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Hello...I'm Donna

I just wanted to touch bases w/someone. I feel like a failure. I'ver had Dean's program since last year and haven't purchased not 1 home. I was in BK and have a foreclosure. Have you purchased a home yet?

Welcome Donna!

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Don't feel like that sister, it's NEVER too late to get started. Re-refresh yourself with his program and if you have any questions they'll get answered here. Many of the folks here have just started investing too! No one here will judge you, we will only support and help you any way we can.
I have purchased two homes in the past couple of years, but I stopped after I got myself into bad circumstances with partners and such(long story), I was broken and beat down, and the folks here have been nothing but kind, supportive and gave me the motivation I was lacking to get back my confidence to continue my journey to becoming a Real Estate Millionaire!
You'll find it all here... So Welcome friend!!
Elena Laughing out loud

Hi Donna


I have just started on this journey! I have faith that Dean Graziosi is everything he says he is! Have a little faith!!
Why don't we do this together? I am just learning and it has been a while for you, so why don't we work this together?? I have set a goal of 6 months to buy my first house! You can be my personel support team and I will be yours!! We can be each others cheerleaders on the sideline!!
What do you say?? I am game if you are!!
6 months would be around christmas time......we can do it!!!