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Bob Sullivan
South Lake Tahoe
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I have been reading Dean's Books and the DG family members for the last 2 years off and on after reading BARM I knew Dean was the real deal. Unfortunately, fears held me back. I spent hours researching properties but was afraid to take action. This year I bought Profit from Real Estate and this book has answered many of my questions about how I could really make this happen. I am focusing on what "It Is Possible" My situation has changed and not only do I want a new life but I have to be a successful Real Estate Investor.

It has always been my mission in life to help people who are struggling. I left college with a life purpose of helping people who struggled financially. This duty was born in childhood. I was raised by a single mother who couldn't afford to provide heat or hot water for our home in the winter. We struggled with the basic necessities of life. We received no financial assistance except for the good people at our local church. My commitment to helping troubled families is a result of being raised in poverty, I was driven to help families who struggled financially. I also think that God has blessed me with those struggles to help others.

I have been sacrificing for others for too long and it is time for me to get serious about changing my life and helping my own family. My wife needs to stop working, my kids need to have a full childhood and play, I need to develop a real financial plan for college, retirement, etc. This is the best time in history to make money in real estate. God Bless Dean Graziosi and the DG Family for helping us learn how to really change our lives.

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Hi I'm Candace Just stopping by to say Hello ! , I'm looking for Cash Buyers I have Properties but No Buyers .

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