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Phoenix, AZ
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Since 1999, through his seminars, workshops, and television appearances, Dean Graziosi has touched the lives of countless of people all over the country. Now he has incorporated all his proven techniques for total fulfillment into a book that is both easy to read and easy to use. Using clear language and vivid examples, Dean Graziosi shows how personal, financial, professional, and relationship success cannot be separated. Rather, they are one and the same, and are actually easy to achieve.

Real Estate Investing, Writing, Education

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Hi Dean

Just finished conference call. I can't get I want to get more on this and sign up for. What do I do. Kathy

personal question

wanted to ask a personal question to Dean Grasiosi


Mr. Dean!! how you doing? I'm 100% sure your doing SUPER haha.....well i needed some help in starting, ive been sending messages to a few peeps in this but no returns, sr i am willing to give it my all but i dont have much money and the only money i have im going to spend it on the academy thing you have.....i really hope to get an answer from you soon Mr. Dean, your a very smart guy on your field.........

Thank you

1st Deal is Awsome

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WOW! This is our 1st deal and it just kinda of fell in our laps.My husband and I had been watching this 100 acres for about a month so finally we called and she wanted $1500. an acre. (This is $2500. acre land). We talked a couple of days about it. My husband called her back and asked her what is her bottom dollar on this land. We have signed a contract on prime raw land for $1000. an acre. Instant $150,000 equity.
We could not have done this without the help of you all and Dean's books to coach us alone.
I just want to say THANKS A BUNCH. This website means so much to my husband and I. You folks are great!


thank you for set for life

Hello Dean, Thank you you for all of your hard work, I live in Riverside Ca, how can I get other Dg investor in Riverside So we can start A DG club or team,

Asked for information


I sent an email to the support team, still waiting for an answer.

My Questions are:

Can a none USA resident or citizen apply for a Fannie Mae property or Homepath Finance?

I tried to register with Craiglist, but as I don't have a USA address it would not allow me to register(is there any way to work around this?)

Many thanks I await your reply.


Jay C's picture

Hello Dean,
I am getting ready to call a make offers on 3 houses, in a lease option who is responsible for the renters insurance?And should we file a quit claim deed from the seller to us with the county?




Hey Dean bought your book and looking to do my first birddog deal. I tried to get into your success academy but couldn't come up with the money, is there any other way to get help? Im willing to do anything it takes to become successful, I feel like Im close but can't get over the hump. Not getting in really got a fire burning inside me. I watch all your videos and read all your e-mails. You inspire me so much. Keep it up!


Conference call

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Thanks for the great information dean. Lots of real estate agents I speak to are so skeptical about all of this that I need to know were can I find those real estate agents that want to help. Thanks again dean I won't give up though.

one deal coming

I almost have one deal coming, since I buy the book from Dean in two years, It's hard to me get a deal.
Now, I have client want to sell her townhome. I have a lot cash buyer to call in get information. So what kind the form give to seller sign contract and after that Cash buyer want to buy her Town home and what we do next, what kind the form to sign between me and buyer, Please help me out to get a first deal in two years. would you please respond as soon as possible.
Thank you

One deal coming

Hi Dean and every one

I almost have one deal coming, since I buy the book from Dean in two years, It's hard to me get a deal.
Now, I have client want to sell her Town home. I have a lot cash buyer to call in get information. So what kind the form give to seller sign contract and after that Cash buyer want to buy her Town home and what we do next, what kind the form to sign between me and buyer, Please help me out to get a first deal in two years. would you please respond as soon as possible.
Thank you

Hello, I am new to the DG family :) please help me

Hello and thank you for your time in reading this message. I am new to real estate and real estate investing. As you can remember when you first started, I too am a bit nervous and scared. Although, I do have a burning desire to not give up! And push hard to getting that first deal done! I know once done I will push harder and be motivated! What my question to you is, are you familiar with the "Marketing Consultant" method, talked about in chapter 11 in the Profit From Real Estate book? If so, can you direct me to a link to find the contract and agreements to print and take to the seller as a marketing consultant? Please help...I am scared and excited, but ready to start making money and chase dreams! Thank you sooooo much!

set for life automation

Hi Dean, I need to get ready to go to work but before i do i need to let you know i was about to loose it not able to get around in the system. I have been trying to communicate with support since last night and they are stuck on telling me that i should download Mozilla. I am not technical but it did not seem correct that i should have to download something else. I was right ! ! see the post on this page 6 of who ordered sfl from Daisy. She is an Angel ! I did what she said and poof - - i was in. The word NO was the answer. What a smart girl she is. Now i can go to work and then when i come home i can hopefully do replay of todays webinar and play in the system. I have lots of time contraints and things are getting more dicey at work. Take a moment to include me in your prayers today. I reach out and confide in you occasionally because you are the biggest blessing in my life right now. Don't mean to bother you. Thanks have a great day.

Webinar Training for the Set for life system

Hi Dean,

I don't know if you will read this, but whoever does, I was unable to watch the webinar training for the set for life system yesterday, and I was wondering where do I find it to watch the recording of it?

Thank you so very much, and for this wonderful opportunity. I think I will really be able to do this this time.

Andy Maddox

Wow, it just gets better

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Life happens and it was a TRAGIC year, but it looks like I came back at just the right time. So much is happening, clicking all over catching up on the great stuff. Putting my learning on steroids and loving the SLF system. Your the man. (or should I say your the real deal)


Private Pre-Auction Real Estate Event

I recently received an invitation to a Private Pre-Aution Real Estate Event. There are 3 separate events, Sept.14,15,&16,held in 3 different places. Spaces limited to first 100 registrants. The invitation has you on it. These are all being held in Calif. and I was one of the lucky 100. "Oh" I forgot too add, you can also bring a guest. The return address is LA,CA. My envelope was hand writen. I just wondered if this is a ligitimate event sponcered by you. If you need any further imformation, feel free to contact me.
Thankyou for everything you do for everyone,you're truely a very special person. GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS and STAFF.

Los Angeles

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Will you be there tomorrow?



I've been following you for some time now and I believe in you but I need a hand and you gave it to me by creating dean real estate success academy I'm getting O.P.M to get in the academy so I will be on my way to success. DEAN THANK YOU FOR EVERTHING. P.S My name is Francisco Torres,jr.From the Bronx New York its a pleasure to meet you. I know your busy so thanks again for your time.

unfufiled sucsess

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dean im willing to work with anyone can you set me up with a pro , or anyone it seems like no one will awnser my questions they think im under qualifyed ,should i change my pic to a more proffesional one , i just dont no why i cant get help , im modivated more than anyone , i work a 12 hour shift job from 6 p to 6 a and still come home and read your book for a hour in a half in then research online for a nother 2 hours , im not trying to bother you i no u can write back even if its you im talking to now i just need a mentor the academy and customer service inst understanding what i neeed to know or how to awnser , teaching me is a challenge, can you plz help me ill do anything ,i no u get thoes


I found a vacant home with no sale information posted. on the door there is a sticker that says, " found vacant" contact mortagage company if not vacant. How can I find out who or which mortgage company owns the home?

Hello Dean

I just can hardly wait for Sunday morning and the new video. You always inspire me. Hope you are having a great day.

got one question

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Hey Dean ,I'm meeting with a realtor look at 2 houses both bank owned ,might have a buyer for the two family one ,is there a way I can make a small profit off it

just had to mention this

bill2658's picture

forgive me I should have mentioned first that I don't see or hear about good soles like you ,so uplifting and so humble ,there should be more people like you !

Hello Dean! I just recently

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Hello Dean! I just recently got on board, i love what you do, you have inspired me more than anyone. im giving it my all. still reading the books, thank you so much. would mean alot if you personally responded if not thats ok, i can imagine how busy you get. Thanks again!

Dean Thanks

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I am new to this but will committee my next 1 to 5 years as an REI to help other's achieve the dream of home ownership providing Gods Will.

Again Thanks,


"God help Them Who Help Themselves"

Protect your investment and yourself

I posted a comment about how to use lien waivers to protect you and your investment when dealing with contractors and vendors.

Hi My name is Richard and I am a retired general contractor. I have been following you and your information for some time now and it is wonderful. I am a strong supporter and follow your blog diligently. I want to pass on this information in the hope it will assist fellow members on several ways to protect their investment.

Since my post, I have received several inquires about the use of a lien waiver. Subsequently I have created a 5 document file that provides forms I have used and information a home owner or investor should know to protect themselves from liability. I have also included a list of information a home owner or investor should ask their contractor. Also included is an explanation of the documents needed. (Business license, etc.)

After years in the building business, I know the importance of making sure you have all the documents in place before the first contractor steps foot on the job. Otherwise the home owner is liable. I am more than willing to share this information with other members, however, I am not sure how to post the information.

If there is either an address or an email where I can forward the file for your review, that would be helpful. Or if you can direct me to a link showing how to post this file. Thanks for the help.

Sincerely, Richard

Hey Dean,

Devine6969's picture

is there any way I can PM you??


Hi Dean! Your such an inspiration!

I bought a few of your books about a week ago and I blazed through all of them, and I'm ready to start investing!! I'm 15 years old (starting early!) and you have already changed my life! And my way of thinking too! All I can say is that you're brilliant! I hope that one day I will become as successful as you. AND I also hope that I will meet you one day! As a student of yours I know that I will make you proud! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the world!

good morning Dean

rich61's picture

good morning Dean

Thank You

myshel's picture

I want to take the time out to thank you for your book "Your Town, Your Real Estate Profits! I bought this one. And am learning to apply what I'm learning to investing. I have a desire to do this but I must tell the truth, it is scary. In saying that it's not going to stop me. I'm reading "Be A Real Estate Millionaire." Wasn't able to buy that one but I did get it from the library. Thank God for libraries. I had a CD or it may have even been a tape that I listened to many years ago "Where there is a will, there is a way." I was in college at the time. The same applies with Real Estate Investing.

I thank you for this website that provides much encouragement and support.

I'm looking forward to becoming a student in your Success Academy and attending your Edge conferences.

It's all about change.

Michelle W
"Great Expectations"

is this really dean thats online?

cause im lost here....i have buyers and i have sellers, so to the seller what do i say to him when i talk to him tommrow?

hi dean

Deekay's picture

MY name is DARKEE aka deekay i join the success team about 5 months ago, I kinda let my problems get in my way so i went like two months without doin anything with it. but thanks to ur site my dad and coaches im back on track. thanks for helping me sound like ive been doin real estate for years to other investers.

deekay from iowa

Hello Dean

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I've seen your commercials a few times, but this time I'ved decided to act. The advice I'm getting from the book is excellent and I look forward to joining in on the success!


guzmanhomes's picture


Leaving a Legacy

daviddiamond7's picture

Hello Dean,
David Jones here,I just wanted to say thank you for training,your info,your time.
Your knowledge will help me Leave A Legacy for my Kids and Family.
Thank You.


hi dean i just want to say thx for everything.i'm a doer and trying to learn a much and i can from u and others.trying to keep my head up and move forward,again thx

estate sales

Hi Dean. Is there anything different about an estate sale? I'm looking @ a waterfront townhome in MD for myself and the owner past away a year ago. Her sons are trying to sell it through a realtor. Its priced @ 450k and during the up market they were selling @ 600k - 700k. I would like to get it @ 300-350k.

Do you have any suggestions?



smurfy's picture


House forsale

I purchased a foreclosure a year and a half ago and it has not sold yet do you have any suggestions as to what i should do?

kamusta( How are you) dean Graziosi

hello dean and Family , I Owned with deeds 5 Lots of land in polk county florida , opportunity for DG REI , if interested let me know , Just Looking up , God Bless You


smurfy's picture


I must say

xTomcaTx's picture

This site can be extremely sobering. Don't get me wrong, I'm hooked on the discussions and will be haunting them frequently from now on. Smiling Anyway, Thank you for being you and doing all that you have. TL

Real Estate Investing

I went recently to a 2-hour presentation of your R.E. Success Academy which was well done. However, I live in Naples/Florida where we have only medium to high-priced condos and houses. I am interested to get into real estate as buyer/seller and investor but it would be helpful if you had some of your people nearby so that I can discuss RE possibilities with them p e r s o n a l l y. I am not interested in doing things over the phone but rather in personal mettings. So my question is:
Do you plan to have an office or at least a representative of your Success Academy near Naples soon? I would appreciate your comments. Many thanks in advance.

lease options documents

mustang48's picture

hello dean my name is ron i have been watching you on tv for a few years and studying for as long i am puting flyers out there at laundry matts to attract buyers i understand what to say to buyers and sellers my question is how do i work a contract with a seller so that i can pay in 30 days you know lock it up with no money then get the money from the buyer could you please take time out to help me with this small detial thank you ron

whats up dean

mustang48's picture

hello dean i live in omaha nebraska all it does here is snow in the winter,it is no fun but i guess i get more studying done because its to cold to go anywhere,i havent worked in two years,my health insurance just went in the craper,and i got no money coming in from anywhere,i was hurt at last job and been living on workmans comp checks but that ended and in the end of this month theyll start paying me again to look for work,ever since i got fired from my job for being injured ive studyed your techniques,your the only person ive found that doesnt pressure anyone to jion their school ive seen all the fly by night real estate scams on tv and your programs the best i wish i could come to the live event in phoenix but i am broke but i tell ya what i am out there every day hustling my flyers in laundry matts and using your techniques i know that i will be able to go out there with confidence and get a few deals going,i have no support from any one here they all think i am crazy but i am not gonna give up i am gonna make my fortune happen and i owe it all to your books and teachings thanks dean, its cool if if you cnat answer my questions,your probably really busy i will figure it out and i am gonna come out there to AZ some time and check out that live event take it slow dude ron

Need help

I sent for your books last Jun. I then got a call from one of your people and they talked and tried to sell me on a second package that cost more then i had. I sent for your info so that i could make money after loosing my job not pay what i didnt have. I soon found out that when i sent in a small payment of some hard earned money i was turned off and no one ever called back. On one would help to get me started until i sent in a lot more money. I am still interested in learning from you but i have not had any help. In the TV spot you mentioned that you would help me get started and help me find some exceptional deals and help me find buyers. I am still waiting for some help. I don't have a problem splitting some profits on the first deal as a way to pay for the help. Can some one please follow up and help?

Hello my nmae is Jose Guzman

Hello my nmae is Jose Guzman and I am really needing some help as soon as possible or I think I will lose out on good deal. I am in Houston,TX and I have potential earnings on a comercial property. Here is the scinorio, a good friend of mine is a club owner and wants to sell the property. I have found a buyer that is very interested and is already on a trial basis working in the club to see how the business works and well its almost a done deal that the buyer will buy. My friend, the owner of the club had already promised me a 4-5% on the sale if it goes through. I want it to be legal but I dont know how to go about it if real estate agents are involved. As far as I know there are no real estate agents involved at this time. I was wondering if I can use an assignment contract and if so how should I handle this? My finders fee would be devided into me and another person which we found the deal for my friend. Any advise would be greatly appriciated. Thank You

Hi Dean

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I just wanted to say that I enjoy your site and have learned quite a bit since signing on here. Your need of helping others is kinda contagious,I find myself starting new threads of discussion and sharing the experiences that I have had over the years. I do see a lot of people moving forward in their goals to a better life and that gives me a since of comfort.I think many will make in spite of them selves. Thanks for all you have offered and here's to your continued success.
Jim Kendrick

Thanks Dean

shaun omar's picture

Just wanted to say thanks....we just bought a cash flow property in Memphis with a 10.5% cash on cash. I couldn't have done it without your help. I met you in Vegas at the buying summit and it was great to see that you truly do care about your students. This is only the beginning...I'm working one in my backyard that's $45k with a tenant paying $800/mo. I'm looking for a buyer for that one. You are the best. THANKS