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Emily Cottle
Jonesboro, GA
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I am currently a busy Stay at Home mom of three. My husband is an entertainer who travels frequently. I maintain his group's website ( and their Myspace (a job in itself) and assist with other admin tasks as needed. I help my sister with her businesses and create/maintain a few other websites. I do have a small business admin. service as well. I feel like I am a "Jill of all trades, but master of none". In investing, I have found something that I really enjoy and can see myself becoming financialy independent. I am currently working on my first deal, a flip that I bought for $70,000. It was so scary but so liberating at the same time! I am doing this project on my own, at least without my husband's "help". It just has to be something that I do on my own. I think that I have more to prove to myself than to him or anyone else. So far, it has been a long, hard, stressful road, but I can't WAIT until I sell and close, just to see that check! Of course, I already know what it will be spent on - MORE PROPERTY! I intend on acquiring some rentals so that I can have a montly cash flow during my next flip! I'm glad to have found such a useful site and can't wait to be able to browse through all it has to offer.

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Just wanted to say hello to a fellow DGer from Jonesboro GA. I live there too. Hope your making that money!