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lancelot Parris
New York Area
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I am a humbleman trying to better my life and in doing so make life a little easyer for my family and good friends.

becoming good at investing in Real Estate,Bowling,pools,playing, music,baseball,going to see a good movie,broadways shows.

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Pension administrative assistant
Have Child(ren)
In College
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One



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I larned from reading Deans' book, that my fear of failure is what was keeping me from reaching my goals in life.

Hi lancelot

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I have had the SAME problem, and LOVE the parts of Dean's book that have helped me overcome! Welcome to the site. You will find that everyone here will support you in your REI endeavors and your striving to overcome obstacles. Smiling
Check out these posts. hope it helps. Smiling


Best wishes and so glad to have you with us.


Thanks Rina,i will check out

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Thanks Rina,i will check out the links,i wish you the same in you R.E. adventures as well

You are welcome

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and thank you. Smiling


how is it going

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How is your R.E. search going? I found a few houses not two far from me, i took pictures and i have to check for the owners info tonight.i need to find the Cleark office website for my county i think that where.

HOw is it Going

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How is your ReI going. I live in Queens but I work in Brooklyn. I drive tow truck so I am in all different types of neighborhoods everyday viewing different properties. I would like to get some feedback on how thinks are going with you and the rest of our group. I am looking to do some assignments and maybe some lease options. I am just starting my campaign. It would be nice to have some like minded people to communicate with in the area.