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Welcome to the site and its a pleasure to have you as a coach. I look forward to conversing with you in the forums.


Hi Eric.

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I promise I'll call in to the coaching staff again soon! I've just been having so much fun on here. Hope I'm not in trouble! I've been doing my homework. Smiling


Talk to You tomorrow

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Hi Eric, Looking forward to our phone meeting tomorrow night. Bring your answer book, I have a bunch of questions ...Jan

Hello Eric, Just wanted to

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Hello Eric,

Just wanted to Thank You for All of Your Informative Posts!!! Thanks Again to Everyone making the DG community strong!

Great Success on Everyones Journey!



Hi Eric I'm very new at this and I want to be and will be one of your top models soon. I'm finding that before I make an offer on a property everyone wants a proof of income How do I get away from this and tie up the property long enough to get my buyer involved? Dru. E.(druper)


Where do I get all the info I need to master assignments ? Thanks. Eric

Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

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God bless you DG coach
Keep up the good work
Im glad to be a famiy member.