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im a 43 year old father of three that has several small businesses in nj from car washes to laundromats. my main business right now is provideing linen and laundry service to the health care industry in the tri state area. since 1996 i have been working six days a week 12 to 14 hr days. i truly believe you must work hard and have a passion for what you do to be successful,unfortunately i have lost that passion.
with the help of DG and his family realestate will be my next business venture.

coaching youth lacrosse and spending time with my kids and realestate.

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self employed
Have Child(ren)
Some College


where do i go?



I found what i believe to be a great agent. He E-mailed me last night informing me that he has found several houses and rentels that meet all the criteria in the rbbp blue print. well he wants to have lunch tomorrow and would like to no if i have all my financing in order or do i need to get a mortgage.
the heart starts to beating a little quicker and the words all cash comes out of my mouth. well i dident get to page two yet so i better get rolling.
any advise

your where you need to be

Hi Michael, an welcome its going to an awesome new way , Jim


thanks jim,i can only hope. from your mouth to gods ears.

Hey bud39!

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Thanks for your post!
Good luck on your real estate journey!