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I just received my 'Be A RE Millionaire'. I started reading it, and it is an eye-opener for sure! I am not terribly clear or understand some of the things I'm reading, and am planning to compose a ? list to present to online help. For now, I want to read the entire book cover-to-cover and formulate my questions as I go along.

I am very excited (altho a little scared too), and looking forward to my new career! I will be retiring in Dec. 08, and want to dedicate my time - part-time at first - to the RE game. It has always interested me, and I have always thought I might seriously go into it at some point in my life. I am a great designer and space planner (not professionally), and am very creative. I love the idea of finding a neglected/old house and making it beautiful again. I have a great handyman who I work well with. We've discussed purchasing/flipping houses, and he's very interested. So, I am on my way to creating a 'stable' of good work and craftspersons.

Did I say I'm excited? I am - life begins after retirement!! Wish me luck. I will be reading everyone's experiences, and posting my own when the time comes. I wish everyone great successes and a great future in RE!


Hi Carmin!

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Have fun and best wishes in your RE future. I'm excited FOR you! Can't wait to hear your input!


Thank you Rina for your

Thank you Rina for your encouragement and enthusiasm. It's been a while since I was on here, and really have nothing new to report as I'm still reading Dean's book and trying to digest everything. I'm still not understanding a lot of things, so I'll have to do lots of research. But the book is giving me insight into alternatives and places to uncover hidden potential. It just struck me this a.m. during my commute that I have a potential investment right under my nose with a co-worker who may be in danger of foreclosure. I've lots of ?'s to ask her to make sure this is a feasible/profitable investment. I will give an update as I find out the details/risks involved.

Can't wait to hear it.

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Welcome back. Smiling