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I am an elementary 3rd grade school teacher who was selected teacher of the year on last year. Even though that was a very special honor it does not help pay the bills. I choose teaching because of its job security but with thousands of teachers being laid off because of money, even this job's security is in question. My school has 100 percent free lunch meaning that every student is at or below the poverty level. Often times the money that I earn goes right back to the children that I serve. This doesn't include the two children that I have of my own. I have done 3 deals before back in 2007 and I haven't done anything since I would really really really love to get back into this life style not only for myself but for the children that I am responsible for. I am an eager learner and excited about getting started. I am currently earning my master's degree and yes I do have a student loan that is going to be repaid, which puts me more in debt. I would love for someone to help me get back into the market that can change people's lives instantly. Thank you for taking the time to read this I am looking forward to people's responses.

I enjoy working with children and educating them. I also love playing basketball and staying in shape.

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