparently He does not want me to be wealthy while doing it! Smiling
I just thought I would write to you one last time and congratulate you on all your successes. Please continue to fight the good fight and press on toward the goal.
I pray that you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!
Laughing out loud Live Life. Love Life. Live Love. Laughing out loud

cougrrr1 (Jeff),

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I would like to speak with you before you leave your REI dream. God has given you all the capacities you need to succeed in what you set your mind to. The rest is a choice. Please PM me your phone number if you will allow yourself a little encouragement. Of course if you have decided that REI will not work for you, no one can make it otherwise, but if you will choose to "stay with it" and forget about begin hard on yourself, you will channel that time and energy on making things happen.
I hope that doesn't sound too harsh, and I will love to speak with you. I will be watching for your PM.

God bless!



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I would probably do it outside of closing. Once he has an accepted purchase agreement, I would say you have done your job as a bird-dog and should get paid. But I guess that would be something you'd work out between the two of you. Smiling
Good luck and congrats!!



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I hope you had some luck in finding Houston DG members. And make sure you attend your local REI CLub meetings. You will find all sorts of great connections there with local investors and other contacts! Smiling
Best wishes!



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I'm not too savvy on LLC's either, however, I applying for one now before I even get started.
I heard a horror story recently about a lady that's been investing for years and had 10 or so properties, one of her tennants was injured somehow and sued her and got everything she owned because she didn't protect herself. Sounds illogical for someone that's had a long record of investing, but it's a true story.
Just thought I'd throw that one in because this comment box was right next to the box here.

Thank you Rina

Hello Rina,
I am a newbie here and just wanted to thank you for your inspiration and mostly for your words of encouagement to all of us newbies.
I enjoyed reading your story in PFRERN.
I enjoy and learn from your posts here on this site.
I wish for you a very happy and prosperous new year