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Multi Unit Property

I have found a multi unit property that is listed at around 160k below market value in its current condition. It needs some repairs but has a great deal of equity in its current condition. Should I try and lock it up under contract and sell it to an investor in its current condition? Or should I take a different approach and try to do the repairs to increase the value. I would like to make a move on this property tomorrow and could use whatever help I can get. I'm just finishing the book and don't fully understand which strategies I should use. Any advise would help a great deal. Thanks

Capital Gains Tax

I have a motivated seller that is willing to sell me his property far below FMV and take the majority of his profits because he does not want to pay 60%+ in capital gains tax. I have yet to talk to my CPA on this matter but was hoping some of the more experienced students would have some knowledge on this subject. Are we responsible for property gains tax if we do assignments? Any info would help.
Thank You

Info on amount owed on preforclosed homes

So I just signed up for Deans pre forclosure alerts . I have all the info regarding appraisal , original purchase price and amount defaulted . Is there a strategy that I can use to find out how much is currently owed on the house ? Any help would be great .