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Castleton/Fishers Area (northeast side of INDY)
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A Computer Engineer by trade. I've been in the Industry since the RCA Factory moved everything to Juarez, Mexico in 1998. It's provided a semi-decent living, I suppose. Just not getting where I feel I should be.

I figured out computers within a relatively short time. I think I can get a handle on this, as well.

Anyone interested in gettin' together over Happy Hour, just let me know. Right now, I work downtown, outsourced to a Large Corporation. My Home Office is in Carmel. Feel free to drop me a note here, email me, or you can even text me cell. 317-250-4317

Getting this Real Estate thing off the ground is quickly becoming a high priority. But, my fun time belongs to the IndyPackerBackers. A PackerFan Club that I've been overseeing since 2002.

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Computer Engineering/Networking
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Over the years, I think we've all seen the Carlton Sheets, etc., infomercials which don't always tell you the guts of what to do in the real estate business. I figure it's worth $19.95 to buy Dean's book and test it for myself.

Thanks Dean. Keep you posted.

News On Joplin, MO - not positive

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Pour some salt on that wound, Direct-TV!!

As Joplin victims call Direct-TV to have their service canceled due to homes being completely wiped off the map, they are being told to send in a box or remote control or pay a fine $500+ to cancel service.

Direct-TV should be boycotted.

Tell their employees to go to these former HOMES and find their remote controls...

(from Facebook)