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Hi Robbie:
My name is Andy Sager and I am an up and coming RE Investor. I was looking at your post in the DG Forum and was curious where you are from. I am in Central Florida and I'm looking for someone in the area to possibly partner up with. I too have money woes and high ambitions so working with a partner is my best bet. If you're interested, please email me at AandDproperties@**** or give me a call at (954)235-9995
Look forward to hearing from you Smiling

Where to start...

If you wanted to go for gold instead of splitting with people, you could start by spending a couple dollars and getting your information hotline up and start posting signs and ads that you buy houses. Then make low offers and see if anyone accepts. Remember, they are desperate to sell so they will go low on their price if you convince them that you can sell it.

Other than that, look at foreclosure listings. There are LOTS that have great prices and would sell easily and still make you profit. If you found one you thought would make you money, find a private lender or a hard money lender. They will most likely charge 12% of what they lend you, but there should still be room for profit. Also, a hard money lender won't require a payment for 6-8 months, meaning if you can sell the property by then, pay off your loan, and pocket the profit! Here's a link to a lender. (Doesn't require a job, good credit, nadda.)

Also, remember, you can drive the price down further on foreclosures as well, because the bank doesn't like owning property! Don't be afraid to send a really low offer.