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New York city
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I'm 31 years old. I'm new to the game and I am trying to obtain financial independence by becoming a RE investor. I am determine to become successful in this business, if it is the last thing I do. I was fired from my job 2 years ago. I have been trying to obtaing a job ever since. It's been hard times and very stressful not knowing what's going to happend. I was attending college , but, took a semester off to persue RE investing. Right now Im down, but, not out. I don't plan on giving up. I just finish reading deans book. I thought it was very inspirational, as well as informative. For the past several days I have been reading everyone story that is on this website. It has lifted my spirits and has kept me positive. Keep it coming guys, I hope to hear more positive stories from everone.Smiling

"Knowledge + Action = Results" Cool


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Rookie investor
No Children
In College

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Mainly Just This One


Looking for RE agent

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Looking for RE agent to represent me in the New York city area, someone who doesn't mind working with investors.

Please PM ASAP

Thank You


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Hello and Welcome
to the DG family.


Would you be interested in talking with me. We can talk about and share info about real estate. I welcome everyone. Would like to learn more. Let me know if there are good programs out there.

Hello Antonio,

I know that you are looking for an agent and really making an effort to network with DG members. Smiling

How's it going?

Hi, hope to network with you

Hi, hope to network with you on this site. If your an invesetor, you might also want to join **** , its free and like this site allows you to network and find local RE investors. Its free, good luck and speak to you soon!