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Brad Thomsen
Edmonds, Washington
About Me: 

I live in the wonderful waterfront town of Edmonds Washington.

We are home to a Washington State Ferry Terminal, an Amtrack and Sounder Train Station and the best views of the Olympic Mountains across Puget Sound.

And we have one of the best regional Hot Rod and Classic Car Shows held right here in Edmonds, 'Hot Autumn Nights'

See me there!

Specialties and Hobbies include:

Success Academy Member
Rock Bottom Blueprint Member
Toastmasters International Member,
Experienced Public Speaker,
Proud Father of 2 Wonderful Kids,
Muscle Car Owner,
Car Show Enthusiast

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


Getting ready to join the Success Academy

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Looking forward to connecting with more of you here on the site as I get signed up and begin my Real Estate Investing Success!!
I am excited to be joining all of you and learning from everyone.

To Success ~
Brad Thomsen

Introductory Call today with Dallin

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Received my user name and password to the Success Academy this morning. I have my first introductory call with Dallin later today.
Very much looking forward to joining the successful real estate investors on this site!!

Financing options?

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Buyer wants to buy a property to put in a tenant and then sell to the tenant in 24 months for a profit.

Conventional financing is asking for 20% down for investment properties.

Is there a way to get the downpayment to a more manageable 5% down?

financing options

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Brad have you considered sandwich L/O? You could find a property which would suit your buyers tenant and L/O from the seller and L/O to tenant buyer.

Ex: seller 100k will L/O with 3k down and 400 month for 24 months.

buyer L/O to tenant buyer 115k with 5k down(nonrefundable) and 600 month for 12 months

Mix the numbers any way you want.

Win Win Win for all.


Think less ~ Do More !!

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Geez... too much time last week fussing about doing a bit of this, and learning a bit of that and being too hesitant.... I know better than falling into that trap.

It is a mental path to business failure.

Need to get back into Action!

Take Action = Results ~ That is what is going to get me there.


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its the 'trap' alright- looks like the sand trap according to your pic

Hit 'em long and straight.

Drop one and hit it again.

Where's that beverage cart?

Mobile Homes ~ Buy, Fix and Sell. Advice please

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Any advice for an investor getting into the mobile home buy, fix and sell business.

Common pitfalls to avoid?


Hi Brad

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congratulations on starting your rei journey; you are right, every day that you don't do something, you have to add it to your goal date, and you can get used to just adding the days and not taking action... so having a partner to keep yourself motivated and accountable helps. Also, if you keep a rei journal on this site instead of writing on your own guestbook, it can help you stay focused, and other investors are more likely to read your posts and comment.

wishing you success,


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I have your info you pm'd. I will connect with you on linked In. Good luck with your journey. Let's do deals!Smiling

welcom brad

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Welcome BRAD.thanks for connecting!! I see u r a muscle car enthusiast!! Me too!!! Will be great networking with you!!


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GREAT!!! ALSO ..........CONGRATULATIONS on joining the success academy and rock bottom blueprint! !!!!