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Artem Troy
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New Real Estate Investor. Never done it before.

I like to play sports, I really like motorcyecles, but really enojoy spending time with my family.

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customer service
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Hi Artem I see you are from

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Hi Artem

I see you are from WA so am I. I am also in the Academy.I have 2 deals so far hoping to get 3 more before my year is up. I live in Rochester just south of Olympia where are you from?


Hey Rick, I'm from Western

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Hey Rick, I'm from Western WA, Spokane. I've been in success academy for about 2 months and was doing training and reading books but haven't done anything yet. I just signed up for SFL system and it's amazing so far. What are the deals that you did? Were they wholesale deals or you bought them and renting them out?

Welcome Artem

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Glad to have you as a member here on Deans board. We are all like one big family here. We help each other with our RE problems and cheer each other on. I have done lots of cash deals since I started. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Just read everything you can here on the board and ask questions to the members who have been here a while and the one who have done lots of deals. You will learn quickly from them. That is what I did in the beginning is ask lot of questions and read everything. All my best to you.

Sissy, what kind of deals

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Sissy, what kind of deals have you done? Were they assignments or flips? To be honest with you I am very excited about this new career/business in RE but on the other hand I'm freaking out. Smiling. I don't know how I'm gonna handle all this. I don't know how to deal with other investors and how to deal with sellers and buyers and what to say and stuff like that. How did you overcome that? And also i'm afraid of what other people are gonna think of me. "(he doesn't know what he's doing)". realtors and other investors. You know what... that is mu huge obstacle. please help. Smiling


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...Hope all is well and your finding some good leads that may lead to some real estate deals. Keep up the good work. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Aloha & Mahalo! Welcome

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Aloha & Mahalo!

Welcome Gifts For You!
download files, leave comments and Enjoy

Here are some resources to get you started! Please leave your comments in the post or two. And, Don't forget to check out all of the other great resources available in the books, links, downloads, conference calls and website provided here.

May You have Great Success on your Journey! You will find a vast array of information at your disposal on this site.
Most of your questions can also be answered by researching in some of the Forums, Posts, and other links available.
It would also be to your advantage to complete your profile to it's fullest as well.
Thanks For Coming Aboard!


Hey Artem just wanted to

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Hey Artem
just wanted to stop buy and sey hello since my name is artem too )
good luck with your real estate academy, just finished mine about two weeks ago.


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Hey, how are you doing? How's your Real estate Investing here in WA? What kind of deals do you do? I'm just finally started to take action. can't wait till everything happens for me. I know that after the first deal it's all down hill.

Hey Thanks, sorry it took me

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Hey Thanks, sorry it took me so long to respond. lol Yes I am interested in mentoring and possible partner projects.
I'm currently posting bandit signs, trying to find some deals here.
How's your investing going?

Hey Artem, how are you doing

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Hey Artem, how are you doing man? Sorry i haven't replied in so long, i just haven't been doing nothing with real estate for a while... How's your rei business going? What kind of strategies do you use? Do you use bandit signs? any luck with those?
I just tried them and no luck... lol maybe i need to put more and wait longer Smiling. Good luck.