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Kyesha Turner
New York City
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Being a business owner and owning property has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I purchased Dean's course in May of this year - just days after being laid off from a dead end job. I was going nowhere fast-felt like a caged bird-but I've been loosed to freedom, Financial Freedom that is. I have always worked with people and have held various sales jobs for over ten years now- almost everything under the sun-Direct Sales (Mary Kay & Saladmaster), Adult Club, Counter Sales Rep for Hertz Car Rental and Budget Car Rental, Fast Food, Relief Agent (Temp) for Centox Homes (loved it!), Legal Secreatary for two Real Estate & Family Attorneys (Temp), and travel- 3 years as a Travel Agent for Liberty Travel. I even have my own travel website now-cashing in on the 7 trillion dollar travel industry right?-but my comission checks are small and they don't come until my clients have completed travel which could mean waiting months to a year or longer depending on when they booked. So this is just another source of income but won't make me the kind of money I need and want.

Now I have a new direction in my life. I am a young single woman, determined to make a fortune in real estate. I don't expect to become a millionaire overnight and it will take hard work which I am not a stranger to. The benefit I do see is homeownership, a steady and reliable source of income (positive cash flow), a chance to improve and perfect my credit, and a best of all- coming away from a deal with more money than I make in a year and/or could save in five. I found my dream home in Las Vegas one year ago-the cost is about 900,000 and in two to three years, maybe less, it will no longer be a dream but a reality.

"Knowledge + Action = Results"

REAL Estate, Making money in real estate, Making my first million so I can retire in 10 years or less, Traveling and Theater

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Hello Kyesha!

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Just dropping by to give you a shout out & welcome to being successful with REI. Feel free to ask questions & drop by my page when you get a chance. Your dreams will come to pass so don't give up, you got myself & others to back you up, all the best to you!

Your new friend,
John A


Hi kyesha i wante dto know hopw old you were because im very young and i really dont any young ppl on here?

Gina Arnold

Hello Kyesha

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Hello Kyesha

Just stopping by to say hello and welcome. It's always nice to see a fellow New Yorker on this site. Im new to RE. Feel free to PM whenever. Good luck with all your deals and may they all be successful ones.

Antonio Smiling

Hi, hope to network with you

Hi, hope to network with you on this site. If your an invesetor, you might also want to join **** , its free and like this site allows you to network and find local RE investors. Its free, good luck and speak to you soon!