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Phoenix, AZ
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Since 1999, through his seminars, workshops, and television appearances, Dean Graziosi has touched the lives of countless of people all over the country. Now he has incorporated all his proven techniques for total fulfillment into a book that is both easy to read and easy to use. Using clear language and vivid examples, Dean Graziosi shows how personal, financial, professional, and relationship success cannot be separated. Rather, they are one and the same, and are actually easy to achieve.

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Said David to Goliath

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I honestly became a follower just last week, but can say that I've gotten more out of this site than a newbee investor could ever have dreamed.
I saw your infomercial about a week and a half ago, registered for one of your "Profit from Real Estate Right Now" seminars, went to it, got a copy of said book on CD, read it already, got your Home Study Course (and am currently submerged in it), AND ended up leaving the free seminar three days ago 'Fully-Charged' because I bought into the LIVE 3-day training that is coming in 2 weeks!!!
If this is Truely You, and, if you happen across this posting - let me just say:
"You've Got Me..hook. line and sinker!" As I can tell from your Guestbook site, I see you've never replied to any comments, SO I'm just gonna throw this one out there and pray it hits its target...
If you had the opportunity to go back in time (to Day 1) when you started this Real Estate Journey, (keeping all the knowledge that you have now) Is there any 1 thing that you wish you might have done differently - or - had set in place, to get a 'jumpstart' in a career overflowing with competition?

A Follower seeking WISDOM...on the path to be
A Leader claiming GLORY!!!

I found a small mobile home

I found a small mobile home park in Arizona, inherrited by the daughters, almost empty, 3 tenants left but the daughter wanted tooo much so we made an offer and if we offered what they wanted they probally would have accepted. any ideas as to peak their interest with out paying any more, it does not have enough income to justify the price and is in an out of the way location, although near an interstate?

Empowering Conversations

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Hi Dean I have tried to get an answere to this question for a couple of months now. Hopefully you can answer. The forth set of DVDs that I received contained 2 Student Series. Is this correct or was I supposed to get 1 Student Series and 1 Expert Series just like the rest? Please answer this so I know that I have the right information. I depend on these videos to help me with my Real Estate. I don't want to miss out on anything. Hope you are having a great day.

J. Doss
Flagstaff, AZ

Deal of The Month

Hey Dean,

I really enjoy all your weekly blogs and uplifting videos from all your students. I was just wondering why you haven't recorded any recent Deal of the Month videos. I have watched all of them and learn something every time, but I would just like to see more if you are not to busy. Thanks for all the insperation.

Just a thank you

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I just wanted to say thank you for what you have built throughout the years. I am working on my first deal, but what I have learned through this site and your books is far more important. I will make a change in my life, my families, and my state for the better. When it happens I just wanted to let you know that because you were willing share, as well as all the other DG'ers here, you changed my life.

Bothell, WA

new book

why do i wont new the frist one not work me i worse now they i was when i read my wife is not work i now sick

Assignment of Contracts

Hello, I have gotten both your books and read them. I am still a little worried about where to start with assignment of contracts. There are in my neighborhood, two houses on the same street with For Sale By Owner signs in the front yard. One of the houses has been on the market for longer than 365 day's. This I do know, but the problem I am having is I do not really know where to start with the assigment of contracts. Is there anyway that You can help me ? I guess I am a little worried, or just do not wanting to take that initial first step. I do not have a buyers list to help me even if I were to get the properties locked up on contracts. I live in a very small town and do not know the first thing about where to look for potential buyers. Can you give me any advice ? Thank you, Jamie


HI I tried to download Joe Jurek book but it did'nt worked. bridget

Hey Dean missed out on the

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Hey Dean missed out on the free book as a broke college student if you could find a way to hook me up that would be great Eye-wink

question from new comer

hi dean i have a question how can i purchase and sell bank owned properties to buyers i contacted one bank and they said they don't involved themselves with assignments so is a short sale the next step or should i try another bank.

Please tell your PMI people I am so sorry!

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Dean and staff, I want to tell you how sorry I am for the way I reacted to the phone call from the PMI staffer. He was so nice. I had been moving all day and had just laid down with a migrane headache when He called. I was half out of my head from the medication, I answered told him I had a migrane and hung up before he could say anything else. I felt really bad and I am truely sorry for being rude to your staff.
Best wishes to you and all your hard working staff. Tammy


Hey Dean i finally did it, and started with the success academy! Thankyou for this opportunity, and i hope that i can be another success story.. mike in ct.

EDGE event 2010

I have been thinking about the edge event all week and weekend. Sure wish i could have been there. I just wanted you to know that i appreciate all your input and inspriation. I just setup my toll free number thru the coa network and i am working on flyers. I do not have money to work with so am going after assignments. Love your backyard and consider you a gift from God. Just wanted you to know. Now i have to get my recorded message on the toll free number. Take care now.

thank you dean

Dean thank you so much for that blog today i'm not giving up and one day we will meet face to face in which i cant wait thank you again

Thank you Dean

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Dean, Thank you for everything you have done, your infomercial, your books, this website, the EDGE!! It was so great to meet you and your wife. I am so excited and full of energy!!! To bad I have this JOB thing in the way for now!

One other thing, when you move forward on the land you have in New York I would be more than happy to provide you with any knowledge I have. I have been in construction for the last 20 years and have built many projects two of which I think are applicable. I built a 180 unit condo project in Tiverton, RI (if you make it back to Newport I can show it to you). Plus I built a 330 unit apartment complex.

Maybe we can work out a deal, I can help you with the construction and you can help me with Real Estate investing!

Thanks again! See you on the stage at next year's EDGE!

Locating Reliable & Ethical Agent

Hi Dean,

I'm new to the field and can you please give me a few recommendations in terms of where to find a couple of those reliable ethical realtors that you suggested us to begin with? Or do you have any other suggestions you can give me, I'd really appreciated.


Profit From Real Estate Right Now Home Study Course

Greetings Mr. Graziosi,

First off the bat, thank you for a wonderful system and information. Very insightful, and I am very much exited about attending the 3-day live event in nashville in june. I have been studying up a storm with the home study course, but I am encountering diffuculties. I am almost deaf and wearing a hearing aid. I also lip read, therefore the dvd courses are really hard for me, since they are not closed-capationed. Is it possible to get them closed-capationed?

Thanks either way. Look forward to hearing back from you.

Mark Erdman

Thank You Dean

It has really meant a lot to have someone so committed to helping others as you do. Your right on about keeping the positive thinking heading in the right direction and do not listen to all the negative things in life.
Thank you Dean from the bottom of my heart!!!

Thank you Dean

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for everything you have done for us all. Im currently birddogging and I am getting many responses. I know that with all the material and techniques that uve shared, I will be closing my own deals soon. And Im sure other new RE investors are on that same path to freedom.

Thanks again


Here is my options, does anyone want to jump on board with me?

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Explanation of All Three Options Used for Investing with JNS Investments LLC

Just off the desk of the President:
John Sallmen III

Here are the options our company does for investors. We like to give three options so we can get the right fit for our investor and for the success of our company!

Option 1:

Here is how this option will work. My company gets the deals under contract and then with in the 45 days, you are allowed to have the property under contract and assign it to an investor or a retail buyer. We would get these killer deals under contract and then assign the contract we have on the property to you for a fee. The fee depends on the house and how much it costs and how much equity is built into the property.

We would assign the contract and then you step into the buyer spot and we step out and you go to closing and close on the property, but then you have to pay the agent fee when we assign it to you. Our agents will put the purchase agreement together and get the house under contract, then you go to the closing table and our agent and the listing agent gets paid when you close. Our agent is great and she gives us great deals and pocket listings, so she deserves to make a profit for giving us such good deals. We have a title company we use and they will do all the paper work and send it via email to you to sign. Then you transfer funds to the title company at closing and you do not even have to go anywhere to close on the property. My agent will give you the keys after closing and we move on to the next house. And we find other deals for you or for our other investors.

This option gives you the choice to buy or sell when you want to, but it will make you less money in the long run.

Options 2:

This is the option that makes the most sense for everyone involved. This option my company JNS Investments LLC makes all the calls on real estate properties, and the investor sits back and collects all the money and with little or no work. You would make your money make two or three times over in one year. This is a great option for someone who is very busy and just wants to make money on their money without doing any leg work. My company does everything and you make a killer profit just for loaning money to my company for a year.

This would work like this, you and my company would sign the contract saying that you are loaning JNS Investments LLC a set amount of money for a set amount of time. After that time frame is up, you get your original amount you loaned us back paid in full. There is no interest added to the loan, unless other wise discussed with me, because you will make more money by getting a percent of the profit on each home we buy with your money. My network does any and all work that needs done, using the funds loaned to us, from the investor, to buy the house and the material to fix up the houses. My contractor does all the work for little or no labor cost, because he gets a cut of the profit when we sell any home he worked on for free or a very low price. He makes money in the long run as well, and he is trust worthy and honest and does a really good job.

We have to sign the contract my company developed, so we are all on the same page on who gets paid what. And then how this would work would be, you and myself go to a bank and open up a bank account in JNS Investments LLC name and put both of us on the account for security purpose for you and for us. Then you transfer the funds we agree on into that account, and then we get a proof of funds letter from the bank saying my company has the cash to buy properties as soon as possible. This way we get all the pocket listings and the wholesale prices first, and they know we can close in two weeks with the cash available.

My company closes on the house and you watch all the funds that are going and coming in and out of the account. You have the opportunity to watch, on-line, the money as well as I do, so this makes you feel a little safer with your investment. You can go online and check the account daily if you wanted to see what we are spending the money on and get copies of any checks written out of that account. You will be able to monitor how much we use and how much expenses we spend. Then when we sell the houses you would get 25 percent of the profit, after all expenses are paid, and we get 75 percent. We put the money back into the account and take the profit out of the account using one of our checks.

That means you can see the money we spend come back into the same account and see the profits going out. I would give you copies of all receipts of anything we spend the money on, plus you can look on line for any and all transactions that happen. That money stays in that account for a year and then after a year when our contract is up, you just transfer the funds back into your account and we close that account, unless we sign an extension on the contract, or sign a new contract. This gives you a way out if you are unhappy with what we accomplished in a year’s span, which we believe you will not feel that way about it. It also gives us the option to work together even more, if you liked what you received out of the deal.

And in this deal you can invest some money into my company and still do deals for yourself with the other amount of money you have and you do not have all your money tied up in one place and gives you more options on bringing in money from your investment. So you make money off the investment for doing no work and the other funds you make money on the interest if we add interest to the loan. Then after a year if we are successful, which I think we will be, the loan amount can go up and we can buy high end houses and make even more of a profit. We have to start small to make sure we find the great deals now and then when the market turns around we adjust our plan and go for high end homes with more money invested but a bigger pay off in the end.

Option 3:

We form a new LLC with a new name and with all four of us on the membership papers. This would be I, you, my partner Sean, and my contractor Dave. We all go in together and do everything as one group and all slit the profits four ways and we all have control to sign for the company and get houses under contract.

All of us would have access to the account and all of us collect the profits from every deal we do, and that means the LLC would be a long term investment and would hold all of accountable for the success or loss of the company. This option I think would be something to consider, once we tried option 2 for a year and see how that works. I already have the My LLC and we can do deals through mine and not have to go through all the paper work of signing up for a new one and all that stuff. Using my LLC we can get properties as soon as 2 weeks if we get the right ones.

We would do most of the same thing in option 2 but everyone would have an equal say and equal payoff, but everyone would have access to the funds and putting the houses under contract for the company. We would discuss at monthly meetings what we are doing, but everyone would be working hard for the business, and you would not just get to sit and collect a pay check for doing nothing. Why do more work for less pay, why not to less work for the same pay and still have other options open.

Here are the options given to each and every investor who works with us and we like to be open and honest with our Investors and we like to keep everyone on the same page, so we can all step up in this market that has endless surprises and opportunities. I look forward to working with you and happy house hunting!!!! God Bless!


John Sallmen III
JNS Investments LLC


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I need help dean I have no money for the acadamy but Iam not giveing up.

my town is growing fast and am scard that i will loose my window of opertunity.

Help plzz

Our first deal

Hello Dean,

I have been renting a home in my local area for the last 10 months for $1,450.00 per month, my neighbor lost her job and their income was cut in half. She is nearing retirement age of 55 and wanted out of their mortgage. They had 2 offer's from private investors, but they were low-ball offers and they wouldn't accept. A month prior I told them I could sell their home for around 208K in their pocket. Guess what they called me and wanted to know if I was still interested. I followed your guidance in your book, signed them under contract with an offer of 214.5K with the contingency of them paying 3% towards closing. Other off the record negociation were made towards the funding, and the contract was signed in the middle of March 2010.

I contacted a broker, found FHA financing, made the deal, paid our end of our down payment of $3,750.00, signed the papers, and kept the home for ourselves. We financed 210K, and the property appraised at 235K which equals 25K instant equity. My 8K tax credit from the government still applies (which is why I negociated the contract with the owner), our interest is 5% and monthly payments are only $1,480.00 per month with tax and insurance included. (what we normally pay in rent)

Yea, this was a win-win situation for us all, the owners were paid 208K as agreed, and they even paid for the appraisal. Not bad for my first deal using your strategies and guidance. Thank you so much for your knowledge in the real estate community.

PS. By the way did I mention that all this transpired while I was unemployed, drawing unemployment! That is totally unheard of through FHA financing, but we jumped through their hoops and WE DID IT!


James & Randi Yager
Seattle, WA

Hi Dean

jeromebuggs's picture

Dean, I just wanted to say hello and thanks for all that you do. I joined your academy in 2005 and found my first property from your techniques. Even though I found it on my own, I let my aunt earn her 1st agent's commission through me. I rehabbed it and its cash flowing about $225 a month as a rental. I then went back to your think a little different material & read the tax sale info. I was able to find a property of a deceased person and won it at a public auction. I paused after that to tend to my ill child, but I just got all of your new books and got the fire back. My tax sale is almost ready to rent & cash out on the equity. I've never been so fired up. My blinders are on and it's full speed ahead. Thanks Again


Hello. A seller and I am planning to sign the contract-Offer to Purchase. He asks me if i can deposit down? What am i supposed to do then? I don't wanna get any money out of my pocket. Thanks.

Hi Dean, from Tucson!!

Greetings from sunny, 105% Tucson! So, after being at the EDGE '10, how could we NOT get so excited! It is tough getting going, but I think we may have hit something.. A couple of weeks ago, my wife was looking in the paper for FSBOs, and came across this perfect tri-plex, very close to the college, in a historic district. She called, and the lady's husband had recently died, and she wasn't sure that she wanted to sell, but said the property was paid off, and has 100% occupancy for the last 7 years, by college grad students, and professors. She was willing to carry, but wanted 50K down. Well, it turns out that on our Anniversay, last Thursday, we just decided to call her back. Something about this place said it was the right fit. I called her back today, offered 18K down (from our annuity), and asked her to carry the note for 5 years at 1800 month, hopefully we can refi in 3-5 years, and pay her off. She wants 400K, and it cash-flows now at 2800 mo. Tax is 2200 yearly, and Ins 1K. She said she has to talk to her son and daughter, and will call us back next week. It's hard not to get excited or emotional, so I hope she goes for it.. WAAHHH!! I'll let you know what happens!!

Thanks Dean!

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I just realized I never signed your guest book! I just want to thank you for all you have done.

Here is my story so far. First of all I am in the construction business so I have a good understanding of buildings and construction. My wife Lori went to school for Interior Design and recently completed a course in home staging (which she started before I read your first book). To back up a little, we have always loved watching the home improvement shows on TV, and saw a lot of the "my first flip" and "flip this house shows" and we thought, these people don't know what they are doing and they still make money at it. So I got a few books and read them all, but they didn't really talk about how to start with little or no money. So I put that aside and decided I need to save up my money or create more equity in our house before I can start this, this was about 3 - 4 years ago (2006 - 2007).

A few years go by, and my wife and I went away for our anniversary at our favorite place in New Hampshire (Eagle Mountain House, in Jackson). As we are getting ready to go home after a wonderful weekend, I put on the TV to check the weather and BAM, there you were, talked about real estate. That old spark started to flicker, as I listened more I thought, there is something about this guy, I called my wife in to watch. I said, let's write this number down we'll call on our way home and order his book.

Well the two books show up and I couldn't put them down, I kept thinking I can do this. After reading the books I enrolled in your success academy, by the time all this happened it was December 2009.

Fast forward to today, I closed my first deal (with a self directed IRA in February), went to the EDGE in May, I will be closing on my second deal in July and I have another 2 - 5 deals in the works!!!

I love this site, the people on here are just awesome. The kind of people that you want your kids around. I look forward to the future! My life has already changed and it is only getting better.

Thanks again!


Change is Everything

aerospaceman's picture

Good Morning Dean,

Going through the coursework is not just about doing your homework it's about changing yourself. Little do we realize that change isn't just around us, it's inside each of us. The secret to life is so simple...accept change and grow. We must be true to ourselves but we can't do that until we look into or core beliefs. Your courses have allowed me to look into myself without feeling threatened or fear to step out of my own shadow and really think outside the box. I would like to say you are no guru, but a teacher who has multitudes of students who are proud of you and thank you each day just like I do, Great Work Dean!


how do I make money simply introducing the property to a friend?

Hey Dean

B.C.'s picture

Well I looked at my first post on your page. It was in Feb 09! Well I am re-posting now to tell you I kept my word and have done a deal. It was great meeting you and every one else I met at the EDGE. deal 1 will close on Jul 25th, and I may have deal# 2 not far behind it.

Thanks again Dean.


Double Closing

TammyAlvarado's picture

Hi Dean,

I'm glad to see you are online.

Q. I live in Texas. Is it possible to do a closing with the bank then close with an investor, back to back?

Or is the illegal?

Thank you for all you do, you are truly making a difference. Your heart is in the right place and it shows above all the rest out there.

God Bless you always,

Tammy Alvarado

7 reasons step 2

Hi Dean thank you soooooo much for everything my girlfrind and I just finished the 7 questions that you had us do for the exercise and are now wiping the tears from our eyes it was mind boggling I love it I am excited to get into this it started out as a book that I wanted to get for my girlfriend but have become just as mezmorized as she is about it I think it is amazing and am excited to someday go to one of your seminars. PM button

cbrindamour's picture

I will send it to Megan, hopefully she will forward to you.


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I don't know if this is a possibility or not that you would help me personaly or not, but I've just recieved a PM on your site from a woman currently in Africa who says that she has a substantial sum of money that was her late father's that she would like to transfer to the U.S. and invest. The reason that it is an emergancy is that she said that the transfer would be complete in three days of me agreeing to help her. She said that she would give me 10% of the money to do this for her which is incredibly generous and I would love to help her,BUT I have no idea how much money that she's talking about,or what to tell her to invest in. I'd really love to help her and the money would be nice too, but I would hate to take a chance on losing her money for her. I'd gladly split the money with you, but at the moment, I'm afraid to reply since I've yet to do my first deal. PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE help me. It's 10:28 PM Eastern time 7/5/10. I'll wait up all night for your reply if necessary. Again, PLEASE HELP...Johnnym66 THANK YOU for your consideration.


Nice to meet you Dean. I've been reading your emails and I'm starting to get my motivation back after re-reading your book. I'm about to start my buyers list and hopefully start assigning or wholesaling some properties within the next few days. I must admit your not look those others that get on tv pitch a product and dissappear lol. I'm impressed with that fact that you always help your student first and you never forget about them. As for me I've been interested in RE for years. I think this time around I got all the information I need to get my first deal done. I have no fear at all. But I'll keep in touch.

Have a nice night.


rich61's picture

just wanted to give you a great big thankyou for giving me the inspiration & knowledge to do this thanks again. just learning how to navigate around the site, and find it very helpful.also spent 3+hrs on very good site with i just need to get myself writing offers, and like you say don,t worry about the details yet. just get the offers out there.

Hello Dean

We just want to say hi .It was a great pleasure to meet you at the edge event.

Safe Act

Dean could you do some type of training event on the new Safe Act law?

Thanks - This site is amazing!!

I'm in the acadamy but its moving to slow...........

Kimmie4670's picture

Hi I'm a newbi and I just fond a house on the water in Lake tahoe.The guy owns it out right, and only wants 285KWhen the market goes back up this will be a 1/2 million dollar home!Do I try to do a lease option??? I want to move in and do the upgrades my self.I dont have good credit YET,and I dont have a down payment...any help would be great.....God Bless


hi new to this site senn tv commercial and wanted to know how to gwt started if any info to help get me on my way i would be greatly appreciated thank u. ps no money to invest but lots of time needed to be pointed in right direction


Hi Dean,
I just got your books. I was wondering when and where your next conference is. And about the academy, what exactly is it/the function. Look forward for your reply.

Private messege

darylmau's picture

Sent 05/07/2010 - 03:27 Free Book. I rarely get an offer for something of real value. So I am infinitely disappointed that I haven't been checking the forum daily. I have been reading and re-reading my first book, Be a RealEstate Millionaire. But to keep it short, thanks for your generosity and I'll set sometime daily to be involved in the forum.

Warm Regards to you and yours,

Daryl Mau

question for the family

doctor23's picture

Hello, Everyone

I have a question regarding getting an investor to sign a contract. What is the safest steps in doing that. Because i know of an investment property that is FSBO, however I'm not for sure how I should deal with the investor in getting a contract and having him sign it...and knowing if he or she really have the cash.


JJD's picture


Just always wanted to say hello and Thank You,


Template for contacting property owners to sell the property.

I would like to have a template with the proper correspondence to initially set up future deals in communicating to a property owner that has their property for sale on order to determine their motivation for selling and begin to understand if its the right property to consider having a contract on.

Stopped by to say hello

SJ_Backholm's picture

Hey Dean,

I saw that you were online & just wanted to stop by and say hello,

As a brand new investor, I wanted to say thanks, for making so many resources available to everyone. It has been an absolute blessing learning from your experience through the books & online training you've put together

Anyways like i said just wanted to say hi, & look forward to meeting you in person one day soon

Take care

found a property

Mr. Dean my name is Steve Dehl and I love your books so much infomation. I have a lady that has a property 3 br 1 1/2 bath home 1800 sg foot she is renting it for $450.00 a month She wants to sell it and oly wants the payoff. I have bad credit and no money and looking for some investors who might be interested in the property. Do you have any suggestions. I have been a member since ay 2010 and looking forward in the REI business. Thank you for your books and God Bless you also been watching your videos too great tools. Steve

Heartfelt Thank You & Hello

JJD's picture

Mr. Graziosi,

Just a Big Heartfelt Thank You & Hello!
From Me to You


How to take title to properties

I was wondering how you take title to properties? I usually use a trust, esp. if I am going to hold a property. I was just wondering if I should do that if I am going to flip a property also? And was wondering what is the best way to conduct business? Through an LLC, DBA or Corporation? Thanks.

Just saying hello

Just saying hello

The Call Tonite!!

Laird Property's picture

Hi Dean,

So looking forward to the call tonite, i'm sure it'll be very informative!

Take care