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Dean Graziosi
Phoenix, AZ
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Since 1999, through his seminars, workshops, and television appearances, Dean Graziosi has touched the lives of countless of people all over the country. Now he has incorporated all his proven techniques for total fulfillment into a book that is both easy to read and easy to use. Using clear language and vivid examples, Dean Graziosi shows how personal, financial, professional, and relationship success cannot be separated. Rather, they are one and the same, and are actually easy to achieve.

Real Estate Investing, Writing, Education

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Hey this is Grace!

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Hey this is Grace!

hi dean !!

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just a quick ? i see your online .can i post my bookimentioned site for your books on this site ? and also i would like to donate half of all proceeds to the richard branson charity you give to .let me know. and thank you for all you do!!

Hi Dean

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I am interviewing 2 RE Agents on Monday, any words that might help, I interviewed before and for some
reason it has not worked out.

Bob Ross

thanks alot

hey Dean thanks for the keeping us all motivated and sharing all this information with us.

look forward to meeting you one day maybe at your next event.

Robert Escobedo

Assignment buyers message

Hi there, thank you so much for all you are doing. I wanted to know if anyone would know where i can get an automated message buyers script for the assignment buyers (basically investors or buyers that don't need a bank approval to buy a house)


Thanx Dean for showing us ways to navigate to success. Your a Blessing!


Investing Center

Hi Dean,
I am a student of your academy. I checked out your new investing center website. It's awesome! Every bit of info that you need to assess a property in one place. This will save all of us investors a lot of time.

I found a great property here in CT that is a bank REO and I am looking for a private investor to fund the deal for me.
Would you be interested?

Your loyal student and big fan.


Hey Dean I sure!

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Just wanted to say hey and thanks for getting me started in R.E.I'm ! lawyer away from making some serious cash. Just wanted to say Thanks!

Dean, Listen, I know of a

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Dean, Listen, I know of a lot of beach located condo's and 3 familys that are being forclosed on. the builders did the whole peninsula during the boom, some are not even finished. If you are interested you can contact me via cell phone. located in NY. Rina has my# if you want to inquire.

Hi Dean, just saw that you

Hi Dean, just saw that you were online and wanted to give out a quick shout.
Thanks for everything.


Hi Dean

I am so glad that you took the time to join in....really join in. I am somewhat new to posting, since I haven't actually closed a deal, but felt that it was very important to let you know that I think that what you are doing and have created is absolutely wonderful! I'm reading and listening to all of the info, have my Edge package, have your books..and it is awesome! I have my first deal under contract. Need to work my way through the closing. It's an assignment deal, so this is all new to me. I will definitely need help from the team. Anita, Rina...anyone....I need your help. Everyone on this site is so informative, helpful and inspirational. There is no other site like it.

Looking forward to meeting you Live!!



i need help putting contract together. i dont know how to start. can you help me.

Start Here - FAQs


Start with this section "Start Here - FAQs" on the main page. Down the middle of the page are links to different sections including contract info. Also, if you go to Real Estate Forums, you will find a lot of information, including actual contracts in some case. Start in FAQs...and you will find lots of informaton. Hope this helps!


I got an idea Dean!

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Hey Dean,

Robert, here.... One of your community members who also shares Phx as their home. What a great video blog and contest you are doing this week! If I'm lucky enough to win then that would be like winning the lottery, but I wish everybody the best of luck.

Anyway, what if someone from Phx should win? I was thinking about how cool it would be to literaly introduce them / award their prize on a future video blog! I think it would be pretty cool and really inspire the rest of the community out there!

Just an idea but hey, maybe you will like it!

Take care buddy and of course, thanks for everything you do for all of us. From the books, to the programs, to the website, to the video blogs; they all make you the best real estate mentor / teacher that is out there!


Robert M. Burkett CPA


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Can somebody help me get to the link that Dean was talking about in this weeks blog about sending a photo to him. I am having trouble finding it.




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go to the main section on your left of main page look down where it says deans blogs click and you will see his latest blog on this subject and click read more and it will bring u to what u want k if you have trouble pm me

To Submit Pictures!

bombercpa's picture

Hey Rick,

Saw your question on where to go to submit your piture. I think this is the easiest way to find it. Simply click "Home" next to the "Search / Enter" box. Once that comes up the first blog should be Dean's # 39 which is the video for this week. Simply click on the title and writing, not the actual video, and scroll down a little bit and it should be right there for ya. If not, send me back a PM with your phone number and I'll give you a call to help out!

Take care Rick!

Robert M. Burkett CPA

Free Book Project!!

bombercpa's picture

Hello Dean,

I know you are super busy so I hope you can answer this real quick or forward to the proper people.

I wanted to put together a program for those that are less fortunate, where I give away a free book to someone each month. Despite my tough financial situation, I think you get back the goodwill you send out by helping other people out there when you can. You are a perfect example of that!

There was a a post from a young kid from NY named Ismael a month or so back, who could not afford a book and thanks to the generosity of jbtoggs he was ultimately sent the book. I would like to try to do the same thing each month!! My idea is to basically have people tell there story and what they would like to accomplish in RE. Essentially, I will take a survey from other members on who they think deserves that month's free book. I'm prepared to pay for it each month, but also thought that other members could sponsor it as well if they choose. Depending on how much money was collected that month, we could even have more than one winner. Perhaps, cap off the potential winners per month to 3, and I could then forward any additional monies collected to you to make a donation to the Richard Branson foundation. Then, we not only help to get a few more books into some deserving people's hands, but possibly raise a little money for the charity as well.

Questions I have for you is number one, is this acceptable to you, as I would not want to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with. Two, I remember there being a special place on the webpage to order the books that would essentially give you a rebate, and the total cost for everything was just the shipping amount of $9.95. It is no longer hidden underneath the house on the top left hand corner, and obviously the $9.95 total price would help me be able to afford putting this project together on a monthly basis. Maybe you could put together some sort of special pricing that would help us promote this project!

After watching your last video blog, you gave me this idea to try and give back a little to those whom are less fortunate but really do dream about being successful in REI. What a better way to get them going, by giving them a shot at winning your book to jumpstart them in their dreams!!

I hope you can respond back and let me know your thoughts and ideas. I really want to do something and I think this would be a great way for many of us to "Give Back" and "Pay it Forward" so to speak!

Take care Dean and thank you so much for all that you do for each and everyone of us!

God Bless,

Robert M. Burkett CPA

Hi Dean, I see that you are

Hi Dean,
I see that you are on here now and just wanted to say hello. Also, I started a forum awhile back about a member cruise. Would you be willing to participate in that in late April of next year? I think it would be a great opportunity for the members to meet up and to have guest speakers, such as yourself, Matt, and some of the successful students that we see on here. Let me know if that would be something of interest to you.

Thanks for everything,

Hi Dean

Hi Dean

This is Sue, I see that you are on today. I just joined recently, in August, I have both of your books, got the first one last year, too scared to try anything then, got your recent one a couple months ago, almost done with it,(both are great books) I'm currently not in the position to start REI right now as I am in the process of having to sell my home right now! due to financial problems, I wish I could have gotten started already I could have saved my home, but I don't even know where I will live in the next month or so (I hope the sale goes through I'm doing a FISBO) I am in a hurry to sell (credit cards and no job to pay my mortgage right now) I will have to wait till I know where I will be living and then start.
I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do and your wonderful books I just need to get it together and start when I get settled in a new place to live. I hope to be showing you my success stories soon.

Sue Johnson

hi dean

Hey Dean, boy im nervous, and unsure of my ability to do re? But i joined the sucess academy and will do my best. Thanks Dean for being so inspirational to say te least. Its so evident how mich that you care about people, thanks agian mike.

Dean You are the best!!

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Just wanted to say thank you Dean


God Bless

Killer deal if interested 100k equity built into deal

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Dean would you be interested in Ocean front property in the South Carolina area? I have three deals working that you could buy on and have 80-100k equity built into the property. I have another five to ten in the works if you want we could set a time to talk about these properties and maybe have you make 400k or so on four homes. Let me know if you are interested and thanks for your time.



Hey Dean !! I am just starting out got your book two weeks ago. Been doing some moving around from a house to a townhouse. But in the mean time I found a home that was with a bank last year I made a offer they took it for 108,000, but I back out of the deal at the last min because I did not know what was going to happen to the economy. But just the other day the same place is now listed with had a relatior call them up and ask about it was not on the market yet but called back now listed for 118.000 would you have any tips on how to get a much lower amount. The place is built for a handicap person and I am not handicap so will need to be remod for me, but it is very nice.

Hey Dean

John A's picture

Just wanted to drop in your page & say many thanks for passing all your knowledge over to people like myself to succeed the way you have. I'm sure everyone knows that we are in good hands with DG leading the way to a big & brighter future for all his students Smiling I look forward in working with you on allot of deals in the near future as I continue to take in all the insight that you share with us on a weekly basis. Take care & continue to enjoy your life as you show us the way.

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

Anxious n Scared

mwest2do4u's picture

Want to make sure I'm doing the right thing? I've been unemployed for 5-6 weeks, the day after I was let go, I watched your info-mercial and bought the book. Was offered a job yesterday, accepted it (it's only part time 30-34 hours a week), but I just don't want to over do it and get sucked into the job. I so badly want to succeed at this, and want to prove everyone wrong, that I can do this no matter what obsticles come my way. I know you have better things to do, but a word or two of encouragement, from the man himself, might be the coolest thing ever. I have a heart of great intention, but a mind of defeat, when it comes to these decisions in my life. FYI, thanks for all you give, even when it's not directed directly at me!!!!!!1

Hi Dean

God Bless You!!

I just wanted to personally say thank you for just being YOU! I have been through some tough time in the 33 years of my life. I have tried everthing from Carlton Sheets to John Beck just to name a few. I have been married for 8 years and we have almost split up because I have been determined to invest in real estate. I had not tried any system until now. I will tell as I told the DG family, it was something about you everytime I saw your informercial. It was something about your spirit that I knew was it. I will tell you, I watched your show several times before I decided to take another chance only this time I am not sharing my journey with those negative people around me. The first time I signed on and told my story, I cried at the tremendous support, feedback, and encouragement I have received. I have decided I am going to join the Academy. I don't know if you will ever read this, but if you do I wish you all the blessings that the good Lord has in stored for you and your family. I have a new positive energy about myself and a determination to succeed with something I have had a passion for since I was little. There is a song I listen to that helps me stay focus, and when you are feeling down please enjoy this song. It is by Toby Mac - City on our knees. I am truly looking forward to meeting you in person.

Thank you very much!

"Faith Without Works Is DEAD!"
"For it is all working together for my good"

Problem Playing New Commercial

Dean - I want to first of all thank you for caring about the "average guy". Second when I view your new commercial, after about 8 minutes, it all of a sudden stops playing and when I press play again, it starts from the beginning. If you can please forward this to your IT Dept. to look at. I really want to see the rest of the commercial. I hope it's not something on my computer.

dean please help

I am a student at your academy and Have learned alot! I didnt know anything about RE until we recieved your books and joined your school. We have also purchased the american investor (find it fund it ) program but its not going well. I have access to tons of REOS and shortsales but No body that wants them any advice...?

Didnt get the other book


Please allow me to start out by thanking you for inspiring me they would you have. Ive been looking a real estate for a while, and now more then ever I am ready to start with your help.

I recently ordered your books after seeing your TV show. It was my understanding that I should have gotten both Profit from Real Estate Now & Be a Millonaire.

When I received my order I only got Profit from Real Estate Now.

Should I have gotten the other one?


Hi Dean...

I saw you were online and just wanted to say hi and thank you for all that you share. I think it is awesome what you do and how much you help folks like myself grow into successful Real Estate investors. Thank you and keep the Sucessfest coming! Smiling


p.s. Have you read the book about positive thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale? Is this something you've been inspired by?

Keep on Keepin' on

Hi Dean,

It's been said a thousand times but not from me. Thank you for caring about your students and readers. Your genuine interest in our success is a refreshing reality in today’s media/marketing frenzy. If you keep on doing what you are doing, many many more people will achieve the success they dream of. I appreciate the fact that you stress getting off your (blank) and doing something, because it takes work to make your dreams come true. Thanks again for your expert advice and tutorage.

John Ellwood
aka: ChicagoLwood

Hi Dean

I just recieved your books and I am almost finished with one.I am so grateful for the relevence of your knowlege. I came to my brothers house and fired him but, because he had interests in real estate in 03' but lost his drive, now he's fired up too. I would love for both of us to join the academy but I can't afford the initial investment. Is thers any way you can work something out with me?

Hey Dean, great to see your name online!

keepmylifesimple's picture

Hi Dean,

I'm Patty-K. I am new to the site and really appreciate all the time you and your team put into helping people!

I'd love to meet you in person sometime.
If I can, I may go to the annual event you have this year.

Thanks for the encouragement I received from seeing the videos and emails about how you helped Lubertha and Bernadette.

I want to find a real estate partner too.

"Hear" from ya soon on a call or video!



corat711's picture

Hey Dean i thank you so much for your insight on the rei world. I am still striving to reach towards becoming apart of your inner circle world. I promise this to myself and you once i get there i have no one else but to thank God first for giving me the strenght and then you for giving me the knowledge and inspiration you and your fellow students have given me. Only then i will share my sucess story, unitl then i will be focusing On trying to make my first deal wisely an for that deal to open many more deals to me. I WILL BECOME A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIR....FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME

Hi Dean

I am just starting and I do not know what to do!!!!!! I am not working & have so so credit. I would like to know is it hard to do an assigning all by myself? I am going to go on Craig's list to find sellers & buyers. Can you please help me and give me some advice on what do do? I plan on being a student of yours as soon as I make my first deal.



Hi Dean, just wanted to say Hi, and thank you for all your hard work that you do for everyone. Im amazed how much you care for people, and that you truly want to make a difference in our lives. God Bless you and your family.. Mike in ct..


Jay Sthilaire's picture

again i want to thank you for pushing us to make things happen.please tell your immediate family for me a big THANK YOU for standing behind you as you continually help massive amounts of people realize their dreams and in doing so we can also teach and TOUCH peoples lives as you have.
jay st.hilaire[jbtoggs]

hi dean

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Thank give new life.
I read your books i take your class me and son have one investors now we are going to try to bird dog. i hope this help to find more deal. thank so much

ps. i look forward hear from you team.


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Hi Dean,
I am looking for investors that want to sell senior housing, mobile home parks, and self storage facilities. They can be anywhere in the U.S. I have a connectioon that specializes inproperty in Mexico if you are interested and I have owners that want to sell restaurants, salons, houses, condos, etc. If you can help me at least with the self storage, senior housing, and mobile home parks that would be great.

Happy First Appearance,
Phyllis Pryor

Contact information.

I emailed you earlier about self storage facilities and such. My contact information is:
Phyllis Pryor

If I did not mention it I have a contact the claims to hold the keys to buying property in Mexico. I have vacation property that is being sold by the owners also.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Birthday wishes

Hi Dean, I'm also a new investor. I first want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And secondly thank you for stepping up and giving back by leading a self improvement project like this. I can tell that by the countless journals that I have read you are and have made a positive impact in the lives of many. What a legacy to leave behind. My dad once told me that "GREATNESS IS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE, GREATNESS IS WHAT YOU GIVE BACK TO OTHERS TO BRING THEM UP TO YOUR LEVEL". I don't want to take up to much of your time, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!
L.C.B. Investors, D.B.A.

Im Glad you join

I'm so glad you joined us Dean G, you will learn so much from this magnificent site any question please let me know I read basically all the books.Don't go at it alone let me walk you though your deal.

Your Pal Waren

Hi Dean!

MxChica's picture

Thanx for all your outstanding information. If I can't do it here I can't imagine anywhere else! Looking forward and will keep in touch.

Happy Holidays!


Hi Dean

I just got your books as a christmas gift from my wife. I have already read them once through and am starting the second read through. I also contacted the academy and am ready to rock and roll! I also come to this site to see what else I can learn. I have already started looking for deals also. My wife says I am a man possesed!! I can't thank-you enough for making your two books available for such a great price. I have started video recording my journey from the very start. I feel in 2010 I will finally get to tell my 2 children, "No daddy doesn't have to go to work today!" Thank-you and God Bless

Hi Dean

I just got your books as a christmas gift from my wife. I have already read them once through and am starting the second read through. I also contacted the academy and am ready to rock and roll! I also come to this site to see what else I can learn. I have already started looking for deals also. My wife says I am a man possesed!! I can't thank-you enough for making your two books available for such a great price. I have started video recording my journey from the very start. I feel in 2010 I will finally get to tell my 2 children, "No daddy doesn't have to go to work today!" Thank-you and God Bless

Nervous as heck!!!!!

Thank you all for the welcomes.Taking the first step into something and feeling a little unsure what you are doing is a little nerve racking.I have read Dean's book and it has gave me some understanding about real estate.I have a job(just over broke)that takes a lot out of me mentally and physically.My job will be sending me to Georgia for 6 weeks.When i get back I'm going to give this my full attention.I will take all the support i can get.

Thanks for Everything!!!

acsabm's picture

Hi Dean,

Thanks for everything!

You have inspired me to make a change.Thank you!

Dean your smarts and advice is priceless.Thank you for leading the DG family and giving us new followers hope!Thank you!!!The sky is the limit!!