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Dean Graziosi
Phoenix, AZ
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Since 1999, through his seminars, workshops, and television appearances, Dean Graziosi has touched the lives of countless of people all over the country. Now he has incorporated all his proven techniques for total fulfillment into a book that is both easy to read and easy to use. Using clear language and vivid examples, Dean Graziosi shows how personal, financial, professional, and relationship success cannot be separated. Rather, they are one and the same, and are actually easy to achieve.

Real Estate Investing, Writing, Education

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Discount For Gain The Edge 2010

Hi Dean...

I want to thank you for invitation to The Edge 2010. I have to decline on account of being on a fixed income. If you would like to give me tickets...I am 100 miles from you in Prescott Valley. I have bought all your books and think you are doing a wonderful thing for your followers. When I was working in 1991 I was dared to go to a Robert Allen Seminar in Irvine, California. It was a 5 day seminar on Nothing were 22 then! On the 5th day Robert showed up and walked the aisles while he talked to us. I was on the end and he asked me to stand up. He put his hands on my shoulders and said " can do this!" It took me three years...but I did it and pulled out all my down payment and more when escrow closed. I am 19 years older now and retired. It is hard enough to live on a fixed income and alot harder to buy property without a job. I would love to be at your Seminar would have to be Nothing Down for the tickets! Thank You!

Tom Scott



Are there any Rhode Island Deans Academy Students, if so please contact me so maybe we can help each other out. Thanks

the last weekly blog

Hello Dean, I have never seen your name appear on the those online list before so thought i would click on your name and see what happened. Wow, i have been trying to figure out how to communicate on this website and i think i just struck gold. Its obvious i am a little slow. Anyway i loved what you shared with us and i was trying to glean what i could from the interview with Matt. I realize maybe i need to go thru your books and pull out everything that has to do with Matt Larson so i can try to get inside his head. I love all your books and i am working on the newest one. Its true that i am stuck in the middle and i have to get out of the downward spiral. I just have so darn many responsibilities and work to do that i don't get paid for. I can tell you for sure that once i get that first deal and am on my way i will be hiring some help. You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for being there.


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Hello Dean,

Just want to wish you an AWESOME DAY!!

DG_family member,



create-my-world's picture

Thanks for being the down to earth, sincere person that you are. You make yourself very touchable. Although you are our mentor, and we aspire to be like you, you let us see and know you are in the trenches with us.

Thanks for letting us into your world.

God bless you and kiss you on the lips.


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Dean Hello,

I am from New Castle, PA and I am getting killer deals from 30 to 70 percent below fair market value. I was just wondering if you know of any cash investors who might be willing to take these killer deals on assignment.

Let me know, I have five deals in the works and I will be getting a property by the end of the week that would make the investor around 72 percent return on their investment.

Please let me know if you know of anyone who would want that kind of return. I have my own investing company that does all the leg work for my investors in my area.

All I would need would be the investor to sign some papers with the title agency and they would not even have to come in the area. I would do all the work with my network I built up in the past two years. Let me know and we can chat!

Empowering Conversations

jedoss55's picture

Dean I have tried everything to get an answer to this question. The last series of DVD's I received 2 Student Series. Is this correct or was there supposed to be one Expert series? I am on your site every day and read all the postings. I have asked the question at least 4 times in different venues and no one has answered. Please let me know that what I received is correct or replace it with the correct one. I really enjoy all the information that I receive and I know that I will make this work even where I live which is in Flagstaff AZ. Please reply and let me know if what I received is correct.

J Doss
Flagstaff AZ


Thanks so much Dean. I have read your book and am getting an LLC set up and getting ready to get busy. I created a name and purchased the URL but want to make sure you are OK with it. It is called yourtownpropertyinvestments. Please let me know if your OK with it before I LLC. Again thank you for your late night infomercials!

Phillip Mihalakis

IEE Contract

jason7703's picture

Hello Dean

Is it possible to put the IEE contract on the forms and docs list

Jason( one of your biggest fans!)


Hi, I live in Edmonton, Alberta. In this recession our real estate market fell by about 15% and has now rebounded making new highs. In fact some are worried that we could soon enter a real estate bubble similar to USA just as the rest of the economy starts to recover.

My concern is that prices are too high to enter this market. Do you track Canada real estate at all? Please correct me if I am wrong, but my impression is that Dean Graziosi Real Estate Programs target USA market. While there are similarities between countries, Canadas real estate is another proposition?
Interested in your comments.

Thanks Dean,

Looking for Investment club members

I'm running a classified ad on this website to find motivated investors that want to be part of a Real Estate investment club in the Raleigh (triangle) North Carolina area. A combination of a few individuals that can achieve much more success than working alone. If you have any suggestions to help promote this club, I will be grateful. Your inspiration is beyond measure! I thank you for all you do.
Thanks, Greg Caldwell

what does condemned home means

there's a house i'm looking to maybe make my first deal but it is condemned what does it mean

how i know is not a scam

i leave in cleveland ohio i just find a house close to my area from crigs list i call the number and the guy told me to send 1,500 dollars and he will send me the deed but how i know if is real

I am new here-help

I found an empty house(in good condition) trying to get in touch with owner by a letter. How should I go about getting this house really cheap, so I can assign it to a buyer to make money I really need to make 40,000 before September. Would be glad for anyones help if you could help or let me know who would be a good mentor on this site. Thanks for your time.

hey dean

first and foremost i would like to thank you dean for opening my eyes to real estate. words can only begin to describe my excitement for your book. i have not done a deal yet but i will do one. i want to join the academy dean really bad, im trying to figure out how to come up with the money. im a 24 year old single dad supporting my 6 brothers and 1 sister and my mom. i got a soon to be two year old son that i would die for. just wanted to stop by to thank u for opening my eyes to hope in the future. ps: any advice or wise words dean


Where to get down payment

I have a realtor that found me an awesome deal, but I have to have a down payment. I can get the place for $100K on a short sale and the appraised value is $152K. It has tenants who wish to stay, so there is positive cash flow and $50K in equity. How can I use any of these factors to come up with 20% down payment (it is not eligible for VA/FHA 0 down loans)?

life changer

BYancey's picture

I cant begin to thank you enough on the information you put in your books. I am just a student from Va that has never done a deal before, but can already see a great vision of my life when I apply these great techniques that are in your books. I have bought a lot of real estate books in my life and none of them even come close to the knowledge your books contain. Thank you again for wanting to help people so much.

Just wanting to say hello

Hi Dean, I see that you are on line and the only way to get to you is by going on your inner circle. and I see that there are points that you have to get before even being invited to the circle. My goal is to get there. My question to you is I have a Broker that I am interested in speaking to. How should I start the introduction? Hi my name is Marisel and I want to be be a Real Estate investor???

Please Help.


Very Upset and Ready to Quit!?!

rpotter's picture

Hey Dean,

Not sure if you'll get this, but today I was looking at an entry that Matt Larson put on the site called "Matt Larsons Challenge". When I approached my wife with the question that Matt has in his entry, she gave me her answer then turned around and started giving me negativity again.

She thinks there are a lot of loop holes in the REI business because of legal issues and she thinks that everything your doing is a scam and that anyone on the site can say what they want to say.

I really need some advice here, because I'm trying to learn something new so I can provide a better future for her and I, but my wife is somebody that needs to see things in black and white.

I just wish my wife and I could meet you in person, so you could show her everything in black and white (meaning actual deals), then maybe she would get onboard and support me, just like I've supported her with her Mary Kay business.

Hopefully you get this because right now I'm on the edge of the fence!



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Dean Graziosi,
I am new to the world of Real Estate and many other realms that I am now a part of. I have been a Heavy Equipment Operator/Grading Supervisor for the past 14 years(mostly all of my working career) and I enjoyed this very much. I always wanted to find something that I could do that wasn't as hard on the body as construction, would allow me to spend more time with my children, and offer a much better earnings potential. I am a single dad, so I needed the time for my children and the money more than anyhting else.
Back in August 2009 I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, part of a disc tore off and pinching a nerve root in my spine, all in my lower back and sciatica down my left leg. All from operating Heavy Equip. for so long the Dr.'s said. They told me if I went back to Operating--one wrong jolt or bounce from the machine and I could be paralized from the waist down. The Man upstairs was telling me it's time to move on to something else! I had wanted to order your books before everything happened the way it did, but its like you say so much--people (for the most part) are afraid of change and thinking outside the box, getting outside of their comfort zone(however pittiful it may be)--its comfortable to them. I guess that was me and I didn't even know it!
I didn't know anything about a computer, Real Estate or anything in between. None the less, I decided to MAKE it work before I ever ordered the book, I could tell you were genuine with the way you spoke and your body language. Anyway, I ordered the books, read one and working on the other, I sold a few guns I had to buy a computer, and build up a home office. I am constantly on your site learning as much as I can cram in my brain each day! I have got a Real Estate Agent and a Lawyer, and am working on getting a Mortgage Broker. A byproduct of all this is, I am learning to run a computer better each day, and most importantly-- I am here to get my daughter off to school in the morning and off the bus in the afternoon. I don't have the cash flow--but its coming! I HAVE FAITH!!
I know I have put in alot of determination, drive, and other things, but I want to thank you Dean for the MOTIVATION!!, The KNOWLEGE!!, and all the other resources you put out there for us to use! You do put in alot of yourself in, your books, and all the other resources you make available to your students. Thank you for the e-mails, they have encouraged me so much!! When I didn't think I could do this--I had you staring right back at me telling me I COULD do this, and don't you dare give up! I can't express how greatful I am that the Lord made our paths cross! I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason! THANK YOU DEAN GRAZIOSI for all that you do to help all of your students, and me!!

Not Giving Up

Hi Dean...

It's Tom Scott again!

Just wanted to let you know that I am still in the hunt for an apartment. You had offered me a discount to your next big get together in Phoenix in May. I passed on it and thought I could use that money as a down payment. I made an offer on a triplex in October and lost by $401. I put an offer in on a fourplex and lost but as yet do not know by how much. I have another offer in on a fourplex and one of the renters got first priority so I have to wait on that one. The more offers made the easier it gets.

Thanks For All Your Help!

Tom Scott


Hey Dean saw you were online today and wanted to thank you.I have not did a deal yet however know this will work.Iam just stuck and need more study.Bye for now.

need a little

Direction as to how to find a good realtor, attorney, mortgage broker, because it seems that in my area of harford county MD, i can not find one that is willing to think a little differently, or at least point me to someone who is willing ! So i am going from VERY MOTIVATED to STUCK IN A RUT ! is there anyway you can help ? or can i try to work on my 1st deal with you

Good looking out's picture

Just wanted to thank you for all that you do,about to read your profits book and i have to be a millionaire as well, stay focused on all you do we Truly Appreciate it and you

Good looking out's picture

Just wanted to thank you for all that you do,about to read your profits book and i have to be a millionaire as well, stay focused on all you do we Truly Appreciate it and you

Matt Larson challenge

If time and money were no longer in short supply in your life, what would your daily routine consist of?

My daily routine would consist of helping others receive the goals financially in real estate and also doing missionary work . I would also focus on my health and wellness .. physically and mentally and that of others .,

Sincerely ,

Samuel M DiMarzo

Thank You

Hi Dean

My name is Garth Grant and I want to say thanks for all the great info you provide
I'm in Laveen, Az my brother (Gavel) and I are in the success academy but we really haven't got anything going yet. he's in new jersey so we were trying to figure how to best approach this. I wonder if it would be possible for us to meet know your schedule is beyond hectic but if there was any way I would appreciate it. I know I could be a Real Estate Millionaire. but I would love the chance to meet one I can actually model.

Thanks Garth

I need cash investor for Killer deal worth over 550k for 210k

jmsscarface's picture

Hello Dean,

I was wondering if you or any of your investors would be interested in a killer deal I have. I have this bulk deal in the works that is worth over 550k and all I need is an investor who wants to put up 210k and they make any where between 175k to 200k plus get paid back their money as well as interest. My company would do all the leg work and the investor just sits back and makes money and gets sent the checks in the mail.

I need a cash investor who would be willing to loan my company the 210k for this deal, then the investor makes their money back once we sell the first 4 to 5 of the 18 homes in this deal. Then the additional homes we will sell and split the profit 25/75 the investor makes 25 percent on each of the other 14 homes we sell, and they do no work for that 25%, all they would have to do is loan us the money and then get paid back the full amount, interest, and plus 25% of the profit on each of the other 14 homes.

This is a once in a life time deal where you get 18 nice homes in the same area for only 210k and they are worth well over 550k. This is not going to last long so let me know if you know of any cash buyers who would be interested in sitting back and making money for no work. Thank you for all the things you have done to help me turn around my life and realize what real estate can really do for us.


becoming a teacher, I would like to be apart of you inner circle

jmsscarface's picture

Hello Dean,

I just want to see if you would be willing to add more people to your inner circle, I have learned a lot and love to help others out as well.

I would really be interested in becoming a part of your team and helping others learn the ropes and be willing to take feeback on how they can be successful. I am on my way to becoming a great real estate investor and I would like to teach others as well, like you do.

Thanks for reading!



jmsscarface's picture

I really look up to you Dean and hope one day we can meet and discuss realestate!

Hi Dean

kenfrazer's picture

Thank-you for welcoming us newbies with open arms, i'm sure you are very busy, so i'll be quick. I was online looking for investors in my town when i came across a company called ameraco, it seems to be doing exactly what you are doing teaching with no money down etc,etc, the only difference is they have 375,000 investors
guarenteed to buy your properties, with 8-10% commission& they charge $495.00 for it. my question is do you know of this company? would you recommend them? i called & spoke with someone which said they have some of your students already on board. What do you think? By the way i love your books & your teaching is excellent!!! please keep going thanks

Hi Dean

CindyC's picture

I just signed up for the EDGE 2009 package after watching your third video. Thank you for making such an amazing offer.

I did hesitate though, because financially, things are really difficult now. I hesitated not because of a lack of faith in you but, I suddenly realized, because of a lack of faith in myself. So as much as anything, I placed the order to challenge myself to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

I have been on a steady path of small steps to lead to that first deal. As you had mentioned in your second video, I am hard on myself because I don't think I've accomplished anything. But then when I sit down and start writing down all those small steps I've taken, I can see how much I have really done. How far those steps have taken me from where I started to where I am and how very far they are going to take me from where I am to where I'm going.

Thanks to, my REICs and other sources, I have an excellent buyers list. A very successful investor offered to take me under his wing after we met at a REIC meeting two weeks ago. We are going to sit down for a long meeting Monday. Last week, my friend told me of a man in my neighborhood who had passed away the previous day. The house is now empty. I've researched the house, run a quick title check, am taking pictures this weekend, and will be presenting the package to Frank on Monday. As he has already pointed out to me, this could be my first deal. Thank you Dean.

I've been so disappointed that I couldn't pull off making it to the EDGE this year. I had set a goal to be sure to be there in 2011. I have since revised that goal - my intent is to be sitting at that round table with you for the behind closed doors training in 2011. See you then. I am so looking forward to meeting you in person.

Saying thank you seems so insufficient given the wondrous changes you've brought to my life. I'm so much more sure of myself and my goals then I've ever been before in my life. I'm no longer doubting if I will ever achieve even one thing in my life that I wish I could, but wondering now how many of them I will accomplish. The possibilites seem endless.

So - thank you...very...VERY...much.


P.S. Maybe I'll even get so successful that people will ask me "Are you the Real Estate or the supermodel Cindy Crawford?" Cause I wish I had a property for every time someone asked if I'm the supermodel. That would probably be at least a thousand props.


hi dean,is it true you sre coming to minnesota this week?or are you sending other people to this conference to speak?looking forward to going thursday eve.still green on all of this but excited to learn what you have to offer,thanks

Investing in Las Vegas

Hello Dean, I'm so happy to be a part of your real estate family. You've given me a new start in this business. I have used the site to find a real estate agent, it works great I have more agents to choose from then I can shake a stick at. But I did run into a couple of agents raining on my parade, especially one of the agent that sent me a proposal here in Las Vegas. He tells me it is illegal to do assignment of contracts since I don't own the property yet and the probate deals take to long. He also says it has something to do with the real estate laws here, that make these kind of deals illegal to do. This has sort of killed my dream for investing in probate sales & assignments,do you have any suggestions on where I should go from here?

live event

Hi Dean,
Thank you for everything you do to educate us and motivate us to take ACTION!! I joined the Success Academy Feb. 2010 and I am like a sponge trying to learn, retain and take action. I was really excited to hear about the live event you are doing in May. I would love to be there, unfortunately there are a couple of obstacles I have, 1 is money and 2 I am a single parent and those days my son has finals at school and I have to be here for him. I am planning on attending next year if there is any way you can schedule it for June 2011? I was also looking for your next email/training from last years VIP training. Did I miss it or where do I find it? I would also like to give you some feedback on some of my experiences I have had with the Academy, how should I do that? Thank you again for all you do!

EDGE Home Study Course 09

bryski's picture

Hey Dean,
I dove right into my new home study course tonight, It's the best, I'm lovin
it. I talked to Don from your success academy yesterday and had a good conversation with him. He told me alot about it and how it is set up. Having
you as my coach/mentor would mean the world to me.
Thank you for everything.

Meeting with Matt

JGREER's picture


I am very excited today about a great, amazing, excellent, don't know the right word to use opportunity today. I am meeting with Matt Larson to talk about a project. Thats all I am going to say. I watched the empowering Conversation with Chad Merrihew and that was great. I cannot wait to meet all of you at the EDGE 2010.

Jake Greer

Still searching for funding / unable to launch

bstone444's picture

Hello. I have read both books, cover to cover, and I am eager to get a deal going. Being unemployed has created a mental roadblock and I also continue to find it difficult to locate "other people's money" to fund a deal. I have looked at dozens of properties with the intent to flip them, but, I have not gotten past this 'mental block' to move forward.


Bill Stone
fourstoneenterprises@ gmail . com

7 Levels Deep video

Trying to locate this video.... having difficulty watching it due to slow buffering.... can you tell me where I can locate it?

Looking forwards to Going for IT!!

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm!!

Hey Dean!

young Money's picture

Hey whats up Dean! I know your a busy man so I'll keep it simple. I appreciate all you do for me as a investor. I just attended your seminar in Tacoma,WA an purchased the home study course and man I can't get enough. My next move will be the success academy hopefully real soon. Your an awesome man and remember that Dean! Things in life do happen but you you will find a way to move beyond the opposition. The Bible say's "greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world". Your great dean and that greatness is what your competitors fear, it's not dean the man it the greatness inside dean!! Dean I love you and I hope that one day in person that I will be able to shake your hand and tell you that Smiling So let me let you go cause I'm working on being one of your next success stories Eye-wink so see ya around the sight Dean hope to talk to you soon. Oh and the inner cicle I'm workin on that

This is ya boy young Money sayin...

Love and Live Life Cool


It is hard to believe I get to see the man Dean himself online. Great to see you on here as well and keep up the great work. I am currently working on a deal that could be my first real one even though there are some minor things coming up in it but I am not giving up just yet on this one. I wonder if the first deal is the hardest one and the others get easier as you go along.


Just stopping to say hello

young Money's picture

Hey good evening dean good to see you on the site tonight. Wanted to say whats up real quick, takin a a break from studying the profit right now home course. Hope your day went well today. Well good to see you once again, talk to you soon. Have a good night

your friend

young Money Cool

Every time I'm online

Zion Properties's picture

I see you online too! That's encouragement in of itself! Thanks for being so positive and passing it on to all of us! Keep up the great work!

hi dean!

have you heard or know of any changes to capital gains taxes for 2010. refering to when you buy and sell a house that was an investment.

Real Estate Venture

Dear Dean,
Let me start off by saying I think you are a GREAT motivational speaker and very charasmatic on video. I like the fact that you are Italian I am as well my parents came from Italy & I speak it fluently, It's funny but my mom is 84 and has been in this country 60 years of her life & she speaks more italian now than american.Dean I purchased your entire package the 2 books,Video Ect. I have just settled a large suit in which i was involved in an auto mobil accident & it was the other parties fault to make a long sory short I was awarded a preatty large sum of cash & I don't know if i should just buy a home out right or if I should take a chance now in getting involved with real estate investing. I am an engineer by trade and also an entreuperner, I started 2 companies from the ground up the 1st was Venture money and getting virtually screwed & the 2nd my son is currently running because of the accident I cannot do what I was doing.I have been unemployed since may 2009 I did get a job working with cisco systems putting in head ends for Verizon the Fios TV programming but I was laid off.I am turning 50 in a couple of weeks & I would like to be retired in 5 years so that me & my wife can finally live the life we should be living.I desperatly need your HELP I have an oppurtunity to totally turn my life around please help me.

yours truly

Frank Furia
561-506-1044 cell #

REI Clubs

I have called four REI Clubs about their clubs. One,no longer is holding meetings, one, no answer, one said he would meet with me to see if I would fit in their club but he didn't think I would and the other one sounded like he wanted to sell me something. What am I doing wrong?

just saw you.

Mighty1 Real Estate's picture

I noticed you're online and wanted to see if you have anything on my subject. I have no motivation, We're getting by but I'd like to make more money. I am in the academy and I don't call cause I can't seem to get through any of the assignments because I lack motivation and don't have that "go getter attitude". How do you do that? How can you develop an attitude of "I am going to work on this and not stop till I'm finished" sometimes I feel like a real loser.

Wow...I'm impressed and rather surprised...

phoenx777's picture

Is it really you Dean on the site or a representative/staff?

Phoenx is curious???


A Letter to Dean

eaglescrestproperties's picture

My wife and I have formed a company and begun our journey into Real Estate Investing. So far to date we have:
Attended two of your seminars both in Pasadena, CA. The first was a short one then a 3 day Seminar we paid for.
We purchased the “Prop Stream” software in Pasadena as it was every penny we could put together. We do so want to and will attend your Success Academy after we finish our first deal.
Named Our Company and its Officers.
We built and published a web site.
We obtained an 800 phone line with multiple extensions and recorded all messages.
We sent out Mortgage Broker letters and secured a Great Mortgage Broker to work with our contacts.
We sent out Real Estate Agent letters. We received one response that was hopeful, but when she didn’t want to do a simple Market Analysis to assure us she was in tune with the market withdrew our offer to work with her. We need someone with Drive and Desire who is not afraid of WORKING for a Solid Stream of Income.
We have placed ads in Craig's list and are already getting calls from buyers.
We have 2 serious Investors with cash up to $1 million on one part and $350,000 on the other and a third interested in a Lease Option.

We’ve purchased and hand written our bandid signs and begun the process of putting them out in different areas.
This process has required commitment of every penny of our Income to this point. We are out of funds and needing to complete what we have begun.
Herein lies the problem; at this point we are wandering aimlessly trying to put together the “Numbers” to make sense to make a deal work out. We don’t really understand all the information on the Software and how to put it to work. We know that this is all “Revealed” either in Scottsdale at the “Edge” event or more likely it’ll be in the “Success Academy”.
So here is what we propose, If you would kindly guide us through this process to create and finish the deal, we are willing to Sign Up for your “Success Academy” Right Now! In addition to that we would be more than happy to offer you a percentage (yet to be determined) of the transaction when it finishes. We’ll sign a contract to that effect if you would be willing to TAKE A CHANCE with us and Help us Help tons of People and create as much Financial Relief and Freedom to as many people as we can along the way!

We’re hoping you see this as a “WIN—WIN” Situation and would love to talk to you further about this. Please call us at your earliest Opportunity and lets work together to make a brighter tomorrow!

Wishing You Happiness and Prosperity,

Rick & Peggy Klauss
Eagles Crest Properties
661 803-0391

Do you never sleep?

CindyC's picture

I'm starting to understand how you get so much done in a day. It's 3:44 am here, I think you're an hour ahead of us?

Thanks for looking in on us. I hope you and your family have a great weekend.

Cindy Crawford - The RE one, not the supermodel one. Eye-wink